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Nepali - The Review

Movie: Nepali
Director: VZ Dhurai
Music: Srikanth Deva
Cast: Bharath, Meera Jasmin

Before I watched this movie, I manage to get a glimpse of the movie on youtube by watching its trailer. I was so impressed to see Bharath in 3 different roles. At one part it reminded me of Dhanush in Kadhal Kondein. So I decided to watch the movie in theatres. So headed straight to PJ Lotus Cinema and sat just to watch first 10minutes of the movie without any sound. DAmNiT !! No one actually stood up to tell the operators that there is no sound so I walked and shouted at one of the 'ooru' fler "Anne, there is no sound. What the hell you are doing?"

Ok now the movie started. Let me cut this short, the subject of this movie is Sexual Harrassment. Thats it. But the way the movie was narrated is what impressed me alot. And mark my words, its 1000 times better than Bharath's Pazhani. There is 3 different Bharath, so from the beginning of the movie the director actually showed the perspective of 3 different person at the same time. Well I wont tell you how the movie goes in detail because you have to watch it in theatres. Its excellent.

Bharath's acting is superb and he potrayed his roles very well. If you watch closely, he has worked out alot to built his muscles and also his acting skills. So Simbhu, whats next?

The BGM was good and I didnt know that Srikanth Deva can make such good music. Musically you can hear a different Srikanth Deva. Next on the line is Meera Jasmin. But since I dont like her so I dont want to comment about her, because she was soo friggin irritating in this movie, in fact in any movie. Oh yeah, there is a bonus in this movie. YOu have to watch it to know it. But I will give you guys a clue, well in Sivaji they manage to rope in Suman and for this movie they manage to get in one more veteran actor. He was quite famous last time, used to be baddie, and even in this movie he is one.

In short, the movie reminds me of Ghajini here and there, like the part where the villain will smack Bharaths head with a steel bar, the revenge and why he is taking the revenge. Brilliantly the movie was carried forward towards achieving its objective on why Bharath is a killer and where is the sexual harrasment part comes in. Believe me.. you will not understand the movie till the last half an hour of the movie. So you will actually realise the whole thing at the last 30minutes of the movie.

Ok techically, I really like the cinematography. No stupid lengthy and punch dialogues. Camera works is really good, but there are some scenes which was abit long so its kinda boring. The song clips are well taken especially the first opening song for Bharath reminds me of Hritik in Dhoom. Same concept! The whole movie, there is three different colors that will be very visible to audience. Brown, blue and green. Mostly the movie will travel within the flashbacks, so we will be abit confused on which is which. Each of the jail scene will be mostly in brown. Music is ok, BGM was better.

So overall, in Nepali, the thing that you can look for is Bharath and his acting, BGM, cinematography. The minus part would be Bharaths hair in Karthiks role, Meera Jasmine *sigh*

You may ask why the movie was named Nepali when I dont see anything on Nepal or Nepali? Well its simple. Nepali is one small character in this movie which actually plays a big role in Bharaths life in Nepali.

So Rujjz rating for Nepali: 4/5 (just becoz of Bharaths acting skills and story!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dasavatharam - Full Trailer

To all Kamalhassan Fan's

Here comes the trailer of the much anticipated movie, Dasavatharam..

Friday, April 11, 2008

Why we should support local indian entertainment?

Hi I am writing this to reach the ears of some who are unaware of Malaysian Tamil Movie Industry. It is critical that Naana Neeya the movie makes it in terms of collections
because it means that our Malaysian movie makers can bring in the money
for GSC. Why am i supporting GSC? Here is my story of why Naana Neeya
is late to hit the screens ….

LastSept, Crresendo (our company) approached Saimira Pyramid or is it
Pyramid Saimira to give us 7 theatres to screen our movie. The charges
they quoted was RM 13,000 for Digital Transfers, RM 1500 for one key
code only usable at one particular cinema @ 7 which means another 10,
500 for the key codes and the normal either 50:50 from the ticket sales
after the 10% tax deductions. Although, it was pretty exorbitant, in
the hope that the movie will bring in the collections we agreed.
However, 2 days before the HD is to be forwarded to them, i was told of
new terms that on top of these charges already existent we have to fork
out another RM 500 for each show that is screened at each cinema!!

That means assuming that i want to screen at 7 cinemas @ 3 showing daily i
have to pay them 73 500.00 a week!!! I would be a real STUPID business
person to agree to these terms. These are the same persons who claimed
themselves here to contribute to the Malaysian movie industry.

