Friday, August 31, 2007

Ek Mohabbat

Its 31st August 2007.. 50 years of merdeka. So how far have we came for the past 50 years... well i think there's quite alot. BUt there are some smitches who claims that we are no where in this 50 years. Are you sure? Look back at the time where immigrants were brought in to Malaya (then) to work in mining and rubber estate. Well time have passed by and country have changed BUT know wat.. mankind have not changed yet. They still kill each other they still cheat each other. Why?? No matter how many times u ask that question, its always unanswerable. So many killings and so many polution..

So many Malaysia have been in so much peace but lately do you realise that there are some conflicts? Some racial issues? Din you fail to realise that how much all of us fought for freedom? Have some respect please. And to that anti-gov dun you dare to start any shit.. im tellin.. pls lets be in peace. Have you people tried recycling? Take a moment and think, how much of paper plates and notes we waste each day. Put all ur dry batteries in a plastic bag, save all ur newspapers and sell. You dun have to bundle up in front of your house, just when the surat khabar lama comes jual sajalah.. And smokers. SMOKERSSS.. hellooww.. when there is sign not to smoke it means DONT SMOKE.. dun try to be hero by smoking. Fuccers do u realise how much it can hazardous for others and as well as the environment. Think we should start puttin up those pictures on the cigarette box like how it is in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Smoke in a place where its designated for you.

Malaysian, jangan ludah sana sini boleh tak?? Think 2 days back i wanted to withdraw some cash from RHB near Taman OUG.. PArked me car and was walking to the bank and i saw this uncle walkin to his car and know wat the fucc he did?? "kkkRRRaaaiiishhh... tuuuhhhhss.." eeeewwww babi uncle.. this is public place lah!! i reli felt like grabbin his head ask him to lick it back.. bohsia ! u see this is wat i meant.. show some love to others and environment.

why ammu this fellas all like this ah?

"hey why u so like dat ha?"

there is so many things that i wanna write for this merdeka but i reli got no energy to sort out one by one so when im free i will do so.. and im kinda gettin addicted to bloggin ..its like drugs man.. its thousand seven and we're back in action.. come with tha flow..
so is it you or is it me? naana neeya?
who to blame for not loving humankind..
who to blame for not loving the endangered.. fuckin salman!!
who to blame for not respecting others..
who to blame for not recycling.. me or you?
so for this 50 years of independence, i would like to ask all of u all to think back of wat our people have done and lets make a better future..
its all in our hands..

One Love
Ek MOhabbat
Oru Kadhal
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

its just another day..

It 1.40pm and im sittin here in office looking tru the window. Its raining so heavily i cant even see the boom gate from my table.. dunno why sudenli my mind melayang to Langkawi.. ahhhh Langkawi was paradise.. even though it was jus 3 days 2 nites but it was awesome.. ammu have been askin me how was it and asked me to blog bout it so many times. well ammu here i am..

we arrived thursday bout 11 sumtin in Langkawi International Airport. But fucc it was raining like mad and as soon we got down from AirAsia we ran into the terminal macam Jakun.. hhahaha like lari katak ... coz the rain was heavy.. we rented wira .. and drove to Mutiara Burau Bay.. man i wud recommend y'all to stay here.. its reli RELI nice i mean it.. private beach clean and so romantic too.. this goes to all u ppl who wanna have sex by the beach go here! this is da place ! well we got into the chalet and then ehem ehem u know guys.. then went to town.. nuttin much actually makan in chinese shop. And for orang mabuk this is a reminder.. DONT BUY BEERS! its taste like water. I think i can drink one whole crate all by myself and still go on...Well Langkawi have developed so much from the last time that i went there. Nice roads bigger lanes thanks to Uncle Samy. And more travel and car rental agents.

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But the most fucced-up part was this blardy Iranians.. gosh.. u wanna know how to waste food and money learn from this ppl. They can jus waste so much of food. and we really hate that.. yes WE HATE THAT !! We were having bfast and we saw this Iranian guy who grabbed like 20 buns on his plate and threw half of it coz he cant finish. SUCKER think bout some ppl on this planet who dun even have water to drink and end up eating stones and sands. BAsKetSS.. lancau tiu leiyah..pls lar ini malaysia ..kalau kau to kaya jangan nak menunjuk dosa tu ..

