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Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

free download

Do you have any idea what is this all about?
This is for unity! Yes Malaysian Unity
You know any politicians.. Spread this to them, anyone.
Download it, its free, put up the video on your website, blog.
To your phone and show it to your friends, family and everyone in this world.
Pod cast it. MMS it, upload it to your iPhone or iPod

Share it with your neighbors, enemies, your friends, ex or anyone. Just anyone.

Free mp3 for download and video

Wanna know why is this so important and who came out with this idea?

BMC - Chaotic

Disappointed Citizen: Dear Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung (BN - Alor Star). As you should have known by now, many people already know the truth. Have you been living in Mars? Do you not know what some policemen can do? Are you talking blind with your eyes wide open?
Just one question to you. Did you see the Malaysiakini video? If the FRU and police have nothing to hide, then they should not have been chasing off the reporters before they did their ‘work’ on the 21-year-old. They should let the reporters film the whole thing. What are they afraid of? Justified? Mr Chor, you do not seem fit to represent the rakyat.

Lemon: I feel ashamed with what the minister has said regarding the beating up of the on-looker/ reckless driver whom, according to the police, wanted to knock down policemen with a car. Regardless of whatever the driver’s intention were, it does NOT give the police the right to assault anybody. Shame on the minister to justify the beating up.
Two wrongs do not add up to a right. Negative is never a positive in this case. If this is not curbed now, they can justify shooting in the near future. Is Malaysia a police state? The truth speaks for itself.

Pharmwell: Chor, just because you are from BN and a deputy minister so you side with the police. Wait, one day when the police whack you or your loved one. You should be telling the police off. Even if it is true that a car knocked into some police personnel, then the correct thing should be for the police to apprehend the driver. They should conduct a proper investigation and then charge the person. But what did your police do? Whack the guy to hell and back.
You and your police must feel very great for the action that they had undertaken. I dare you to step down from your position and stand for an election. I will bet all I have that you will lose due to your comments on this matter. Me and my family will never vote for a man like you. For the comments you have made are going to make MCA more unpopular. I think you must be thinking that Umno will accept you as a member.

Mana Justice: Datuk Chor, your reply does not speak for all Malaysians. An innocent person was wrongly beaten up. The police have used excessive force. The prime minister has made a mistake in selecting you to be the deputy home affairs minister. Datuk Chor, luckily the person beaten badly was not your loved one.

Alex: Irregardless of whether a policeman was assaulted or not, their duty is to reprimand and let the course of justice take precedence. They have no right in bashing up the citizens they are supposed to protect. However unruly the citizens may be, they are unarmed versus the FRU personnel that are carrying batons and shields, not to mention some 'supposed' training and discipline in their force.

Also, as far as we all know, traffic policemen carry firearms nowadays. I am very sure that if they were to drive in with sirens and without even having the need to flash their guns, the fracas could have been avoided and there would not have been reports as published. All police officers that defended the assault should be relieved of duty and questioned, including the deputy home minister himself. Any act of violence should be condemned in our peaceful society but the government, as usual, is practicing double standards when the fault is theirs

This shows the gross negligence, denial syndrome and unrepentant attitude of BN. That said, there is no point having massive campaign for the next general election. We will remember how we were being treated. I may be overseas and not be involved physically, but we feel the pain these people are going through.

Thanks to malaysiakini.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Have you wondered how nice if you could customize your search engine according to your name...

Have you wondered if each time you open a browser, your name will appear in big colorful letters..

Have you wondered how to do all this thing, but you just dont know how to do it.

Well I found a way to do it, and finally its out..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chittiram...part 10

It’s 9 am. Arjun arrived at Damansara Starbucks to pass the project paper to Divya. He kept looking at his watch and waited while sipping on his Caramel macchiato. From far he could see a tall woman professionally dressed walking towards him.

He knew that is Divya. “ Hi good morning. You look great!” Said Arjun just before Divya could say a word or greet him. “Good morning to you as well.” Without saying any word he stood up. “ I need to rush to work, gotta attend a meeting with client. Just came to pass you the paper. See you around.” He actually didn’t give her a single chance to say anything. She stood there; speechless trying to figure out what is this man all about.

He came, he passed and he left. Is that all? Doesn’t he have a courtesy to ask if I wanna join him for a coffee. Damn all guys are jerks! Divya had all this thoughts in her mind while walking to her car. Summarizing the whole situation, Divya just couldn’t understand him. He seems to be a nice guy, but at times he just not her type. But wait. “Why am I thinking so much about him? Who is he?” HHOOONNKKK..

