Friday, December 28, 2007

Yantra - in my view..

Have you watched Yantra, the movie? Made in Malaysia. It’s a locally produced tamil movie by K.Annan, the director who did Ops Koosa Dappa 1 & 2 and few other TV programs. Watched it days back and my rating for the movie... 2 star of 5.

The story starts in a remote village, two streak of lights hit the village about 100 years ago and it is believed that these two lights carries a very special power in the form of a yantrastones one with a yantra-chakram and snake. Whoever owns this yantra will obtain very special power and able to get anything in this world. (or sumtin like that)

Then there is this couples, Murugesu who is physically disabled and his wife Nandhini who is blind and their daughter Amini. Adding to the cast will be the temple chief, Mayilsamy and Sethu as villagers cum comedian and other extras. Well I personally feel that the screenplay of the movie was weak. Their core subject of this movie is the Yantra and its powers but then in the whole movie they only touch the yantra part about 20% and the rest is about the daily lifes of those villagers focussed on Murugesu and Nandhini. We will talk about the castings later…

Even though it was directed by a prominent director in Malaysia, I strongly feel that its not up to that level. His Koosa Dappa was really good. But this one nah.. I dont agree. Its a nice story but they could have done better. Nice locations and BGM's but the scenes were abit draggy at the same time closeups was not taken into considerations. Keeping in mind, to show the environment rather than the characterisation and artist expressions. Im not saying there is no closeups at all but very few. They could have done better than this. BUT.. Since its local movie and me as someone who always supports local productions, I watched the movie in Federal where hardly 10 people were in the theatre. I was talking to the guy who sells the ticket.. I asked how is the response so far, he said the story is nice (of course I agree with this) but then the supports from locals are very less.

Yeah lar all busy watching Billa and others, no time to support local movies, yet im so PRouD with the viewers who were at Federal that day, they actually supported local productions and hats off to them. I wished I could hug them and say thanks! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Ok I would really appreciate if you guys can go and watch this movie in theatres, at least to support their effort in making Tamil movie in Malaysia. Please don’t buy pirated CD’s else you will be punished by God. Yeah iM not kiddin' watch the movie, and you will know why I’m saying this. That’s the excellent opinion by director. Wish all the directors could do the same: D

now lets get into the castings and my point of view as a Director (or future director) eheheheh...

Haridhass (Murugesan) - He is one good actor that we have in Malaysia okay. So you directors please fully utilise his talents. He is really good, Hari I wish one day I can direct you.

Jasmin (Nandhini) - poof. Hello??? Any girls out there, who can act, please come forward!! We are fedup to see the same face that cant act. Lemme ask Jasmin one question, are you blind or retarded in this movie. I don’t understand. Coz I think you got it wrong, girl. You were acting like you were retarded not blind. Sorry ammu I still feel she is an average actress. Nope, I will not cast her.

Kameesha (Amini) - VERY GOOD. Girl, you go! Im really happy to see a child artist who's timing and dialogue delivery was so good. Keep going for more roles.

Egavalli/Gandhinathan (Tata and Pati) - You guys are veteran. What more I can say.Paati, I really want to direct you lah hehehheh

KS Maniam (Temple chief) - Savadi.

Sivapalan (Mani) - Siva, when was the last time you took off your sunglasses off your head. On screen off screen also you need it there is it? Cmon lah bro!

Sam (Paune) - You remind me of Athivasi in Gilli

Saratha (Poongkodi) - Aiyoooo..

Roman (Anthony) - Ok lah. I think Abbas Sasi would have done a better job.

Late Sujatha (Meera) - Ok ok lah.

Haanida (Maya) - Savadiyooooooooooooo

Steven (Sharma) - 50-50. I think Abbas Sasi would have done a better job.

Mohan(Channel Manager) - Sorry sir I never seen you before, but not bad.

Suria (Kanchana) - Mmmmmpppp...No Comments.

Jewaynsan (Kutty) - You are funny man. Keep up the good work.

Gantheeban (Ben G) - He is also another good actor. Very good bro, I watch all your movies but please trim your misai abit. Will look better onscreen.

