Friday, March 30, 2007


" leavin at 12am ok.. my dad keep callin me".."But ..Divya why so early girl..nite still young u know..lemme talk to uncle.." Dhanya dialing number on Divya's new N73.."helo uncle..can Divya stay abit longer plssssssss... im leavin this sunday and i reli want to spend time with her pls..uncle pls pls pls.." a deep voice replied from the other side " Ok Dhanya but you girls pls be careful ok.. if there is anythin do call me and dun check out guys..hahahah " Dhanya said "Thanks uncle i just love u soo much" Then the girls just walked to the bar to get more drinks..
Across the bar Divya realise a pair of eyes looking at her..she jus glanced and saw a guy..with glasses smartly dressed and clean shaved.. "MMmm..professional.." that the only line that came to Divya's mind.. then the girls went away..

"Aight people.. this is the last call for the floor ladies get on the floor.." DJ announced the last song for the day..

" Damn dat was awesome party..THANKS GUYS for coming over for the party.. im gonna miss all you all u know.." Dhanya shouted to all her friends who were present there. Dhanya is leaving to Australia to continue her Masters and at the same time settle down there with her boyfriend who has a business running in Melbourne. "Dhanya love you girl.. im leavin now. i will text u once m back kay..and i will see you on sunday at the airport.." Divya left Ruums and walked towards her car.

"Hey Hey..Excuse me ma'am..Ma'AM..".. Divya just turned and saw someone walkin straight to her..she jus grabbed her handbag tight close to her body.. she cant see clearly who the person but she can see that he is getting closer. " Ma'am i think you dropped this.. " Divya looked and saw a parking ticket. Divya just flashed her parking ticket to the guy and said " Thanks but thats not mine.. and YOU KNOW THAT!..." She just got into the car, locked it first before she sped off nearly knocking off the guy...
Guy was thinking in his mind.."Pretty cute..mmm but arrogant.."

suddenly.."Eerrr xcuse me bro think thats mine.." " Ohoo.. thats urs" passing the parking ticket to the guy. "Thanks man" .."no prob bro.." Deep inside his heart he was thinking .. damn.. Ohh Goddd.. she mus be thinkin that im tryin to make a move ..shit..anyway she was arrogant..biyatch"

Divya stopped at the traffic light before turning to her housing area.. Deeply thinking bout wat happened and she realised that the guy was the same guy that she saw across the bar table earlier at the club..."Shit. very wrong impression i had from his looks..guys are always guys.." driving into her porch..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Its pouring so heavily..Arjun was waiting at the lobby staring at the rain.. Then came huge black car with black tint.. Arjun rushed into the car to avoid the rain and slammed the door. Slowly the car exited from Ampang Puteri and in car Arjun just looking at the medical report that he is holding with his hand..his feelings were all mixed up.. he jus cant decide if he is angry..upset or sad ..he was reading through line by line..then it reads "
Diagnosed: Brain Tumor"..damn..daMN..DAMN!!..thats the only word running in Arjun's mind. Appu turned and asked " yes sir..anything? you looked disturbed. Is everything ok?".." no no nothing jus drive.." said Arjun and looked back at the Ampang Puteri's report signed by Dr. Gary Arumugam.
ttit tnniit nttniit.."next we have Burn from Usher only on mornin crew JJ and Rudy.." Arjun sat on his bed listening to the Usher on the alarm radio.. He just cant stop thinkin bout the medical report that he read.. He took his shower and walked to kitchen to make some breakfast.. Its saturday morning and he checked his PDA if there is any appointments today..Then he knew Appu wont be in today since he is going back to his in-laws place ...Arjun thinking to himself..he just grabbed the keys of his Sylvia and drove out from his apartment to nowhere..the car just went on and on...till he reaches a place..a place where he never been for sometime..about 3 to 4 months..a place where he used to go almost everyday.. Arjun just parked his car and washed his legs.. and went ..there stood the priest greeted him.." ennaya long didnt see you? overseas trip again?" Arjun just smiled and shook his head.. after making the rounds he just sat at the end corner of PJ Sithi Vinayagar Alayam..the exact place where he always sits..
" Why do You have to do all this to me? i just cant take it god..i just breaking down.. how can i be so stupid and should shown me a am i to live in this world.. how can i repay to all of wat i have done in this life..answer me..coz i just cant find the answers within me" tears flowed on Arjuns cheek..he jus cluctched his hands and closed his eyes...
leaned the back of his head on the carved pillar of the temple..
his mind flew..far far away....

to be continued......

Monday, March 19, 2007

she dont understand

there were times where guys jus say yes to every single girl which approaches them.. dont think of anything.. aint nuttin run tru their minds.. jus the girl.. the happiness... and the pleasure they get... but the will be one time where the guy will fall so hard for someone and it hurts so much when he tries to get up...
and the shitty part is when they girl is no more... and then he will pass tru the obstacles and forget about that girl and live his life to the fullest... like today is the last day on earth...jus like there is no tomoro... this is when the guys realise that being with a girl is not everything that he wants in life.. there is something beyond that love with a girl... thats family ties.. siblings... friends and mates.....
thats the time the guy realise that being ignorant and arrogant can at times hurt ppl around you except yourself.... and lead you to a dead end but when u turn back you will be all alone standing there with only one person next to you... a friend.

the time where the guy reaches the maturity to choose the best for his life..he will be facing more and more girls.. a girl will fall hard for you.. even if you are funny, stupid or silly.. or its jus that the guy is so rude where it can make the girl cry ...yet the girl will never stop loving and approaching him.... and all the guy want is jus friendship with that girl.. is it wrong?

why does all the girl friends have to end up as girlfriends...


