Sunday, December 28, 2008

Psychomantra - Yenna Solla Pogirai

Finally after a long wait, the official Music video for Psychomantra - Yenna solla pogirai is out!!

Artist: Psychomantra
Song: Yenna Solla Pogirai
Direction: Rajkumar C. Kopalan & Denesh Kumar

Do leave comments on the video, thanks a lot!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thank you!

Merry christmas everyone! Firstly I would like to apologize to everyone of you for not updating my blog for sometime. Well I was actually in the midst of transitioning over to a new job. Yes finally after 3 years in RM, I had an opportunity to move to another team. Its called as Integrated Management Group (IMG). Gempaq siot!

Let me not get into the details of my job scope and nature but I can foresee lots of work and tonne’s of fun ahead. The team seems to be nice so far. In align with this post I would like to thank some individuals who have been directly or indirectly motivating and helping me throughout my tenure in RM.

Firstly I would like to thank ME, for guiding me and telling me my mistakes and errors. You are so cool even when I screwed up at times and I know you are one good manager who can never be replaced.

Alan and Sree – you f**ers are the first friends that I had when I first joined. Dude I still remember when I first called you Mr. Leo.. hahhah had so much fun. I can never pay back what Sree did for me in Seremban, no joke bro, u wiped my puke when I was drunk and made me sober. I know after all that shit you did, I called you a f**ker. Ahahhahah

Amir & Vee - For teaching me so much in SIRD, both of you were so patient and though me alot. Thanks a million!

Of course to my friends: Rames aka Gym Body 1, WeiKang, Samson, Siva, Balan, Kenny, RAZ my suckling my sex toy you were hahahha, Shaz, Naren,Parks, Sasi the cancer boy – sorry sasi, I know I was the cause of the whole thing, Benny – dude actually I’m the one who started calling you benny and eventually it became your name, Edward aka uncle, goonting aka shortie.

Okay I may have missed out some of you from the list but that does not mean that I forgot bout you all, its just that the list is too long to be written here.

To the leads: TeikYap, PW,Gemma – thanks alot !

Harsh – bro I will never forget what you did for me J

Navin – Bro you are my gym master and the best TL ever too !

To those f**kers who hate me while I was there, stabbed my back, all y’all can come and s**k mi di** !

Guys, my two-cent thoughts, until the time we don’t open our mouth and fight for our rights till then we will be screwed. Stand up and ask for what you deserve and don’t let others make decisions for you.

Life is a big game so you gotta play it with a big heart!

By the way, the reason I’m posting this thank you note in my blog is because :

1. Been quite some time since I uploaded any post
2. I tend to used lots of vulgar words in my post
3. I have my own cubicle (hahhahahaha)

Okay now stop cursing me. I know some of you will be cursing me the moment I moved here, well life is a bitch, either you f**k it or get f***ed by it.


Rujjcoomarh aka Raj

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My 2009 Wishlist

I have never done this before. Jotting down my wishlist, because each year when I have a wish or wishlist it never worked out so far. Of course not all the time. Plenty of changes I have been facing through the year of 2008, tremendous changes for good and for bad. But I aint gonna talk about it here, let it be as it is.

Welcoming 2009, here I have few things that I want to do or to have for the next one year. The list can be long, we are all humans, arent we :)

  1. Get a DSLR
  2. Change my car (City/Civic/Lancer/Wish/X-Trail)
  3. Fly to Australia or New Zealand but this time for real holiday.
  4. Get a Blackberry
  5. Buy another house
  6. Register
  7. Complete SAP
  8. To direct at least 5 music videos
  9. To complete at least 2 short movies
  10. Prepare a full length story to shoot
I think Im done..but just in case if I happen to remember anything then I might add in.

Cheers and Merry Christmas...Happy New year too!


Friday, December 5, 2008

An Indian Wedding

Lately I have been attending plenty of Indian weddings. According to the Indian calendar, November and December seems to be very auspicious for weddings, so that indirectly drained out half of my salary for buying gifts and putting ‘moiyee’ for my friends who got married. But that’s okay cuz at the end of the day I know these are all investments. Heheheh hope to get those back when I get married one day.

Before I move on, I would like to make myself clear, this is not a religious, political or caste related post. So please don’t be a pain in my balls and start your hullabaloo here. This is just an observation and it’s totally about what’s in my head. Okay so enough of sucking, and just click the forward button.

If you realize at one point of time, you will have all types of invitation cards at your coffee table and you will be having a tough time to choose which wedding to attend and how much to give them. Well that happened to me recently where half of my friends and relatives got married at the same time. Some of them on the same day where I have to freaking wake up so early on a Sunday morning to attend a wedding and then rush to another wedding and get back home. With no rest rushed to another wedding dinner in the evening. Ok this is how it will be when it comes to an Indian wedding.

Everyone will be rushing to bathe and the ladies will always go first. Meantime the male species will be ironing their jippa’s and shirts but of course if their maid is in the house, she will be doing all this. Once done, everyone will be searching for their gold chain, gold ring, bracelet and all the assets in the form of gold. Remember it’s a prestige issue if you don’t cover yourself with gold when you are attending a wedding.

