Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What’s the difference?

I know most of you are terribly confused of our Indian rituals and rites when it comes to wedding preparation. Sadly some just don't understand about it or even take initiative to actually get the facts into their head. Well allow me to provide information on the differences that is involved before getting married but do remember that this is not a targeted post so please don't feel offended if at any point I mentioned f*** you, or you f**** don't understand, stu***, this and that because that's not meant for you.

Before someone actually walks into the married zone there are few rituals involved and I am talking about Indian wedding.

First one is called ponne pakeran which means the whole bridegroom family will go to the bride’s house to see and verify that this is the girl that the guy going to get married to and then they will discuss when they can come and do the nitchayam. Usually this is meant for arranged marriage because the groom’s family will get to know that there is a single girl who is waiting to get married and looking for mappilai, so this applies to them. They will go to the girls house to see the girl and let the parents of the girl know if they want to go on with this providing everyone likes the girl. This does not apply for love marriage but of course sometimes our Indians fellas are extremely smart they still want to follow the step of ponne pakeran thingy even though they have met the girl like 20 times.

Secondly and importantly is the second ritual. Its called nitchayam. KEEP THIS IN YOUR MIND. NITCHAYAM IS NOT THE SAME AS ENGAGEMENT!!! Nitchayam is actually to confirm to the bride’s family that they are going to get their son married to this girl and this is the day where they will decide on which date they want to held the marriage and how much dowry if any to be given and who is going to do what, the budgeting etc. it's a confirmation that the girl and the guy will get married. No exchange of rings only words. So got it? If anyone says that engagement and nitchayam is the same, they deserve a bitch slap from me.

The third ritual would be the engagement. Yes this is when they will exchange rings and can be considered as half married. So to all those players, this is the stage where you guys should tie up your dick and stop gallivanting around. At the engagement is when the gold with be exchanged, the thali will be given ( this one im not sure ) and many other things will be discussed. There are some situations where arguments and fights will happen during engagement, due to some old bus3rds who thinks they controls the situation and start talking cock. Stirred situation, some weddings even have stopped at the engagement stage. Anyway to cut the crap, you know what engagement is right, exchanging rings and getting married, partially.

Finally is the wedding. Do I have to explain this further?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where have I been?

Lately I have not been writing or updating my blog. In fact, it have been very long since I essentially did anything for myself. The reason? Practically my life and everything around me was in a mess all this while and it took me this long to actually sort everything out and settle down. Well I wouldn't say I have settled down entirely, but I’ve manage to solve some of the issues. Glad that all of it is cleared now.

Currently I’m in the midst of rebranding Arkay Productions and designing its website, name cards, brochure and many more. While doing that, we are also widening our entertainment business network from Malaysia to India. In recent times, I have manage to meet most of the local entertainers from different genre and categories, and they willingly shared their stories of growing and surviving in this industry. Arkay Productions family would like to extend its gratitude to all the local artiste who have shared their experience and agreed to work hand in hand with us in near future.

We are also quite saddened with the demise of Director Yasmin Ahmad recently and Arkay Productions family would like to convey its condolences to her family and may god bless her soul. She is one of our inspiration especially me to create artistic movies with full Malaysian values. So what have I been doing all this while?

During the process of rebranding , I have also met some of the bigwig artiste from India and got involved with them in their movie shoot. A big budget movie which will be released this December or maybe January. Thanks to some of my friends who made it happen, it was like a crash course for me to learn so many new stuff and technology in this filmmaking world. Learned how they actually work and dealt with the real thing. Though it was short period of time but everyone was so friendly became so close. From the director, to the actors and even the cinematographer. Some of the technical staffs such as the cinematographer who have won few awards in India and the line producer, are all so friendly and we had so much fun together. The director, who came from India’s one of the most prestigious entertainment family, had no ego even a drop of it. I never expected that to happen to me. Though I had dreams of getting involve in a full fledge movie shoot, I am still surprised and shocked it happened so fast. Have no words to express that joy.

Until the movie release, I won’t be able to reveal anything about the director, artiste, movie title, storyline or even photo’s. That was the gentlemen agreement between me and the director. But time to time you will be able to read a lot of news and view more photos regarding this movie. Next on the line, we at Arkay productions family hope that we could collaborate with them to come out with something amazing.
So now I’m back on track, my next plan is to create few short movie’s and for now we have 2 music videos to be completed. The stories have been completed and lean-to it will be preparing the script and storyboard before we be able to roll the camera. Though we have finalized few talents for all the roles involved, we have yet to decide on the locations but I’m confident that we can resolve that issue.

I would like apologize for not updating this blog, I hope that I could keep up to my promise to update this page or at least find some time to do so.