Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chittiram...part 8

..the reason i called was because, i realise something after having a long conversation with Arjun today.. Actually..he is not that bad you know.." Hahahahahahahhahaa i knew it. ahhahahah" Dhanya shouted over the phone. "Hey what is this. I just said he is not bad... nothing else ok" Divya defending herself. In Dhanya's mind she is already having this feeling that Divya is slowing falling for Arjun. The type of guy with that perfect physic, looks and strong characteristics and charisma that every girl would want to have in their life. Arjun is actually a very jovial and a happy go lucky person. With his friendliness he can just sweep anyone off their feet. Yes, that was Arjun. Every girls dream. " So are you having anything towards Arjun now?" " NO NO NO.. its just that when he talks he doesn't talk nonsense. Even he didnt talked much today in the discussion, but i can feel that he is someone who is very sensible and someone who thinks using his brains not his ass.. hahhaahhah" both laughed. " But at the same time we don't know right. Guys are all the same, they will be that sweet charming angel in the beginning and as time passes by they will tend to show their color. They will be like that perfect man in this world, and by the time they realise that their girl cant leave without him thats when they will start taking advantage".. dont you think so Dhanya? At this point of time, its so clear that Divya is confused. " You sound confused Divya. Do you realise that? Do you actually realise that this thing is really making you a very confused person now. Ok lets not jump over the fence without knowing whats on the other side okay. Listen to me carefully, i bet after this, you guys are goin to meet more often due to your business and so on. So, get to know him more but as you said dont make it obvious, or else he will think that you are going after him. Maintain your distance. Get to know him in person, his character and how is he. Dont assume anything okay. But of you think that you should know him more, then go ahead, nothing is wrong ok? Remember Divya, dont rush this is ONLY the first meet, look im stressing on it again, this is just ONLYYY the first meet! so dun assume or jump into anything ok it? ". She just sounded like Divya's mother, giving such a long lecture mixed with worries. That was their frienship.Sharing everything they know in life.. She just doesn't want Divya to get into any trouble or dissappointments. After a while they hung up. Divya was thinking to herself, is she really interested to get to know this guy? Is it worthwhile? Before she could even figure our the answer to that question, she heard a sms tone in her phone. She took the phone and checked and to her suprise it was Arjunn!!?? She was extremely shocked to see his sms in her inbox. Tottally unexpected! Is this some sort of telepathy or something.. i mean.. "I was just talking about him .. and..oh gosh..dont tell me Dhanya said something to him..."Still feeling confused, she went on to read the sms. It starts.." Hi Ms. Divya....... be continued..............

Monday, September 24, 2007

My new O2 - XDA Flame

So finally my O2 XDA Flame is here.. wanna know the specs check it out at

Welcome to technology :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chittiram - Revisited

Just for the review of Chittiram from the beginning - Chapter 1

Thank you.

DR. S.M. PONNIAH - Great Leader in Community Service

taken from email from Malaysia Hindu Sangam


Dr. S.M. Ponniah a former President of Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) and a founder member of Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) and its former Vice President passed away peacefully at 2.00 AM this morning 19th September.

He was born on 1927 in a village at Bukit Tengah, Penang to Muthukumaru family. Coming from a poor family he was educated at the Bukit Mertajam High School which is also the former school of our Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. After starting as a Normal Class Trained Teacher at High School Kuala Lumpur, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at University Malaya Kuala Lumpur. After serving as Acting Principal of High School Setapak, Kuala Lumpur he joined the MARA College as an English Language Lecturer. He then went on to Ohio University and obtained his MA degree. A person who never stopped studying he obtained his PHD at University Malaya at University Malaya after his retirement. He was reemployed many years.

Late Dr. S.M. Ponniah was better known for his services to the Hindu community as a leading member of the Malaysia Hindu Sangam. He served as President of MHS from 1976 to 1986. He formed a wonderful group of 3 well known leaders in the 70s and together they helped to reorganise the MHS to a great extend. The other two officials were Mr. Selva Nadarajah (a former President) and Lt. Col. Karu Sathiah (former Secretary General) together they opened up state and district branches. They also started the annual Religious Hindu Teacher Training Programmes. The trio are also best known for the start of the 30 years old Thirumurai Festival which has produced about 200,000 children and youths who can recite the Thirumurai hymns. He was also a Vice President, World Hindu Federation in the early 80s.

Dr. S.M. Ponniah was also one of the founder members of the MCCBCHST in the year of 1983. He was very much involved in the protest by the non Muslims at that time against the Federal Government’s proposed laws to restrict places of worship of non Muslims. Efforts of the MCCBCHST was successful when the then Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad withdrew the proposed Bill.

