Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are we negative, are we not?

Each time we start to do something on our own, we will always have the “thought of will it be successful? “. Can I complete this within this time frame or will I be able to deliver this by then. Despite that fact we will work on it with positive attitude and mentality; but at one corner of our heart we will always have that second thought.

Have you experienced a negative person? Before I move on, this aint no targeted post. Yeah, a negative person. This person usually feels that life have fuked ‘em up to the core till they just can’t move on with life. There are some individuals who feel that everyone have drifted away from them and their inferior feelings just kills them every second. No matter how much you advise or try to motivate them, these individuals will never give up giving up life. I hope you understood that part.

Everyone in this world have his or her own problem. Some with big one’s, and others that are so minute that you won’t even realise there was a problem at all. It’s all depends on how are we going to handle the issue. I came across few people like that. Even I was like that at times. Very de-motivated and felt like giving up. Life is not all about giving up. That is one lesson that I learned. We fail to realise that the more we give up, the more we get closer to that problem. I don’t know how many of you use ‘that’ magic word. One magic word that I’ve learned from my experience, and believe me, it worked. Recently I read a book, in that book they mentioned that when you pray to God to solve your problem, it would not be solved. Make your problem to be his. Push that problem or issue that you are having to him and forget about it. Of course it sounded a bit weird and too religious to me, however I have managed to summarize that and soup it up with my theory. The key was that magic word. Which was “Fuk it!”

It’s not a bad word at all, be positive. If you think that it’s an offensive word, then offensive it is. Take it as a positive approach or an answer to your problem. Just learn to say “Fuk it!” For instance, if you are having problem with your wife and you are on the verge of losing your job and life. Say Fuk it. Leave it, as it is. What worse could happen? She is going to leave and you will lose your job. Don’t kill yourself for that. It’s no gain at all. If you lose your job, find another one. There are so many jobs out there but are you willing to take it? I came across some people who think that they are having the biggest problem in their life, was planning to leave this so call cruel world. So I told that person, since you think that no one bothers about you, why not you find a new world. Move out to another country find a job there and settle down.

But I don’t know if the person accepted that. Well I can only tell, I can’t decide for you. Start looking around, there are so many of them who had the opportunity but fucked it up. Who to blame? Example:

  • Britney tried some crazy acts and fucked her career.
  • Samy tried to be a hero and he got fucked in GE2008
  • Elvis Presley ate so much till he fucked it up and eventually died.
  • Michael Jackson fucked it up by doing plastic surgery on every part of his body including his balls.
  • Someone fucked it up which caused Kugan’s life.
  • Bill Clinton fucked it up by getting a blow in office.
  • Malaysia fucked it up so much till UN is reviewing its entry in the Human Rights list.
  • P.Vasu fucked it up by directing Kuselan.

And the list goes on. Everyone makes mistake and we pay the price for that. Learn to live life; you will not gain anything by being negative. The more we run away from a problem the closer it will get to you. Shit I think I said this earlier. Do not be selfish by killing yourself and make others to suffer. There is always some soul out there who care for you so much and wants the best of your. Change the glasses that you are using to see this world, remove your negative cap and put on your positive hat. Let your brain work and start thinking on how to enjoy this life to the fullest.

Life is a big game so you gotta play it with a big heart. Till you whore it up. Use the magic word. Fuck It.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chitiram part 12

Hours passed by, three of them didn’t realise so many things they have shared and discussed. All the while they talked, Arjun kept looking at Dhanya and he didn’t realise that Divya was actually noticed him. As how Divya’s mind always ponder around over every matter around her, this time she started wandering what is happening between her good friend and Arjun. Can it be love or just affection or perhaps infactuation? She couldn’t identify what is running in their mind.

As Arjun was looking at Dhanya, as she went on talking non stop, he could feel that his heart pumping fast and his heartbeat increases. Now this made him confused what is actually happening to him. Hey both of you, why you guys are looking at me like that, she snapped. Divya got a shock and started smiling and he knew the meaning behind that smile. After leaving from the place, he could not get rid of Dhanya’s thought from his mind. Without hesitation, he picked up his phone can called Divya. “Hey Divya, we stopped half way remember?” She replied from the other side, “Stop what. Oh you mean the conversation that we had about you having a crush on Dhanya, yes I am here to listen. You wanna continue?”