Divya just realized that she didn’t move her car when the traffic light turned green. Drove into her office building and parked. Having his thoughts on her mind, she just continued her daily work ignoring all the mixed feelings on her mind.

That night she immediately called Dhanya and told the whole story from beginning till the end. “Girl, you just keep showing me signs that you kinda havin crush on him. Is that true?” Despite the fact that Divya is ignoring that she is having a crush on Arjun, her best buddy seems not to be giving up and creating the feelings in Divya’s heart.


It took Sanjay almost 2 hours to patiently listen to his friends’ ranting and face the reality, “Arjun, I really feel sorry for you man and sorry bout my words earlier. I was too frustrated over this matter. I just couldn’t see you like this but after listening to this I think we should do something about this. Don’t worry, I will always be there for you and you know that, dog! “

Sanjay just gave him a small hug and pat his back. He knew that he is the only person that his friend can rely on; the only person his friend can trust and he have to be there for him. be continued.....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Drama Edisi 7

Hari ini saya dengan ayah saya sedang menonton televisyen. Kami mendapat berita bahawa Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu atau lebih dikenali sebagai Semi Value di kalangan bloggers tempatan akan ditemubual secara langsung di NTV7 sebuah saluran televisyen nasional.

Dengan pernuh minat kami menonton temubual tersebut, maklumlah seorang pemimpin yang angkuh kini kalah teruk dalam pilihanraya yang lepas dan telah menimbulkan huru hara di kalangan kaum India di Malaysia. Dipersembahkan dalam program tersebut bahawa MIC kini akan berubah wajah untuk membantu kaum India di Malaysia.

Soalan demi soalan yang ditanya oleh pemberita NTV7, Semi Value asyik dengan tekunnya menjawab segala soalan dengan tenang. Antara soalan-soalan yang dikemukakan kepada DS Semi Value adalah soalan seperti,

1) apa tindakan MIC atas kegagalan pelajar-pelajar cemerlang SPM yang gagal dalam permohonan kepada JPA,

2) adakah seperti kata Malaysiakini, kerajaan BN-UMNO patut dipersalahkan atas pelepasan tangan 5 buah negeri yang termasuk Wilayah Persekutuan.

3) Apakah objektif atau peranan MIC dalam pernukaran wajah baru kepada kaum India di Malaysia.

Ini adalah beberapa soalan yang ditanyakan kepada Semi Value.

Apa yang memeranjatkan kami adalah cara beliau menjawab soalan dengan tenang. Rupa rupanya semua ini adalah drama semata-mata.

Dia asyik membaca segala jawapan kepada soalan daripada kertas di atas mejanya. Inikah dikatakan sesi temubual esklusif secara langsung. Ini dipanggil drama esklusif secara langsung!

Jangan sekali-kala cuba bodohkan kami, kini kami bukan macam dulu seperti katak di bawah tempurung. Segala kata-kata yang datang dari mulut kamu, segala itulah kami percaya bulat bulat. Tidak. Kami tidak akan terpedaya lagi dengan tipu helah anda dan konco konco anda.

Drama yang saya dan semua rakyat India di Malaysia tontoni, membuatkan kami ketawa sehinggakan menitis air mata. Bukalah mata kamu and fikirkan helah yang lebih bijaksana sebelum dipentaskan. Setakat kamu hendak baca segala jawapan yang telah disediakan oleh NTV7 dan lain-lain pihak yang terlibat membuatkan kami meluat.

Sudah terlalu banyak skrip temubual yang telah Dato Sri persembahkan kepada rakyat India. Sudah terlalu banyak rakyat yang tertipu dengan wayang kulit yang ditayangkan.

Ingat kami bukan bodoh. Buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali.

Sekian Terima Kasih


p/s: I feel so funny writing this whole article in BM but thought of doing it. If you would like to have the translation do let me know. To all others who thinking why I wrote in BM, well this is my blog. Thats why its called Rujjs Fuccadillicz!

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Rujjs Fuccadillicz Hits 1000 !!!
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Twitter.. Interesting Site

Heard of Twitter?? First I thought it was some gay website but as I was going through one of my friends website and he was talking about Twitter. Was wondering what is it all about that I visited and registered.

Its actually a site where you can update from anywhere anytime to your page. So the next time your friends wanna know where you are, they can visit hhahhhaah how cool is that?
Even when you are shitting or ....

You can either update the site by logging in or sms but of course local charges apply for SMS. Fortunate enough Twitter doesnt charge a single cent.

So my Twitter will be:

So mum, dad, mein, ammu and all my friends, if you would like to know where am I, log on to

for more details!

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1000 HITS - way TO Go..!

Rujj's Fuccadillicz heading towards 1000 hits !!!