Now you are there at the hall. When you are walking in you will have all the small kids sprinkling on you the fragrant water, some kids are so small that you have to bend down to get sprinkled. That is the reason why I don’t get sprinkled, as I will just smile at the kids and walk in. The moment you walk into the hall first thing you will see is the bride or the grooms relative whom you don’t know who, they will greet you and welcome you in. Followed by that you will see a big vinayagar (hindu elephant god) statue at the entrance decorated with flowers, lights and oil lamp. Some comes with rangoli kolam or water fountain. Now you are in, the first thing that you would want to do is find a place to sit either at the most left or the most right side of the wedding hall. Why? I will tell you why later.

On the stage, there are some rules to follow. The parents and relatives of the bride will have to stand only at her side and the same theory applies for the groom as well. Is this some kind of rule? I don’t know J. Both sides will be acting like strangers and looking at each other like never seen each other before. Actually internally they will be thinking, “I think my necklace is bigger than hers”. Then, seated on the floor, you will see the aiyer and his assistant. By the way, aiyer means the Hindu priest who conducts wedding and rituals. Now you will see the aiyer chanting some mantra’s where no one will understand especially for someone like me. Mark my words; since all the mantras are chanted in Sanskrit, 99% of the crowd will never understand what’s happening. So, lets say the aiyer is saying “thisisafukedepwedingwichihavetocunductonsundemorn” it may sound like a mantra to us, or at least me. Hahahahah .. ok coming back…

After a while you will see a row of small kids walking into the hall with oil lamp in their hands, walking very slowly. They are known as the Light Girls, of course there will be at least 3 boys stuck in that group. At times this may look scary because you will think that the kid might just fall off and burn the whole deco or some aunties saree. But, thanks to a 15-16 year old kid who will always be there to guide and monitor the kids. Slowly you will see either the bride or the groom walking depends on the timing and ritual that is going on the stage now. Lets say it’s the bride, I bet you will have so much mercy for her. Common mistake alert! In every wedding the flower garland will be so big and heavy that the bride have to slant her body forward. Why people why? She is not someone who has been carrying weight or dumbbells. The garland will be easily around 2 kilos adding to that you will have all the jewels in this world weighing another 2 kilos adding to that the saree will be another 2 kilo. So theoretically a bride will be carrying around 6 kilos of weight during her wedding. Now I know why most of the time, after an Indian wedding the couples will not celebrate their first night. Slowly the bride will walk to the stage and during this process everyone will be looking at the bride. Some will be blessing her, some will be cursing as she maybe one of the grooms ex-girlfriends or any of the auntie’s where the bride was suppose to be her daughter. Once in a while you will have the ex-boyfriends seated there and looking at the bride. You know guys, very rare an Indian ex-boyfriend will attend his ex-gf’s wedding.

Now she is on stage, seated next to the groom. “Cut to the floor”. No one will actually concentrate or even watch at what’s happening on the stage. How to, when the videographers light will be shining towards you and all you can see is the glare. I have experienced where the videographer will bring his video camera towards your face and you have to pretend like he is not there. Have you ever tried smiling or making funny face at the camera? Nope. In fact no one will. I remember one wedding where my friends and myself actually greeted my groom-friend for his wedding in front of the camera, “macha, getting married ha? Gone lah you!! Hahahaha” I think we should do that when we attend a wedding. C’mon that is the reason why they have videographer’s right. Then there are still photographers. Do you know that photographers and videographers cannot get along well in some weddings? Each will be flashing their lights at everyone and we have to suffer. Uncle, the blardy video light so freaking hot larr..i'm sweating.

From time to time you will see someone will be wiping the sweat out of the grooms forehead, thanks to the cameraman. I have to stress this part, I have no idea why the cameraman will be standing on the stage most of the time and taking pictures. They don’t take the photos of the crowd and they sometimes block the damn view. Hellooooo…can you like stand at the side please.. I can’t see the bride’s necklace. Ok moving on, all of a sudden you will see one uncle or aunty whom you know or even you friend for instance. They will smile and walk to you, shake you hand and ask the golden question. “Are you the bride side or groom side?” Or sometimes-even better, ”came for wedding ah?” I will be like what?? Is there another event happening here or what? Of course you can’t say anything so you will either answer that silly question or smile. After asking how are you and your parents, blah blah this this that that, both you and the other person will be looking at each other or looking around. Out of idea what to talk. After turning here and there, you will say “ok uncle, see you around later” which of course I wont be fuccin bothered to see him again. Ultimately you wont see him again. Now it’s the time where everyone is waiting for. Tying the holy string, Thali.

All of a sudden the whole hall will be noisy, with the sound of the musicians and the aiyer shouting kettimelam kettimelam. This is the part where I always feel shitty about. Blardy cameramen will be standing in front of the couples and blocking everyone’s view from the floor. Fck dude! We are here so long waiting and you just block our view?? Some are considerate by standing at the sides; but still their cameras will be flying all around. The videoman will be using all his filming skills and shooting from angle to angle, left right up down. And then, Oh gosh there it is the sound. THE SOUND!! Sound of the chairs being pushed and everyone standing up. The moment they know that the thali have been tied everyone will be rushing to get their food. This sight is common in all weddings. Provided that the food is served at the side of the hall. Now you know why you must find a place at the side of the hall. If not you will have to wait in that long freaking queue.