Both reached home, their conversation never ended. This point of time, they have been spending so much on their telephone bills just talking and talking and talking..about Dhanya.
Divya’s mind have been so disturbed over this matter that she could not hold on anymore, she called Dhanya. “Girl, what do you think about Arjun?” Her friend as usual the queen of shock gave her reaction. “WoooHooo...somethings happening. Why suddenly? Oh gosh, don’t you tell me thats what happening to you devil” Divya was puzzled of what is her friend trying to tell her,”Oh no..noNONO... its not like that..Im just asking your opinion. What is your view about Arjun”
Well for me he is a softy. Yeah softy. Because he is like no life, he is like working most of the time and travelling up and down left and right. Divya defending him “ he is working hard, how can you call him a softy. Do you now what is the real meaning of softy?” Of course but he is just too hardworking. I wonder which women will actually fall for him. You want to know what is my definition of a guy? Well for me guys are suppose to be wild. Either on bed or in person..hahaha . They need to be enjoying life instead of working like a dog. Divya, he is not 50 to be like this, he is like working all the time. Can you imagine yourself with him? Goodness gracious, i wouldn’t want to even think about it. By the way, why all of a sudden you are asking me that question at this time of the hour?” Divya was stunned and shocked to hear what ever Dhanya said about Arjun. She couldn’t believe her friends opinion on one of the most nicest man she ever knew.

She is now confused on how to tell Arjun about what her friend have told her. She is very much confident that he will be heartbroken upon hearing what is Dhanya’s opinion. Where is this leading to.
These days, Divya have started to think more about Arjun more than anything else. She is so concerned about him and his feelings. There are many occasions where she tried telling some nice things abou t Arjun to Dhanya but no avail. Divya came to a point where she needs to tell him the truth. She should not be hiding this from him, as this may hurt him in future if he gets rejected on the face by Dhanya. How if one fine day he proposes her and she just rejects him. What will happen then. Will they be friends as how they are now?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thaipusam 2009

It’s been a week since Thaipusam and there are shops which is still open. Been a tiring week because I have been going to Batu Caves from last Thursday. There are so much of experience to be shared on Thaipusam.

Initially I went with my family first on Thursday just to pray and walk around cuci mata-ing plus on the same day the chariot from KL Mariamman temple will be arriving at Batu Caves marking the start of Thaipusam. Once finished praying and so on, came back home, rested till evening and got ready to fetch Hanusha to head to Batu Caves…again. Yes I am freak when it comes to Thaipusam, I used to be someone who sleeps in Bt Caves for 2-3 days for no reason. I will go with my friends and hang out there like crazy…well those were the days. Okay coming back to the story.

When I reached Batu Caves few occurrence start running in my mind the moment I walked into the main. First would be Nov 25th. How every Indians got fired by tear gas and water cannon, they were helpless, bullied away by force. Got locked up and there is no where they could run, one memory which will never fade away from my mind. The second incident will be Thaipusam 2008. The year where every Indians in Malaysia boycotted KL Thaipusam echoing to HINDRAF’s voice and arrest of Hindraf-5’s. Last year saw a tremendous decrease in the crowd visiting Bt Caves and everyone was glad that we can actually stay together as one. Sad to say this year, it was not the same. Everything was forgotten, every incident and voices have been unheard. They became the forgotten heroes.

Estimated about 1.4 million people visited Batu Caves this year and hell yeah I have to agree with that. This year Thaipusam, gave me the opportunity to analyze and research few matters. I’ve manage to study the characters of every single person from a kid to an adult, from a beggar to a seller, from a volunteer to a rowdy, from atheist to a priest. Why am I saying this? Well it will help me when I start writing my script for my movie..oops I didn’t say that okay. J So as I was walking around in the killer crowd I started concentrating on every character on each person. It’s fun at times when you look at how an individual can react to a situation. Adding to that we also saw some gimmicks from some dickheads whom in the name of kavadi, they made a mockery. One of the example will be the video on my previous post here. Its suppose to be the man carrying the kavadi, but what happened was, the man was sitting on a wood top and 6 guys carried him. It’s very embarrassing to see people like this. Oh yeah, the classic action would Dasavatharam Kavadi.