Vishnu (Vishnu) - Please learn how to deliver your dialogue. Dont blabber. Blurpreblurppreppreblubblerbler..Thats how you talk.

Loga\Sashi: YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! I think without you guys the movie would have been like 'auweche meenu'. I really liked that temple part where Sasi will become tour guides. hahahahhah man, me and ammu cant stop laughing.. hahahahhaah. Logan deserves award for his acting you know. Have you watched Sweet Dreams? If not, GO AND WATCH IT!!

Nicole (Nicole) - Mmmmmm.. Dialogue limitation. Sorry ammu but I really want to cast her in my movie. She really looks nice in front of the camera.

Director K. Annan - Hats off to you Sir. Im really proud that you make so much movies in Malaysia. I really liked your Koosa Dappa. We need directors like you around. Respect!

Anyway what ever I have written above is purely from my mind and what I think of. So if you are one the person involved in this movie production in any way and reading this blog, don’t get angry. Take this as a positive feedback and correct yourself. We all want our Indian Entertainment to grow, I may not be Robbin Williams or Denzel Washington or Sivaji to comment on your acting, but as someone who supports local talents so much, that’s what I feel if I were to work behind the camera..

Keep making more movies and hope that I get into that list as well.. hehehehe
Other recommended movies: Aathma, Manjari, Sweet Dreams, Pensel, Chalangai etc.

Coming soon: Vikranth, Aanava Thandavam, Thiruvila, Arembem.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crime Against Humanity

Poster courtesy of Mob's Crib

He hate's

He hate's betrayal..
He hate's backstabbers..
He hate's traffic jams..
He hate's selfish drivers on the road..
He hate's being blamed..
He hate's KFC but eats once in a while..
He hate's racism..
He hate's double standard but damn have to live with it..
He hate's being told what to do..
He hate's being forced and to force others..
He hate's when she says he dont love her bcoz she is his life..
He hate's janji keling..
He hate's posers and wannabe's..
He hate's local directors who dont give chance for new artist..
He hate's his mood swings but he cant help it..
He hate's being discriminated..
He hate's staying back late after work..
He hate's working on shift hours
He hate's driving in the hot sun without aircon..
He hate's when others look down on his capabilities..
He hate's when she thinks that he is not bothered about her..
He hate's when his mind is not under his control..
He hate's when his friends force him to drink more..
He hate's when the plans are all screwed up..
He hate's when others dont follow according to what he says
He hate's to write like this but he gotta do it..
He hate's when girls think that they're hellova great..
He hate's when shitty lookin guy goes out with a hot babe
He hate's when homely and sweet looking girls goin out with pariahs
He hate's being asked stupid questions..
He hate's being sleepy but pretends like normal..
He hate's when she thinks he dont miss her..
He hate's when he cant meet her or hug her..
He hate's being fake..
He hate's when he have to be fake..
He hate's at the time where he must make everyone happy..
He hate's when his deals dont work out..
He hate's when he fails..
He hate's when he fails it takes longer to get up..
He hate's when they GSC dont turn on the speakers..
He hate's all the blardy mega serials..
He hate's crying!
He hate's everything He hate's but he cant live without it.


Well it have been several entries of good and quality tamil songs in Malaysia. Guess after Yogi B and Natchatra's album Vallavan and the emergence of Dhilip Varman, people have started realising the presence of Malaysia Indian artist. Bravo to all of em!

Heard of Saran? Yeah the same guy who once hosted some TV program and was one of the finalist in padal thiran potti, the same year the girl who so-called 'won' the competition. Nah we all know that side of story. Lets not get into it. Saran released a single after a long break of Alaypayuthey kanna... now out with Paarvai featuring Balan of KLG sqwad. The group from Blast off. Been through lots of articles and forum on this song, great feedback.

Bro, ya tha best. Very nice composition, smooth and mesmerizing. Sorry guys there is no album released for this track, only single.s. Oh yeah y'all should listen to that violin part..DAMN! I just cant stop refreshing his site (here) where you can listen to Paarvai.

And no illegal downloading okay - well u cant do that there - i guess :S

So its time for Malaysian Indian Entertainment turning over a new leaf yeh.. of course.. we have Dhilip, YB&N, Saran, Jay, Sharmila and many more.