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


why is this seperation..
i jus dun understand why..
there's pain in my heart..and
i jus dont know .how..
love and friendship.. is alike and so fine...
cant differ which is high..
the road of this life..
may end anywhere..
a place where we are not aware

..we keep moving forward despite all this..
just to keep the frienship..flourished..

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

i am rude.


been a week since i went to work ... moving around so many places and so many faces...well u know wat i was looking at ... girls..i was sort of studying em all the while..studyin what types of girls...normally there are so many times that i seen girls saying.. oh u know wat ..guys like to torture girls..they like to play the fool around..well btch.. dun tell me u girls dun do that...well tis write is not bcoz i hate girls..its jus some are fucced...we cant change it..indian girls..wooOOO.. yeah yeah all get fascinated with that tanned skin and wide smile.. beautiful eyes...where else in this world u can get like that..BUT btch.. can u like try to change ur fuccin in tamil..dun talk cock..dun follow tamil movie.. actin like tamil sounds like french to me..but hell when i see u at home..u have the whole tamil dictionary under ur tongue..why u need to do this in front of ppl.. "enke kanjem kanjem temel teriyum"..u shithole...its our goddam mother tongue..oh yea nt forgettin.. im not that type of girl..i dun talk to other guys like this.. ohh gosshh plsss we guys do have brains.. we dun expect u to be the hot babe but pls dun act and be a fuckin hypocryte.. aight got that..jus bcoz ur ex-bf is a jerk bare in mind others are not like happens to us too.. girls are the 'best' jerks at times..

next in the list we have our own J-Lo..ciara..minah ko tu takleh jadi J-lo..nak jadi Golok boleh lar..takpayah lar nak ngada ngada dress camtu jalan tengah panas..ko tu manusia ke menatang..tak panas ke ..macam sial.. pastu belagak macam pompuan misali. padahal..beromen kat tangga lar..lif lar.. jamban lar..taman lar..butoh..aku tau lar ko tu takut oghang jais masuk raid..tapi jgn lar kat tepi jalan ...bus stop.. seat hujung dlm bas ko buat binasa.. paham tak? bapak ko tu hantar ko pi U utk belajar bukan jadi bohsia atau minah rempit paham.. kalau ko tak paham apa aku cakap..NAH KO LIMA KALI 8==D

last but not least... wahh amoi ah veliveli nice ah yo shooz.. where u bought one ah..amoi ah.. this is mamak u dun have to come like a hongkong one can be Karen Mok or Lucy Liu..or Zhang ZiYi..and pls take that accent off.. its fuccin irritating...and ur did not jump from sky remember and just bcoz ur white.. ur not WHITE!! bare that in mind u shit...and remember ur not suppose to laugh ur ass off in public places like bus, lrt etc etc.. we dun wanna listen to u talkin over hp with ur Rain or Chow Yun Fatt..maintain the silence.. and dun fuckin laugh like a devil..its NOT sexy at all at anytime..

p/s: if any of u girls got offended with my blog.. IDUNGIVEADAMN.. and pls dun comment saying..ur bad ur rude u gt no respect for girls..yes i am rude.. and i dun care..i aint gonna marry you.. and i do respect girls..its jus that i hate some of them till my grave..and before i forget the best way to get into a man's heart is no more tru his stomach but tru his pants..and ur welcome!till my next long suckers!!


how did u do it...

carving smile on my face

when im downfulfill my heart when it emptyheld my hand when i stumbled

how did u do it...

showered me with caringnessmade me realise that i have someone to love

how did u do it girlmake me feel so preciousmake my life so meaningfull

wanting you to be with me every second and every minutes

i remember the moment i was talkin down the lane alone

i then saw a light at the end of the road

i thought i wouldnt be able to reach it

then i opened my eyes seeing the lightwith my hands held by you...

the moment i thought my life was gonethats the moment u made me realise that u are there

for me

now i cant help it

to stop thinkin bout u

now i cant help it girl

not to feel for you or stay next to you

i kept askin how did u do i cant help it..

wat u wanna call this

Whuttha f**k are you looking at
I slap ya face till u won forget
dont make me cut ya neck
Since mah ni$$az aint turning back

So many b!tche$ passin by
Waiting for tha whites singing lullaby
Cops pullin trigger chasin my boys
Homies got no where to run and hide

Why am I doin this
To make my colours happy?
I aint teaching my kids
Im telling to kill tha freaks
Poppa say we are like losers
I dun think so coz we are believers

Lemme grab ya hands
Push ya towards the end
Wat happens u dun give it up
Just like us dun give a f**k

That’s my dough u holding it
U betta let go before I blow a head
Bang bang shot y’all whankaz
They cant be like us
Callin yaself playaz
Wanna see the ridaz
We are muthaf***in rappaz

cant u see??

why cant u look at here standin
why cant u understan im tryin to tell sumtin...
my world changed when in my life u came in
words jus got held up in my throat
maybe its too early for u to realise...that i keep u in my eyes
try to see that im tryin to hint sumtin .. things that cant be explained
things which cant be world seems to complete
im in my own world one can compete..
u make my life so cherish..though things that i say now is too foolish
why Oh why..cant u see...
im trying to tell sumtin...

I Cry

Sometimes when I'm alone I Cry, Cause I am on my own. The tears I cry are bitter and warm. They flow with life but take no form I Cry because my heart is torn. I find it difficult to carry on. If I had an ear to confiding, I would cry among my treasured friend, but who do you know that stops that long, to help another carry on. The world moves fast and it would rather pass by. Then to stop and see what makes one cry, so painful and sad. And sometimes... I Cry and no one cares about why