Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coliseum Cafe - 1921

It was 18th of October and it was my parents 26th Anniversary. To celebrate, we thought of bringing back the feel of the good old times and memories back to our folks. Me and my sister took them to the Old Coliseum Cafe in Kuala Lumpur. It was a place full of memories, a place where you will see originality and antiques. Here are some pictures to share.

The table settings remained the same from 1920's

The brand.. The name

Signature Salad

The coke bottle still available..specially for Coliseum Cafe

Chinaware plate on the wall and pure wood coat hanger

Friday, October 19, 2007

Angels Comeback

When I opened my eyes.. there u were smiling at me
I felt like an angel in front of me.. oh gurl im so lucky

The feel was like standin in the rain ….
You showered me with ur sweetness and made me realize that it is love..
When u passed by me you didn’t caught my eyes
When ur beyond my sight I realize ur my life..
Im stuck in this beautiful accident
Im not escaping even if theres a way

U were total stranger to me..
I was looking at you when u dun realize…
I wanted you when u dun see it
I felt that I want to spend my life with you even if you don’t
Im carrying another soul in me.. my love soul..

I feel glad for the feel make me lose control
Now I know the real feel of love

When u walk under the moonlight the stars will disappear
When u walk under the sun the rays would not want to leave
Just because one reason.. Your smile your tenderness
My life slipped and fell into the well of love…

Filled with your affection..
Craving for your attention….


honey oh honey...
sumtin is happenin to me..
i know this is the moment of truth..
plz don't let us part even for a minute or even a second

When i'm with you my world is beautiful just like heaven
feelin us so well blend...
trust me baby ..
i need you in my life honey
my very special valentine..
i wanna keep on loving you throughout my lifetime..
where were we all this while
my heart is askin me..
where were you girl..
my heart's craving
how did you came into my world and..
turned it into heaven..
i know we are meant to be together..
because we belong to each other..
you're the reason of my laughter..
you're the reason for my happiness.
you dragged me out of my loneliness and
showered me with your tenderness..
when i walk with you..i know..
when u hold my hands..i know..
when im with you..i know
the stars became so bright and the
sky became so blue..made the moon so beautiful
i knew..because of your love baby..
you just swept me off my feet and turn my whole world around..
i just love to see our shadows pinned on each other
when we walk down the lane..
just like how im so indulged in you
i would save your every word and make a poem out of it
i breathe in your life just like how you breathe in mine
this is a promise girl..
I will keep on loving you till the day you're gone
bcoz i wont leave you back here alone..

Unity Band - Together We Are Stronger

Heard of Unity Band? Well the project was endorsed by the goverment in conjunction with Merdeka 50 years for Malaysia, so thinking why should i miss the fun, I ordered the Unity Band myself. Then I realised, why should I have the fun alone? Lets share this with I asked all my colleagues at my office and bout 30 of them were so interested.

Contacted the Unity Band peepz and *wooosh* fast forward, here we are with the band on our wrist. Proud to be Malaysian,eh!? Price is RM 5 only.. and you get to register your band at so if in future there is any promotions or events you will be notified. Adding to that, there is 50 bands with the goldheart. You wanna know what the goldheart band can do for you? Well if you have the band with the Goldheart, you will win RM 5050 !!!

Yeah I aint kiddin here, its farkin 5k. But of all their circulation they only produced 50 goldheart Unity Bands. So you do the calculation on the probability of gettin the goldheart Unity Band.

fark im tired of typing.. sharing some pictures with y'all.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chittiram...part 9

"Hi Ms.Divya, looks like Mannaren Company quoted RM 550K for the ABS project uh:P" Divya got shock of her life. How does he knows that? How does that contract went to his hands? What happened?WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?? Divya started sweating and was so nervous. Her feelings are so mixed up till she felt like choking to death, she was about to write some points to discuss with her director tomorrow morning before she made the call to Dhanya earlier and hell now the contract is in Arjun's hands. She dialled back to the number she received the sms and he just answered immediately. With his deep voice "Hey" and he just smiled, even though she cant see him but she knows that he is smiling, which triggered her anger with him thinking he is playing some dirty games. Before she could open her mouth to say a word, he butted in "Ms.Divya, I know you would have thought so many things by now. Let me tell you first. Earlier when you came to my office, you took out all your files and other documents right and you left without taking this project paper. When I was about to leave office I saw it on my desk. Thinking it was mine I took it back home, and when I flipped through I saw your company name there. Thats where I knew it was yours and of course thats how I saw the project details" Divya stunned and she just cant say a word. All her words were stuck.

The only words which came out from her was "Okay.. but .. ah the way.." Before she could start, he continued "Dont worry. I was just kidding earlier on the sms, hope you dont get me wrong. And another thing, this is not like that parking ticket incident" he laughed. She couldnt say a word. Now she is confused if he is honest about what is he saying or he just another jerk who is trying to exploit her and her job. She said " I really dont know what to say. But one thing for sure, that papers can cost my job you know. Its a very big project paper." He replied with a calm voice " Very big? How big? As big as elephant? Ahahahaha..Dont worry Divya. You tell me where and when I will pass it back to you. I know how it feels" Even though she is so irritated with him but in her heart she just thanked God and him. She replied him with a smile " Thanks Arjun. I would need it in the morning. Perhaps I will meet you in Damansara to get it say around 9am? Will that be okay?" Yeah why not said Arjun.