My special note to Saran: "Bro, i think you should come out with an album lar. And looking forward for a video!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


For those who watches tamil movie, cannot afford to miss Billa. Sorry not the new Billa but then old Billa with Rajinikanth. Well yeah we are all getting into the trend of remaking. Indian film is entering into the remake era. No harm done, just some easy way to make new story in modern way. Anyway lets have a peek into the old Billan 1980 and the all new Billa 2007..

First respect to Billa 1980...

Billa (Rajnikanth) is the leader of an underworld gang. The DSP is tracking down Billa and in one of their confrontations the DSP wounds Billa, resulting in his death. The DSP then secretly holds a burying of Billa. After which the DSP remembers a person who looks like Billa, he then tracks that person down. The DSP requests Raju to impersonates Billa so that the DSP can take down the rest of Billa's gang, Raju requests that the DSP promises him that he will give a proper education to the children that he is looking after. But in an unexpected turn of events the DSP dies. The DSP is the only one who knows the truth about our impersonator who now finds himself in a life-threatening situation - hunted by both the cops and the real Billa's henchmen and to make matters worse, he then finds out that Interpol Officer is a crook and has taken the place of the real person. He is the one responsible for the DSP's murder. It's now a race to retrieve a the DSP's diary in which the DSP has documented his substitution of the real Billa.
Cast: Rajinikant, Sripriya, Balaji, SA Asokan etc
Music: MS Vishwanathan
Directed by: R.Krishnamurthy

And now Billa 2007..

In 2007, the drug trade is booming. The Malaysian Intelligence and Anti-Narcotic Department are called upon for assistance by their Indian counterparts. There are rumours that a drug gang has recently moved their headquarters to Kuala Lumpur.

The Indian team is headed by the DCP (Rahman) who wants to break the back of the drug operations of a drug lord. He believes that capturing the drug Lord's dangerous and elusive lieutenant, Billa, (Ajith Kumar), will be the most effective way of accomplishing this. Billa's gang consist of Narang (Santhanam) and Anita (Namitha). Soon, Roma (Nayanthara) joins them but she has other plans - kill Billa. Billa was responsible for killing her brother Ramesh as well as his fiancee, Kamini.

During a chase with the police the real Billa is critically injured and is captured by the DSP. He keeps it a secret that he has captured Billa, even from his fellow officers, and tracks down a look-alike called Jeeva, a lowly singer (also played by Ajith Kumar). He asks Jeeva to infiltrate Billa's gang by pretending to be Billa. In return he will make sure that the child Jeeva found and adopted, Deepu gets a proper education. Meanwhile Jasjit who has just been released from prison sets out in search for his son, Deepu, and to get his revenge on the DSP who arrested him and prevented him from rescuing his wife and child from black mailers, this in turn killed his wife and left his son missing.

The DSP trains Jeeva and admits him in a hospital (in which Billa is also admitted and supposedly in coma) to surgically give him all the scars and birthmarks the real Billa has on his body. However Billa dies of heart failure suddenly in front of the DSP and the doctors, who are unable to save him. While Jeeva is infiltrating Billa's gang, the DSP is captured and killed in a fire blast; and Jeeva is forced to run from the police as well as Billa's gang members -- pursuing the last piece of evidence (a disc) which has all of Billa's criminal activities loaded on it, a disc which can get him out of this mess. Through various plot twists, Jeeva recovers the disc. Eventually, it surfaces that the DSP is alive and is actually Vardhan, a notorious underground criminal with a grudge against the Drug Lord, Billa's boss, and eventually ends up killing him. Jeeva arranges a meeting with Vardhan and assists in his capture. In a final twist, it emerges that the real Billa is still alive, and was pretending to be Jeeva who he killed and replaced while in the hospital. It was actually Jeeva who had died in the hospital of heart failure in front of Vardhan. In the end both Billa and his girlfriend Anita (Namitha) escape, bewildering the police and Roma.
Cast: Ajithkumar, Nayanthara, Namitha, Prabhu,Rahman etc
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raaja
Directed by: Vishnuvardhan

Billa 2007 official trailer