Thank to all of you readers..
current stat is 905.. Need another 95

1000 - here I come..
!! last !!

After forcing myself to more and more petrol for my car, all I wanted was to collect all the Ferrari models.. Yeah all 7 of em!!

I did drove all the way to Sepang just to get the Black ferrari and also the FXX. Man, that 2 cars is the most difficult one to get you know. Now all the kids who comes to my house, the first thing they would wanna do is open my display cabinet and look at my ferrari's.

Especially my small cousins, the flers just cant get their eye's off from my ferrari's

How much I wish now to have a real one in my garrage...MMMMmm... May my dream come true!

My own ferrari's

Monday, May 5, 2008

AIM 2008 - Best Local Indian Album

I bet everyone aware of AIM2008, Anugerah Industri Music 2008. This is the first time in its history where they introduced new category which one of it is Best Local Indian Album - Artis/Producer.

Feel very much happy and glad that our Local Indian music being recognized in such prestigious event. For this year four albums were nominated: The Villainz - Asthivaram ; Martin Zamigano - Kanmani ; Boomerangx - Satre Samrajyam ; Yogi B & Natchatra - Vallavan.

The album which won the award was Martin Zamigano - Kanmani. Congratulations Martin !

This will be the stepping stone for all our local talents to reach the next level on Malaysia Entertainment Industry. Congratulations to all nominees and winner, keep trying for next year. I hope to see more nominees next year.

For more details: click here

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tan Sri MG Pandithan - Rest In Peace

source: The Star

PETALING JAYA: Indian Progressive Front president Tan Sri M.G. Pandithan, who led a colourful and chequered political career, worked tirelessly for the betterment of the Indian community until the end.

Even when he was hospitalised, Indian Progressive Front (IPF) president Tan Sri M.G. Pandithan was still concerned with the problems of the Indian community.

Tan Sri M.G. Pandithan (April 3, 1940 – April 30, 2008)
He would always ask his visitors, who included party leaders, about the latest developments in the Indian community.

The 68-year-old, who died at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital yesterday after a lengthy battle with cancer, was always cheerful, and had requested the media not to highlight MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu visiting him in hospital in August 2006.

“I don’t want this to be interpreted as being with Samy Vellu. Let the MIC delegates make their own decision,” he said.

Pandithan had always dreamed of bringing the IPF into Barisan Nasional but after realising the Herculean nature of the task, decided to work with MIC for the betterment of the Indian community.

He had risen up the MIC ranks to become party vice-president in 1981, commanding strong grassroots support from the Indian community.

The eighth son of a Kuala Lumpur City Hall manual worker and a washerwoman, Pandithan grew up in the cramped government quarters at San Peng flats, an area notorious for crime.

He studied at SJK (T) San Peng and completed his Higher School Certificate at St Anthony’s Institute before joining Tamil Nesan as a crime reporter.

It took him many years to build a career in the MIC, but after winning a seat in the party’s Central Working Committee his climb was rapid.

After becoming vice-president and being re-elected for a third term in 1986, he won the Tapah parliamentary seat and was later appointed parliamentary secretary to the Trade and Industry Ministry.

However, he was issued a show cause letter on June 2, 1988, for alleging that the party leadership had failed to fight for the rights of the Indian community.

Two days later, he embarked on a “death fast” at the MIC headquarters’ car park, bringing along a coffin and accompanied by 50 supporters, to prove his innocence. He stopped the fast after 28 hours, following an assurance by then deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam.

He was issued a second show-cause letter for bringing the coffin to the MIC headquarters and expelled from the party in July 1988.

Pandithan then formed the IPF and supported the opposition coalition Gagasan Rakyat in the Oct 21, 1990, general election. He contested and lost the Teluk Intan parliamentary seat.

He unsuccessfully tried to get IPF admitted to Barisan in 1994 and the following year quit the opposition coalition to pledge support to Barisan.

In September 1995, then Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad made Pandithan a senator in recognition of the IPF’s support and contributions to Barisan.

Pandithan and Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu met for the first time in 12 years in June 2000, during the campaign for Barisan candidate S. Sothinathan in the Teluk Kemang by-election.

Later, Samy Vellu publicly admitted that he had opposed IPF’s entry into Barisan.

In October 2003, Pandithan openly called for Samy Vellu to hand over the MIC party leadership to his deputy, Datuk S. Subramaniam, saying that Samy Vellu had stayed too long.

In June 2006, Pandithan was admitted to the intensive care unit following a bout of high fever. Samy Vellu’s visit then resulted in the patching-up of their relationship.

He was admitted to the intensive care unit again early this year, and died of cancer yesterday morning.