The worst of the worst of this whole experience is the meeting we had with
Mr Chitra Lakshmanan of Pyramid Saimira wherein he expressed himself
very clearly that they will never consider going on any sort of
partnership with our venture and all payments must be made before the
transfers takes place in India.

Not enough, to add insult, without even having seen our movie, he goes
on that all Malaysian Movies are substandard and it is better for all
the local producers and directors to not produce substandard movies and
hurt the local industry.

I was shocked with his comment, i agree our local movies may not be at
par with Kollywood production, but we cannot forget that Tamil Movie
Industry is still an infant industry in Malaysia.
Nevertheless, we have seen efforts like Aathma, Ivanthanda Hero
etc…..personally i think Director Naga is a great movie maker and would
be able to perform even better if he had the same millions of ringgit
to work with.

The sad part is that Kollywood being at least 50-60 years industry still produces substandard movies compared to Hollywood and Hong Kong.
I was pretty devastated that the local tamil movie producers are at the
mercy of vultures like these people…obviously i was forced to decline
their offer. However, i stepped back to observe. I realised all the
movies that was released by them barely survived a week at the theatres.

I was totally down and demoralised because i have already spent about RM
300K in terms of production and promotions for the movie and our
soundtrack album. It is my hard earned savings over the years which I
thought i had blew away just because of passion for Malaysian Tamil
Movie. I simply wanted to give up, i had already invested too much of
time and money and I wanted to abandon this project totally. The 2
years i had spent on this had led me to neglect my duties as a mother
to my kids, I was hardly there for them as my focus was totally on
getting this project of the ground and i really felt that i was an
utter failure.

However, upon the insistence of my distributor who is more like a brother to me,
Kumar, i decided to give Golden Screen Cinemas a try. Kumar sent in our
preview copy to the person in charge and after 2 weeks we received the
call saying that they were interested in the movie. Imagine my shock
cause the person who viewed the movie are mainly Chinese who dont even
understand the language but they still decided to give it ago.

They have no charges, apart from the transfer charges which is not much
because it is in tapes, and we were given 3 weeks starting of with 5
showings a week and the rest depended on the response from the public.
I was truly humbled by this experience. The people whom i thought will
not support us because of color and race actually did because it is to
them business. They were not prententious that they are here to help
the industry grow and all that crap neither are they interested to rip
us just because the poor movie makers are so very passion driven.

In fact, one of them even gave me hints as to how to further cut down
the costs. They are basically business driven. If a product has
potential earning power they are willing to invest in it, in the least
to give it a try. That is how we got this deal. I am beyond speechless
at their integrity and principles as compared to our people in this

Now it is up to our Malaysian Indian public to keep this platform for us
going. If GSC finds this deal not profitable it will definately effect
whatever following Malaysian Tamil movie lined up to be screened. So i
hope with that in mind all you people please keep the word going about
the movie and help save our industry for without public support there
is never going to be an industry in this country.

Recently, on one of my trips to GSC Mid Valley, I had the opportunity to peek
into the cinemas where Ah Long Pyt Ltd (A Malaysian Chinese Movie) was
being screened. I was overwhelmed by the Malaysian Chinese audience for
this movie. They were packed to the brim. I was moved to tears because
I was totally taken by their support for their movie makers. In matter
of no time the Malaysian Chinese Movie Industry is going to
breakthrough the International platform. It is simply too obvious.
Their secret of their success is UNITY AND SYNERGY.

However, I am truly sad that that will never be the same for us. When is the
Malaysian Indian public going to change its mindset that Malaysian made
movies are no good compared to the ones from India.

How many NS Krishnas, GANAs and Shans are going to become victims to
this industry just because they are passionate about wanting to see
growth in our industry. There are 1.8 million Indians in
this country and we do not even have 10K viewers for our movies but
movies like Shivaji the Boss can collect the same amount like Lord of
the Rings……

As far as the people in the industry are concerned they are simply not
united, not even capable of thinking beyond themselves. The players
themselves mostly anyway, think they are the best, refuse to accept
their shortcomings and improve on it. They think they are the greatest.
This mindset has to change at least I hope it will. I am willing, for
the sake of the industry growth. I would love to see a Shanker, a
Maniratnam, a P Vasu or KS Ravikumar of our own. I would love to see
International Standard productions and Film Festivals and Awards
Festivals in honour of these people and I truly PRAY that it will
happen one day but the glaring truth is that it will simply not be
today, not with the attitude of the existing ones I am afraid. We
need more of the younger generation to get involved and we need to have
properly trained people who feel that movie making as a passion not a
platform just for fame, money and women.