Suddenly something sounded so loud which dragged Arjun from his dreamworld. All this while he didnt realise that his phone was ringing. He just looked around saw his mum reading newspaper and the phone was next to him...Still ringing. He just realised that he was looking at the photo's in his laptop. He answered and he heard that familiar voice " Arjun. I heard the news. What is this bro? I really cant take it man. Brain Tumor???!!! What the f**k is happening? How can that happen? How you got to know? Is this why she was behaving like that??"

Then he knew that is Sanjay over the other side, kept on asking so many questions. Arjun remained silent wishing so much that he can answer all of Sanjay's questions. "Bro, i really dont know what to say.Im blank."He said "Okay you dont worry Arjun. I will come over to your place, we go out somewhere. Somewhere we can really talk about this. I really cant see you like this. OK?

Arjun replied with so much of pain in his heart " okay. Once you are here, call me"

All the questions Sanjay asked just keep coming back to his mind. How can it be like this? This is not fair.. at all...

.......... to be continued .................

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tamizh M.A - Review ( Katradu Tamil )

Movie: Kattradu Tamizh ( Tamizh M.A )
Actor: Jeeva, Anjali, Karunas, Alagam Perumal
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raaja
Produced by: MR Creations
Director: Ram

This is a story of how a Tamil graduate sufferings in India. Jeeva acting is mindblowing. This is one movie which have raised the bar for a good quality movie. Story evolved about Prabakar who is tamil graduate with the best marks trying to kill himself. Prabakar cant accept the fact how the world is going to.. on how people are more concerned about money and have lost the respect and lack of humanity with each other.

Why he kills people and why that much of anger in Prabakar? Thats the core of the movie. But dont think this is some ordinary movie. They have started comparing Jeeva with Kamalhassan and Vikram. Its that good. He have really worked his ass of for this movie. Excellent Jeeva!!

Ananthi will only appear in the flashbacks, his lover. This movie will take you around India within that 3 hours from north till south. Jeeva makeup and way of acting is excellent. You have to watch it to believe it. Karuna works for a TV station where he will be recording Prabakars statement.

Hope you have strong heart to watch all the violent scenes in this movie. believe me its really violent. The killings..
Even though movie shows Prabakar looking for his Ananthi, it will show all the suffering a person going through. Its a mixture of so many things such as commercial, violence, respect, love but of course you cant find mumtaj or mumaith khan shaking their booty here

However the movie is extremely slow, so have some patience to watch the whole movie. Quality movie and i STRONGLY recommend the movie. Music dont have to mention, the bgm's are killer! and u have to watch that song sung by Ilayaraaja.. and you will know why in that song there is dialogue.."Ananthi...oore vantherechi ne nenekere....."

Katradu Tamizh - Valgha Tamil Valargha Tamil

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sumtin I wrote on 7/10/2004 for Mogan

Will i be able to see you..
Reminding all the best time together..
Staying so far from me, a place I cant reach..
Can you be replaced? Can you not to be loved?
Life is not what it seems to be
Words cant express what you mean to me..
Even though you're gone..
We still believe you're living..
We pray to god that he will keep your soul in peace
We hope that you know we love you and still do..
Hope you know its hell here without you..
May all the angels look after you..
Where one day when we look up the stars..
We will see one bright star shining on us..
And we know that you're still living...
your life after death..
YOu will always be remembered..
may your soul rest in peace..
We always love you..


Written on 07/10/2004 at 0845pm for their funeral last respect. This write up have been put together with him in his coffin

2 minutes Thoughts

why do we need new political party if we cant stay united with one. Selfishness...
what can you prove to us by forming new ones?
how sure are we you will not repeat the same.
wouldnt it be the best course of action if you join hands together.
as he said, the issues are there.. dont cover it up. FACE IT!

thambi, you wanna succeed and be strong here? There is only 2 options. Economic and Academic.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

we pray for you brother..

do u still remember...
the time where we used to fight and laugh together..
there was a time where there are so many problems that we went through
do u still remember how we used to study at your place..
we wont be studyin we will be crackin jokes and laugh so much
till your house owner come knocking on the door asking us to be quiet
i bet you still know how we used to tease rambo shankar...hhahahah
when he walkes into the class we use to make those jokes about him
from the back row..
not forgetting prathap.. the questions that we asked him ...hahha
then the trip to penang.. yeah man.. we almost got killed ...
chased by the rempit whacked some fellas by the road
hahaha that was one hellova great time..
i sstill remember when you used to tell me
we must always have an aim in life.. must live life to the fullest
as though today is the last day for us on the earth...
this very same day.. Oct 4th 2004 we did our DCN paper
together with Jay, Niq and others...
Now its the same date Oct 4th 2007 ...
you are not here with us..
the memories still fresh in mind.. the whole
situation still runs in our minds..
its like a horror movie that i wouldnt want to watch again..
a time which i dont want to turn back...
a moment that i wish to forget...
lookin at you lying on the road covered with blood..
i still cant take the fact that your are no more here with us
there are so many things that i want to share with you..
but how?..
about my dance, my life, my job, my secrets, my everything...
but how?..
until this fine day ..we still drink together.. we still celebrate with you
me, suresh, sosa, niq, kapoor, rahul and all others...
you always remain in our mind ...
you are always with us..
may god bless and rest is peace..

My brother...

Dedicated to my beloved brother Mogan who passed away on Oct 4th 2004
Rest in Peace.