This is the time where you get the chance to see or hear some auntie’s gossiping and comparing each other’s gold and saree’s. If you watch closely, you will see the aunties talking to each other but their eyes will be looking at each other’s saree design or necklace design. If you are lucky, you might get the chance to see the auntie’s hot daughter in saree. Guys please don’t fall for this unless you really know that girl. Now you will see these girls young and hot with saree’s, if free drop by Bangsar during the weekend. You will see the same girl, with tetek-baring top, drunk and having orgy with her college mate’s in Absolute or Lockup. So guys don’t fall for it, listen to the Guru.

In the food row, nothing special actually. An Indian wedding is incomplete if there is no mutton, chicken sambal, ghee rice and mix vege. Mix vege is a must!! There are some rules before taking the rice. Take one plate for you and pass the other plates to the person at the back of you despite the fact the person have to wait longer holding the plates, and sometimes one old aunty or uncle will give that fucced up smile and cut the line. Hey!! So people don’t pass the plates, I know how to take it. Now you are the rice section, take as much as you want, next the mutton; take that, and the chicken sambal. Don’t miss that followed by mix vege, sweet and sour fish etc etc. Now you will see the plate is so full that you can even hide TajMahal in it.

Finished eating, only now you walk up to the stage to give the moiyee or your gift. Of course you have to queue up. Now once you have given the gift, stand in a group for a photo. Done? No don’t move. Pose in front of the video camera. Can I ask? How the hell to pose if front of the video camera? All you can do is cover macho and just look at the camera to finish panning from left to right. Done, move on towards the exit of the hall.

On the way say goodbye to the same person million times and collect some laddoos and sweets along the way.

So now we have a complete Indian wedding. My follow up post will be on Indian wedding dinner/reception.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Proud to be Keling

I know that I’m being a keling here. Wanna know why? Because I promised that I will blog frequently but after such a long break only now I manage to write again. So isn’t it called as Janji Keling. Did you guys realize that recently the word keling have became a major talk of the town as everyone is calling everyone keling.

What actually the word ‘keling’ means? There are many interpretations for the word keling. Some say according to Dewan Bahasa Pustaka, the word refers to Indian Muslim community who hails from India. Another interpretation would be the word is used to call Indians during the colonial stages etc. Even recently I read in one of my friends blog that the word keling is used to address ladies with kolusu. (Kolusu means the anklet, which is worn by Indian women) The sound from kolusu which is made from the anklet “kling..kling” is where the word keling originated from. Well as for me personally I don’t know what the hell is the actual meaning for KELING.

Im sure that you have read the headlines where one of the MP called another MP “keling”. I choose not to comment or address anything on political related issues because it’s just getting from bad to worse. Till the day Malaysian Politics becomes mature till then I will not write anything about it. (Hopefully) So coming back to the MP part. I have no idea why did he actually called another person keling. I know it feels nice to throw harsh remarks or comments towards another person whom you hate to the core.

Based on my personal experience, I think “keling” is cool word. Some Indians became so matured in their thinking where we are at a stage of taking it cool when it comes to the word keling. When someone calls us keling, we don’t get angry, well at least I don’t. Nah not at all.. I just laugh at the person who calls me keling. Sometimes my friends and me make fun with each other by calling us the kelings. For instance “dey keling, come let’s go for a drink” or even “Look at the time now. Blardy janji keling lar you f****ers!”

No matter countless times another person calls us keling or keling pariyah or what ever category of keling, we cant deny the fact of we are Indians and we are fuckin proud of it! Just by someone who is few thousand years younger than us callin Keling will not dampened our spirits. So lets be smart keling and not get angry or emotional about it. As for me, if they are referring to the fact where Indians/Hindus is equals to Keling. Well thank you, guess what we are the kelings who designed the geometrical and arithmetical techniques. The kelings who built architectures without the help of any technology or mass equipments. The same kelings who started living this earth about 5000 years ago (man-known years). Thank you for calling us keling, the same keling who actually being listed as one of the top billionaires in the world, predicted to be one of the superpower in the world. Thank you for those who referred us as kelings, as the kelings are the one who is getting hold of IT and the most advanced technology with just a snap of a finger and the keling list goes on..

I am not being racist at any point here, I’m just being proud to be keling, as how some calls us to be. Despite the numerous explanations have been given that Indians are not keling but some just fail to comprehend that. So let it be Indians = Keling. If that’s what makes you happy, then that’s what it is. Keling betul lar aku nie!

I have so much respect for my other religion friends and we even joke on calling names. My Chinese and Malay friends call me keling and I do call them back with terms referring to them. But it’s just mere fun and joy. End of the day we respect each other so much and we don’t give that two fucks about some immature individuals or politicians who call others keling.

Thank you.