As far as the Indian cinema chains are concerned, they would rather cash in on movies from India.
They would rather keep buying at exorbitant prices and further spend in
terms of marketing as in advertising etc but when it comes to the
Malaysian movie makers they would rather RIP THEM OFF. What more can I
say about this whole sad scenario. I am left speechless and maybe if
this project fails in terms of collections I am going to join the other
directors and move on to Malay movie productions. What's the point of
trying to work something that is going to be a failure? Sadly, being a
tamil movie no sponsor will sponsor us nor fund us in any way and I
know of a few who had to finish up the productions by loaning money
from banks and loansharks. I am truly glad that I did not follow suit.
I worked within what I had and this is the limit. The worst part of it,
my dad told me it will be so….and I refused to listen hoping to make a

Crresendo Productions

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Be Prepared for the power !!!!!!!

VVvvrRRRRrroooooOOOMMmmMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!
~ coming soon ~

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Naana Neeya - The Movie

Mid valley, 1130pm - Naana Neeya.

Yes. Finally the movie is out after so long in the making. Its a locally produced movie. Read my lips, ITS REALLY FUNNY!!

Well this movie was previously performed as a stage play written by Re.Shanmugam sometime back. I'm not really sure which year was it. Recently the director decided to make into a movie. Its currently being screened at International Screens GSC Mid valley. Its worth the watch but sad to see there were only 4 of us in the theatre.

Maybe because its midnight show, but hope that Malaysians watch this movie and show that support.

To talk about the movie, its a simple and humorous story. It revolves between, Gundutharan played by Kulal Kesavan and Appalasamy played by R.Shanmuganathan. Appalasamy shifts to a new housing area in Kinrara, Puchong (wooHoooo HIDUP PUCHONG) and his neighbour is Gundutharan. The main aim for Gundotharan is to scare his neighbours so that it will look like he is charge of the whole place.

So he will start threatening, playing pranks, hire gangster etc. Even though its a simple story but technically the comedy timing and dialogue delivery was really good. And for the first time we actually get the chance to watch not the familiar faces like Jasmine *duh*, Ganthiben, Jayasri etc.

Everyone performed well in this movie knowing that most of the artiste acted were all veterans. Oh yeah I have to tell about that host of Viluthugal, Jayasudha. She really acted well, very very funny! You go girl! I didn't know that she can act as such.

I bet you people would have heard the Naana Neeya song which is very famous now,by Vizz Da Blizz ft MC Loga of Hyperkinetix. Nice song and excellent music by Boy Radge. All the songs in the movie is really good, especially the Shankara song. They have been playing in THR Raaga and its currently in Malaysia Raaga Top 10. AND DAMN I REALLY LOVE THAT SONG!!

Can you believe it that me and ammu thought its from some Tamil movie. Well what can I say, Malaysian Indian Music Industry has improved so much. Keep up that good work people!!

Now on the technical part of it, from what I analyzed there are some shots which is quite long. It would have been great if they variety of angles and the way its taken. The makeup was really bad. Especially the part where there is close up shots, we can really see that the makeup is not even. They should have done camera testing for makeup before moving on for take.

The costume. Not so impressive yet its very normal which suites the story. Director of Photography could have done a better job for indoor shoots, because at times there are some over exposures. Overall some part of the movie looks like they didn't use monitor to do the shooting. Cincai lar.. But hey the movie was really good.

But my humble opinion, its much more better than Ivanthanda Hero, in the sense of humor and comedy.

Naana Neeya is really good and please watch it in theatres! Dont buy the DVD in Brickfields. They are the one's who is killing the local entertainment market!!

My rating would be 3/5 for Malaysian Movie.

Bravo, Naana Neeya Team!!

For more details on the movie, Click on the picture below:

Can I slap this muthaf**** ???

I wonder what type of action the authorities will take against this so called ulamak. I wonder if we can do the same to their religious facts. I am someone who respects other religion, someone who respects all other humankind. But this is way to ridiculous and its increasing my anger level.


As how you have dared in your video, we would ferkin appreciate if you could come forward and have a discussion with us. And please do not come in front of me, cuz I might just ferking slap you!

Thank you!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008