You can have a look at this kavadi
here. He was lucky enough that I was not there, else I would thrown a stone at him. Nope, it’s not a sin to do this. God didn’t ask us to do all this, I would categorize this as cheap publicity. Yes he made it, he is making headlines all over can it be from blog to Tamil dailies. Proud to be keling! :D

It was me, Hanusha, my sister and her friend was crushed so bad that I could feel my dinner squeezed out from my bladder, damn! I bet this year saw one of the highest number of visitors for Thaipusam. As it was getting dark, we stopped by Rudra Samaj stall for dinner before heading to the big field hoping there will be some show. But to our disappointment, there were some unknown artist singing some old songs which was so boring. I smsed my friend who just released his Kondattam* singles and had a booth, weaved through the crowd but we couldn't find his booth. So I told him that I will come over tomorrow. Rounding and rounding until to a point we don’t know what to do anymore, met Vicky for while and we left Batu Caves.
*if you would like to listen to Kondattam, go to

Now its Thaipusam day and I got up only around 2 something, lepak at home watching TV. There were no coverage on the event by Astro, I don’t know if they showed any. That night went again to Bt Caves, again we saw massive crowd. They were pushing and moving. I saw a lot of migrants this year and a lot of FRU and police. Perhaps they populated the place more than devotees. This time I manage to meet up Balan and Navigator. Also had the chance to meet K.Annan (director) and Haridass. Nice people indeed. The next day went again to Batu Caves with mum and sister and this time we saw the chariot leaving back to KL Mariamman temple. Suddenly it started raining so heavily till the Perumal was flooded, that’s where we were taking shelter from rain. Me and another 2 guys helped to sweep off the water from the temple. It lasted for almost an hour.

The rain stopped, we started walking and along the way bought some vegetarian burgers. Few points to ponder from this years Thaipusam was, everyone forgot about the boycott part, parking flers making hellova money. One car RM10, you do the math. Adding to that 7 out of 10 shops will be selling vegetarian burger. Some girls dressed to kill and I don’t know why. Some flers just don’t know how not-to-push in the crowd. I heard Penang thaipusam was not so nice, anyone to comment?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thaipusam 2009 - sneak preview

Hi There, my next post will be on Thaipusam 2009 ... coming soon
Meantime do watch this video, because my post will relate this ...


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25's of Rujj

  1. Thanks to Kavilan for tagging me, been sometime since I did this shit
  2. Im counting my days to quit my job and start doing my own shit
  3. I still haven’t got my DSLR
  4. Sorry to all as I have not continue chitiram yet
  5. Sometimes I feel very weak like a dugong
  6. Fuck racism and violence
  7. I hate going to the clubs too, had enough, too fuckin noisy and kids with stuffed bra flooding the clubs these days
  8. Gangsterism is a sign of being a pussy!
  9. Can anyone tell me how to make money through blogging, please?
  10. I’m desperate for a holiday – on my own
  11. Slumdogg Millionaire - one movie every human should watch
  12. Anyone wanna make music video or a short movie – msg me
  13. Masturbating is normal – for male and female
  14. I hate when people don’t respect me
  15. And I fuckin hate those who thinks they are hellova great.
  16. Im moving in to my new crib in March – Lakeside Terrace
  17. I wanna be the old me.
  18. Only if I could turn back time.
  19. Politics and politicians sucks
  20. Predominant
  21. All girls who thinks that they are hot and pretending to be one, y’all can drink my mojo
  22. All guys who think that they are playaz, y’all can suck my dog’s cock.
  23. I’m fuckin short tempered and even now im angry
  24. You don’t like what I wrote or the way I write??
  25. I need to ask God something