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so we finished the first nite with lots of 'water' and the next day got up and damn its raining again.. damn.. whyyyy godddd... why it have to rain when we're in langkawi.. well we still moved on. went out to town.. the onli place we visited was the cable car.. one damn scary thing.. but its reli nice.. 700metre above the sea level and no joke.. its freaky but fun. Dun worry the cable wont snap and you wont die.

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What else we did thats all lar. next day came back and suck. Again if u wanna take ur gf go langkawi its a nice.. eeee rugilah aku..

anyway its ok ammu we go one fine day ok :)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Indians gathering at Putrajaya to hand memorandum

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I made it a point to attend the gathering organised by HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) to hand over the 18-point memorandum produced from a forum held recently in KL. It was supposed to be at 10am today (Sunday August 12th) at the PM's residence in Putrajaya. Partly to see the support of the community and also to take some photos (view them at the end of the article.)

I reached the PM's residence at Precinct 10 at 9.20am only to find it very quite, just as it was supposed to be on a Sunday morning! Then it crossed my mind that the organisers possibly got confused with PM's residence and office. So, I rushed off to Dataran Putra. Reached it in 10 minutes time. There were a handful of people, probaby numbering around 50 only. They were gathered at the shady area between the mosque and PM's office. The organisers were using a hailer to get people to register themselves. There was a chartered bus dropping of some of the participants.

The weather was not hot due to the hazy conditions. As the clock ticked, the crowd began to swell. The dataran is a popular tourist destination, thus there were about 100 - 200 curious onlookers wondering what was going on. By 10.30am, the crowd could be easily about 500-600 people. The organisers began to hand out banners and posters to the crowd, and try to marshal them into position at the roundabout exit towards the PM's office. By this time, the police were alerted, and some of the crowd control officers began to line out outside the entrance to PM's office complex.

By 11am, the crowd has doubled to about 1200 people. There were rumours that the police had blocked the roads leading towards the dataran and some 10 bus are unable to reach the location.

The event proper started with a prayer, after which the organisers explained the purpose of the gathering today, which was to hand over the 18-point memorandum to PM. Unfortunately, as it was made known, the PM is away. This was followed by slogan chanting and singing of motivational songs. The media had a field day covering the event. I think few foreigners representing Al-Jazeera, and possibly BBC was there as well. Saw Nanban and MKini people too. There were also plainsclothes police mingling with the crowd, taking photos and video as well.

The organisers the explained that the crowd will march from the entrance of the PM's office and walk one round around the roundabout. Before beginning, the media was invited to take photos of the crowd with the PM's majestic office complex as the background.

The walk took about 30 minutes, by which the crowd has become about 1500 people. The roundabout were full of cars on both sides, which made the march slower. The crowd made their way around the roundabout and came full circle at the entrance to PM's office again. The crowd marched until they were about 15 metres from the gates, and separated by a row of police personnel. The crowd were then asked to sit on the pavement, while the organisers read out the details of the 18-point memorandum which included among others:

- tamil schools to be made full government-aided
- increase participation of senior government officials to 20% of the positions available
- allocate permits for taxi, lorries etc
- to allocate land for agriculture for indians
- to stop temple demolition
- to provide equal rights in all areas
- minimum wage of RM1000
- to provide proper housing for the poor.
- to help all poor families with racial barriers.
- to enact a minorities rights protection act.
- to initiate a royal commission on rights violation.
- to end special privileges.
- provide RM1million compensation for each dead person's family in the Kg Medan Massacre

I didn't not manage to catch all the points since the hailer was not powerful enough to reach the crowd. Copies of memorandum was being sold and quite a number bought them for RM5 each.

The organisers also highlighted that for the pass 50 years, no one had fought for the Indian communities’ rights. The politicians had failed the communities, thus it is up to the community to fight for itself. They also highlighted that for the last 200 years, Indians has toiled in rubber estate and railway tracks to develop the country, but in return only got displaced and rewarded with low-cost houses or longhouses, and pitiful amount of cash, compared with the FELDA schemes which receive millions in allocations. The talk on various discriminations went on for about 15 minutes.

