Thursday, November 6, 2014

Copied or Inspired

Everything is inspired from something else. From automobile to complex design, softwares to operating systems and movies are not spared as well.

Recently there were many videos released saying that Kaththi was copied from this movie, that fight scene was from another movie, the song was copied, this was ripped & that was taken. I may agree with that partially, but I do have a question.

If the some scene's in Kaththi (that includes the teaser as well) claimed to be copied, then the same would agree if I say Velu Naicker was 'copied' from Vito Corleone and that inclusive of the hairdo up to the jawbone. The same would also agree if I were to say Jigarthanda was inspired Dirty Carnival with a tweaked second half, of course some scenes from movies like Hitchcock (Siddarth standing outside the theatre hall and counts). Also I dont know if some realise before Life of Pi, there was Duma. The difference was Duma was South Africa with journey on a land whereas Pi was travelling with a tiger on a boat. Both for the same reason.

The list goes on.

So no matter what, some way some how movies will have impacts from current happenings, from another life experience and some times stories. Its end of the day the story telling that matters. That is why, the disclaimer will always be there (though most of us dont actually read it) which says "This is a work of fiction. Events, characters and firms depicted in this movie etc etc..."

Despite all that, I am very sure some will still go on hating not only Vijai but also other movies, finding faults and failed to get entertained. To Vijai haters especially, thank you for your concerns and feedback, now I will go on being his fan and keep watching his blockbusters.

Valgha Valamudan.

Ilayathalapathy Fan.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Memories Throwback

I just thought. I want to share something from my past, from my schooling days. I shall put it in as top five list.
Top 10 songs on my playlist..
1. Show me the meaning of being lonely - BSB
2. Because of you - 98 Degrees
3. Hit Em Up - Tupac Shakur
4. Miss you like crazy - Moffatts
5. California Love - Tupac Shakur
6. Bring Da Ruckus - Wu Thang Clan
7. Get Up Stand Up - Bob Marley
8. Stranger in Moscow - Michael Jackson
9. Just the two of us - Will Smith
10. Ready or not - The Fugees
Top 5 hangout spot in KL
1. Central Market (CM)
2. Bangsar Sports Complex (swimming)
3. Reserve Forest behind my school (Jalan Travers)
4. Kota Raya
5. Sungei Wang
Top 5 apparels/outfit/men's wear
1. Pagoda
2. Penguin
3. Cantona 7
4. Alien Workshop.
5. SiangMalam
Top 5 subjects
1. Add Maths
2. Modern Maths
3. Moral
4. POL
5. PJK
Top 5 famous words (this may vary upon location and school)
1. Bohsia/Bohjan
3. Tutup Mata
4. Stelek
5. Keling
Top 3 names I hated the most
1. Anas
2. Karuthu
3. David Tata Pula
Top 5 best friends from my childhood.. until today. Some may not know each other.
1. Vignesh Nowuram
2. Austin Powerz
3. Stephen Devraj Martell
4. Lingam
5. Viji
These are some that I can recall now, maybe another day another time I would love to share more.
Thank you for your patience.