Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 - 2010 : Happy New Year

I know it have been ages since I wrote and it’s pathetically the same line that I use each time I start writing my blog post. “It's been a while since I blogged, it’s been a while since I wrote anything, it’s been ages since I wrote anything, sorry guys blah blah blah”

However this leads me to insert regular blog post as part of my 2010 resolution. As I blogged before, this is going to be my wish list for 2010 and a recap on 2009.

From my previous post here, I have managed to accomplish at least some of items which I have listed and i'm quite happy about it too. It was not an easy task but I have managed to complete it. Here goes the list:

  1. Get a DSLR - DONE
  2. Change my car (City/Civic/Lancer/Wish/X-Trail) – Cancelled as it’s not practical based on my economical status.
  3. Fly to Australia or New Zealand but this time for real holiday – Change of course to India
  4. Get a Blackberry – Changed my mind to Sony Ericsson Satio
  5. Buy another house – Not needed and practical
  6. Register - Postponed
  7. Complete SAP - Postponed
  8. To direct at least 5 music videos - DIRECTED 3 – Few more under discussion
  9. To complete at least 2 short movies - COMPLETED 1, postponed other projects due to photography interest and learning process
  10. Prepare a full length story to shoot – Postponed until further notice

If you go through the list you will find that there are some resolutions that I have decided to postpone. Come to think about it those resolutions is something that is not necessary for the moment hence I have decided to either postpone it or call it off once and for all. Below are some of the 2009 items/activities which I have completed without planning or list in my wish list. Some are just meant to happen just like that and some are pre-planned.

  • Going to India – This trip was all of a sudden as I have thought of going to India anytime. But after stepping my foot in India, I was so astonished and mesmerized with the country and its people. Aint no joke they call the place Incredible India.
  • Getting more active with photography – I have to thank Vickneswaran for this. He has helped me so much in creating the interest of photography in me and at the same time he was never stingy in sharing all his knowledge with me. One thing I like about Vicky is he was never angry or irritated over my numerous idiotic questions on technicality of photography and its details. Thanks Brotha! Hidup VIP Studios!
  • Meeting Venkat Prabhu, Premji Amaren, Aravind Akash, Sampath and the whole team of Goa and become really good friends – This I have to thanks Devan and Jay. Never in my dream have ever dreamt that I would meet these people and experience the whole movie shoot. It has made me learn a lot of stuff technically and practically on movie making. We became so close that we will call each other to well wish.
  • Learning how a full length feature film is made from Sakthi Saravanan sir. One of the most talented and award winning cinematographer cum cameraman in India. He is one of the best I would say. I hope to meet PC Sreeram sir one day
  • Meeting allot more people who have helped and going to help me in my interest of direction, cinematography and photography.
  • Join Fitness First. Hahah this was totally unplanned and but I have my target.
  • Recent photography workshop with Karthik Venkatraman - DOP of Maniratnam and Asst Cameraman of PC Sreeram. He has actually changed the way I look at things and I have never seen such a humble but knowledgeable person yet he is so young. I do not want to compare with some. P/s: you want to see his work, check out some photos of Paa the Movie (Amitabh and Abishek Bachans new movie)
  • Moving into my own house finally and it was like a dream come true.
  • Last but not least MahLeh - As I have mentioned before I just do not how to thank all the people who have helped me in completing Mahleh but it was a life changing experience.

So have you all read my post mortem for the year of 2009, I may have missed some points or events intentionally. Looking forward for 2010 as norm I have a list which I hope that I could accomplish by end of the year. This year going to be an excellent year for me on every aspect and will be a life changing one too. Here goes my wish list for 2010:

  • Invest and get more lenses for my camera
  • Direct at least 3 short movies and send for entries at least one
  • Change my car
  • Move on with career
  • Revamp and rebrand Arkay Productions (on going now)
  • Complete my Direction/Cinematography course
  • Expand the network of Arkay Productions
  • Undisclosed plans

So I hope that I could reach my goals and tick off my wish list before end of 2010. Not forgetting to all my enemies, well wishers, readers and followers, I will make sure that I will blog regularly and keep my post updated to the most. I shall not repeat my mistakes again.

Thank you for being with me and Arkay Productions family all this while. We are going to rock 2010!!

Happy New Year and Jah Bless!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Astro’s apathy putting customers’ lives in danger

reproduced article

MY Astro service was giving me problems as there were no images. I called Astro Customer Services and they assured me that their technician would return my call.

They gave me the report number, saying that it was essential for the technician to quote the number before making an appointment with me and entering my premises.

The Astro technician called me and read back the report number and informed me when he would come by to check on the problems. I was comforted by that.

At the first scheduled appointment he did not show up. This caused me problems as I had taken a day’s leave for the technician.

I called the same technician and made another appointment for the next day. Again I took a day’s leave and fortunately, he showed up.

He quoted the report number. Astro Customer Services had assured me that the one who got the number correct would be the authorised technician.

He took several hours as in midway he had to go to get the remote as he claimed he had not brought it with him. Another full day went to waste.

He did some repairs and charged me a certain amount. But, then that night, my television programmes had technical problems again.

I called Astro and they said they did not know who the technician was that came to my place and assigned me a new technician. I had to apply for leave a third time.

The new technician said the previous technician was an intruder. My life and that of my children’s were actually at stake. Astro took the matter lightly.

The new technician even said he was aware of such an intruder but could not pinpoint the leak in Astro. He even mentioned the bogus technician’s name.I was even further shocked when the technician told me that Astro was aware of the bogus technician who had done several dodgy jobs for Astro customers.
When I checked with Customer Services, they reluctantly admitted that they were aware of the bogus technician for some months now.

I am shocked that Astro did not take the necessary safety measures to safeguard its customers.
To make matters worse, Astro Customer Services personnel said they have to get approval from higher ups to reimburse the money I paid the bogus technician.I had to take three days leave and had to live with the fact that my family and I could have been robbed, raped or even murdered as a result of Astro’s negligence.
It is pointless for Astro to keep raising their fees when they provide such bad service and put their customers’ lives at risk of danger. To add insult to injury, it does not seem to care.

Petaling Jaya.

source: here