While the talk was going on, the organisers were informed that the police will send an Indian policeman to receive the memorandum, but this was rejected by the organisers. They mentioned that they had already sent a letter to the PM informing about the gathering and since the PM had many assistants and political secretaries, he should have assigned one to be there. In the end, one of the secretaries, Hj Ahmad Yaakob came out accompanied by about 20 security officers and received the memorandum at about 12.30pm. Good thing he did, because it was getting cloudy and skies were turning dark. The organisers announced that they have asked for a meeting with the PM within a week before 31st August to discuss the memorandum. The crowd then dispersed as it started to rain.

Overall I think the police did not expect such a big crowd on a Sunday. It really made an impact as there were many media representative as well foreign and local tourists. The organisers could have provided maps or clarified about the venue so that a bigger crowd could have come. I think some were like me and went to PM's residence instead of the office. This kind of event should be organised regularly to build a stronger voice for the community. I was surprised with the crowd since my expectation was about 1000 people only, but the whole place was crowded. This will definitely make some of the political parties squirm in their seats.

The rakyat have realised that without making some noice or getting the media involved, nothing works. We have seen the protest in JB about increasing crime rates. We have seen people picketing on being cheated by property developers. We have seen many environmental issues being highlighted. So, I'm not surprised that we are going along the path of the developed countries who see public demonstation as a way of getting the governments' attention.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Give us a chance..cont

So now we are back again... as i said earlier.. there is this new trend where all the tv host and finalist of competition turning into actors. Cmon do wat u do the best .. singing and dancing or hosting. Unless if you are the most multitalented person in malaysia then ur finely accepted. This goes to the director who is one prominent director in malaysia.. sir, we also can act lar.. try to get us in as well. dun just keep taking the same faces. its not that they went to the art school or acting academy in india or sumtin till you can just keep taking them on and again. Remember Vijay was a new face once.. rajini was a new face in Aboorva Ragangal.. ajith was new face in amaravathy. as you all always compare yourself to india, even the directors there gave these actors chance for them to show that they have those skills.

im stressing again and again. you have the budget.. dun come and tell there is no budget and bcoz of that we can produce quality movie. Someone from somewhere made indie movies and get nominated in international film festivals, someone who directed and acted himself with a simple story which touched the heart of million viewers.. how can that happen? now you answer that.. how? its simple the willingness to learn and expand their mentality and coming up with new ideas. dun copy perarasu to make masala movie.. we cant.. and we are some ppl who will fall for all those craps.. we think and we are smart so pls pls for gods sake make some good and realistic movie. please move from that idea of showing indian youth dicipline problem, gf bf problem, love failure, fight and gangsterism. we have so many things to talk about..

im strongly support local indian entertainment but i just cant stand when you ppl dun give us a chance...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Give us a chance..

I dont know how many people watch this local productions. I mean Msian Indian entertainment.. in msia this industry have grown from a small time telemovies to a big productions. But how many of us realise the typicalness of those productions. Im talking about the local indian entertainment for movies, dramas and telemovies. Each time u see a new telemovie or drama you will be seeeing the same faces and that will get carried away to the movies. Recently i watched quite number of local productions and i realise sumtin that we only see the same people acting again and again.. BORINGG!!! why dont they give chance to people who have the talents. I myself personally have been to quite number of auditions but i dont know if im good enuf to compete with them but cmon lar.. dun tell me oni these ppl can act. There are so many out there who have that real talent. GIVE THEM THE CHANCE!

The recent movie titled 'Future' showed almost the same faces and won awards.. for wat? best movie? best director and best actor? of course lar coz u go and make one movie and submit it to the awards nomination mestilah u win.. make sense? and the we have the one and ONLY heroine in malaysia coz she is the onli one who studied the proper way to act from the academy? cmon lar wey gimme a break.. each time drama or telemovie or movie.. muka dia nyer keluar jadi heroine.. with the flower name girl u dun flourish much in your acting.. u need more. Koosa dappa memang kosa dappa! Directors make proper movie with proper story .. remember horror movies does not scare us anymore.. NO matter if its horror movie, police story or love story or double act or face off its all line back to the same actor and actresses. In attempt to create to on 24th Nov they still had the same people .. again BORINGGG!!! and recently we have this satu lagi cerita hantu... haahahha u make me laugh... remember we have lots more talent out there look for them .. and when they come and approach you take them for their talent not just because u know her or him ... and remember directors dun act manirathnam.. u cant be one. idolise him dont try to be him...

Do you know the latest trend where all the host becoming actors and finalist of singing competition becoming host.. uh? what the hell ? be continued.. there is more to come.....