Dr. S.M. Ponniah was also well known for his numerous translation works of Hindu Scriptures from Tamil to English. He has also published several books on Hindu Religion. The most recent was The Kamba Natakam an English Language drama depicting the Ramayana scenes of the renowned Tamil Poet Kambar. For his services His Majesty the King awarded him the award of AMN. The Malaysia Hindu Sangam awarded its highest award of “Sangaratna” – a jewel of the Sangam.

The funeral service will start at 12.00 noon at 38. Jalan SS 1/41, Kg. Tungku, Petaling Jaya. The cortege will leave for Kg. Tungku Crematarium, Petaling Jaya at 3.00 PM.

The Malaysia Hindu Sangam prays for his soul to be blessed by the Almighty God. It expresses its appreciation for his sincere and devoted service to the community and conveys its heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Sangaratna Dr. S.M. Ponniah.

Thank you,

Yours in service,
Malaysia Hindu Sangam

Chathurthi Celebration - 14th September 2007

Fire burning..


24K Gold ... yeah thats pure gold.. i said

urumi performance.. EXCELLENT !!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kanavellam - Music By Dhilip Varman - Album Launching

Yeo peeps.. last week Dhilip called me up and asked me to come over for his function at Auditorium KR Soma for his new album called Kanavellam. Music by Dhilip himself. He sang bout 3 songs i guess and other artist as well. The highlight of the album is MIC President Dato Sri S. Samy Vellu have penned lyrics for the album and the song by Dhilip. The album sounds more like a sentimental hits.. very very nice composition. Hope everyone get the original for this and support our local artist.

Best of wishes Dhilip. Hope to work with you on your video!!

Some of the pics..

Dhilip performing the first song.

Free Image Hosting at

The banner

Free Image Hosting at

Dato Sri breaking the ice to reveal the album

Free Image Hosting at

Dato Sri showing the album

Free Image Hosting at

Lets all take pic with Uncle :P

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Monday, September 3, 2007

chittiram...part 7

Arjun left Australia back home to Kuala Lumpur. Few weeks later, a new company approached for some business partnership. "Okay, you ask them to meet me today evening as i don't have any appointments." Arjun said over the phone. Knock knock.. He heard someone knocking on the door, and too his shock it was Dhivya. Without him realizing, he actually smiled and greeted her "Hi there. Come on in, I'm Arjun and you are?" " Hi, I'm Dhivya." They exchanged their name cards and he saw the card. Printed on was, Dhivya - Business Development Manager. He was thinking to himself "Not bad.." and Arjun immediately started, "err Dhivya before that i would like to apologies for what happened that day. It was actually my mistake as i didn't know that wasn't your parking ticket and It was someone Else's" Immediately Dhivya replied "Mr.Arjun, I am here on business purpose so I would appreciate if we could only discuss strictly about business.Thank you." Arjun was tipped by her reply. Then the discussion went on and Arjun just kept smiling, he could not take his eyes away from Dhivya. She was that perfect woman every man wants, that stern and clear speech, nice skin, wide smile with that killer eye's. Arjun was equally commenting and discussing at times rebuttal with her comments and views, but he still cant take his eyes from her. "Thank you very much Mr.Arjun we would really like to have this partnership with your company." Arjun did not reply. "Mr Arjun, are you with me?" "helloooo" Arjun reacted as though he just got electrocuted. He said " yeah OK sure.. Thanks thanks.."
The next day, Dhivya was going through some emails and presentation slides, suddenly someone just strucked in her mind. It was Arjun, " eee idiot why the hell he is coming into my mind." The whole day Arjun were running in her mind. That night she had a chat with Dhanya." Hi Dhanya, how are you..hows things there girl..?" "I'm fine here. so how is ur work going on with you" Dhivya said" know what i met that idiot.. remember the fella i told you about, the parking ticket trick and also at the airport. Today my boss asked me to go to this company Arkay International.." and suddenly Dhanya just butt in and said " hey u know that is Arjun's company right? You know him rite?" Dhivya" Yeah yeah thats the fella i am talking about"
Dhanya asked Dhivya " Well then, what the hell is wrong with you people lar.. " You are like hating each other even without knowing each other!. " Dhivya anxiously asked " why did u meet him or what? what did he said? did he comment anything about me?" Dhanya was like shocked on why Divya was getting so emotional. " hey hey chill chill girl chill ..wats wrong with you. Well he was here for meeting. It seems that they are collaborating with some company here and the expertise are taken in malaysia. Guess that's where your company comes in. He didn't say anything about you okey.. he just asked about you .. you know things like who are you and sort of things like that. Nuttin much"
"oohhh like that.." Dhivya said and she continued " You know what Dhanya.. the reason i called you is because i wanted to tell you sumtin.." "What is that.." Dhanya asked curiously... be continued........