Friday, December 24, 2010

Kismes Lau Staari

Kuppan: Macha iniki kismes eve macha...tanniye poduvoma?

Suppan: Venam macha. Kaase ille, sambalo podeleh da

Kuppan: Perchene ille da, chakkene ennode girl ke call panere ippeh. lek panne.

Girl: Hello da, yenge yang iruke?

Kuppan: Puchong leh da, kutali bike leh uluntheta, kilnik pono, sen ille.

Girl: Amavada?Rumbe adiya avereke? Eveloh venum da sayang

Kuppan: ore 100 velli varum da. ok va unake?

Girl: Dey p*****, neenge rendu pero thanni adikethaane kase kekeringe, theriyumda enake.

kaase illame enna m***ke thanni? Naayi muthirethe kudike vendiyathe thaane..

Suppan: Enna machi kathe?

Kuppan: Girl thungirichi machi. New year eve ke poduvo,kya.

Suppan: k..k..lek panne.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Day 2

As continued, pre-planning is very important despite if its at early stage or final stage. Based on my experience, getting a venue for the reception dinner is a big task. Start scouting early, start locating few places. You got to make sure that the deposit is ready so that when you find the best place immediately book the place.
We had tough time getting a venue which we ended up in Selayang. Its like on the other end of KL from my place and her place as well yet we had no choice. There are many places you can check out but initially you have to set the number of guest that you are going to invite.

Its all about budget, you may book a normal badminton hall which will only cost around RM500 up to RM3000 but you have to take into count how you are going to setup the place. Your decoration and lighting will transform the place and that will happen if your budget permits. Nowadays easily a good decoration is nothing less than RM10,000. Of course you can find someone cheaper but will it suit your taste and your theme. If you are looking at setting up the place with a theme such as Arabian theme, black and white, Rajashtan theme etc there are very few decorators in town who can do such deco works. Put in your mind that the cost can go sky high unless if you really have a budget. Like mine, my hall is good enough that I do not need to deco, all I have to do is just some deco at the entrance and some stage background and that's it. Mine decorators will be Resh Events Management (suresh) and I know they can do wonders.

During the process of scouting for decorators, we met some companies which they charge to the most ridiculous price you can never imagine. When you question them why, they will come up with all the technical terms that it will sound Greek to you. You as the customer have all the rights to question them on their quality of product and justification for their price. In order to do this, you have to do some research about them too. The one that we met, charged is around RM8,000 for something that can be done within half the price, educating us on the decorations and we rejected the offer they sounded abit rude too but that's okay. I'm sure I am not on the losing side.

Do you research, ask around, collect name cards of decorators especially when you attend any of your friends, neighbors, relatives wedding or their dinner reception, look closely for few things that might interest you.

Here are some tips on identifying good, quality decorators:

- Touch the cloth that they setup on that day. It can be either silk,satin, jersey material or some cheapskate cloth

- Check and see if they use fake flowers or real flowers

- Take note on the color combination i.e are they using different type of combination for instance gold and black, baby pink and off white, navy blue, magenta etc etc. The typical colors of course will be off white and maroon or white and gold.

- You can also check out how they setup the main table (sometimes the caterers will do it for you)

- Check if they sealed the carpet properly, is there any wires hanging around, check if they are using strong frames

- Get the number and meet them personally. Talk to them, from there you will realize if they have good interpersonal skills. This is very important as they are the one who is going to deal with you until the last day of your event.

- Are they able to answer all your questions and are they punctual

After meeting up, you can always ask them when is their next event so that you can drop by to have a look. Its very important to know on what time do they start the setup on the actual day.

So at this point, you have should have booked the hall and start searching for good decorators who worth the money that you are going to pay. Remember they dont have to big or long in the industry, they just have to be disciplined and creative.



Day 1:

A common question to be asked to a common teenager who have reached late of his twenties is "Are you ready to get married?". I was in an ignorant state thinking I'm way longer to be asked with that question, however without me realizing I am currently at one.

Starting from today 27th September, I have 31 days to the end of my bachelorhood and beginning of the third stage of my life as a married man. Quoting on what Baasha Bai has said
"muthal yetil aadathethu vilayadathethu alle, nee rendam yetil perathethe kalviyum alle
moondram yetil seyathethe thirumanam alle, nee naalam yetil perathethe kolentheyum alle"

Yes what you read is right, I am getting married on the 27th October. Am I scared or nervous, or am I happy or sad? One cant really define the feeling as for all of it are mixed up. Such a mixed feeling. But I know at the corner of my heart, I am extremely excited and happy to think that I am actually going to spend my life after this with my beloved girl, the love in my heart and the love of my life. All these years me being with her have completed me and matured me, changed the way I looked at the world.

First thing you need to do before you plan for your wedding, you need to know your budget. How much are you willing to spend for your wedding. Is your wedding expenses going to be shared by you or your parents OR your spouse or his/her parents, putting aside all those customs and religious statements. Decide on the budget, this will help you to plan your wedding tremendously. You may also have an idea such as splitting the event for instance like how we are doing it. My wedding will be held on a different date and day, early morning hours. Followed by the dinner reception on the same weekend. By doing this, I am able to invite only my relatives and my closest friends and the people whom we would love to have them in our wedding. According to your preference, its in your hands to limit the crowd. It can be from 50 people up to 200 people, but try not to go more than that.

When you plan as such, you will have less expenses for your wedding, less crowd, more manageable, early morning wedding will just finish with breakfast so your food catering expenses wont fly high to the sky. The rest of your invitees can attend your dinner reception. In my case, I have estimated about 1000 pax to attend my wedding. Of course these ideas may not work our if you are planning for garden wedding, conceptual wedding, theme wedding, beach wedding, underwater wedding, cruise wedding and the list goes on. This more applies to typical Indian temple wedding and a dinner reception to cater for larger crowd.

Once you have fixed your budget, start checking on the best date (suba muhurtham - in tamil) to have your wedding. Of course if you plan to have your wedding and the dinner on the same event, weekends would be the best. Some priest from some temple will tell you you cant have wedding on a Sunday or Saturday, but even in that 2 days there will be a good day. What I am sharing with you is how me and my sweetheart planned for our wedding. Doesn't mean that you have to follow this 100%, just like an idea sharing.

Hindu calendar changes every 6 months if I'm not mistaken, they call it the Vazharpirai and Theipirai. Some people follows exactly to that some don't, its up to the individuals. So lets say you got a perfect date for your wedding and everyone is happy on the date, the next thing you need to do is fix the wedding dinner reception date. In my case, my wedding is on 27th and dinner reception is on that following Saturday. Once the dinner reception date is fixed, this is when the adventure starts.