Monday, December 12, 2011

Why this kudiveri di

As everyone have been caught with the #Kolaveri fever, I decided to make one on my own (lyrics only), this is purely imagination and does not reflect any living or dead drunkards. My version of Kolaveri is called as Why this kudiveri-di. Here it goes. All copyrights are reserved to me alone, so don't steal however you can repost directing a link to my blog (credited)

yo boys, i am sing song
glass song, drink song
why this kudiveri kudiveri di x2
rhythm correct.. maintain please
distance leh bar-eh bar-eh
bar-eh iniki close-eh
tanni adicha tight-uh tight-uh
kalle color-ru white-uh,
matthe beer-ru white-uh white-uh
stout color-ru black-ku

why this kudiveri kudiveri di x2

after drinking dont find girl-uh
again, stout color-ru black-uh
ice-uh ice-uh mix-xe panne
light ah podu, eyes dark-ku

why this kudiveri kudiveri di x2

mama cup eduthuko apediye snacks eduthuko,
paapaaa paappaan pappaa...
seriya uthe...

super mama, ready
ready one two three cheers-su

now alcohol change, liquor please...

kaileh glass-su ... eh only english
hand-leh glass-su, glass-leh grants-se
ice-uh fulla habis-se
empty glass-uh, aunty come-uh
pour carlsberg beer-ru
kow-we kow-we semme kow-we
coke-ku mix pannati kow-we
love-uh love-uh we love kalle
fresh-ah i want it here now-wu

3 for 10 brickfields got-tu
sooo happy now-wu
this-se song for kudikara boy-su
you dont-te have-eh choice-uh

ohh..why this kudiveri kudiveri di {repeat till end}

drunk song

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mayakam Enna - Facts Not a Review

This time I am not going to write lengthy review or long points to ponder. I am going to make this very simple and straight forward; before I could start firstly I would like to thank Selvaraghavan and Dhanush for giving us such ahead of time movie.

Facts about Mayakam Enna:
  • This movie is not about photography or camera or even lenses, so all you photographers don’t get excited
  • This movie is about courage and struggle towards achieving your dream
  • Yamini is everyone’s dream wife/girl!!
  • The movie defines the actual meaning of the line “behind every successful man there is a woman” – indeed!
  • We don’t need music or BGM as there are parts where there is total silence with no dialogue. For me that portrays how a human mind can be so defeated by surroundings
  • If you watch closely, Yamini is always serious and stern, sometimes cold too. That explains well towards the end because she is THE IRON LADY.
  • Richa is excellent for a first timer and if you would have laughed at the part where she was trying to scrub off the blood off the floor, then God save you. You just missed the whole idea of the movie and its message
  • We, guys have been in Karthick – Sundar – Yamini triangle before (trust me)
  • Yamini is a very practical person.
  • Guys should learn a lesson, when a girl needs a shoulder to cry, she ONLY needs your shoulder so don’t take advantage on the situation
  • Yamini does not talk to Karthick from the time of abortion until the end of the movie(this is a spoiler mind it)
  • You will know the BGM is out of this world when you don’t realize there is a BGM
  • This movie is not hero based, it’s about the girl who is there for a man during his up’s and down’s and a woman call WIFE
  • In everyone of us, there is karthick swaminathan
  • As a photographer, you can use the best camera (5D in this movie) and may have the best lens, but that does not make you the best photographer. It’s the eye of creativity and the way that you look at your subject.
  • When someone says you are failure, prove the person is wrong
  • Not all your friends are your friends, at times best friends can be your closest enemy
  • Alcohol solves friendship issues
  • Alcohol fu** up your love relationship

Don’t expect masala or unexpected twist in this movie, it’s a matured movie catered for matured crowd.
So there it goes, all the points that I manage to gather and realize by watching the movie. Of course comparable to 7G Rainbow Colony and Kathal Konden, this is not up to that par. Nevertheless, Mayakam Enna is such a straight from the heart and into your heart kind of movie. You must watch this in the theaters and to those who download or even pirated DVD’s; I hope you rot in hell.