Tuesday, April 24, 2007

chittiram...part 4

Both of them were busy slotting their bags over the compartment..and without realising, it was a coincidence as both of them were seated next to each other :D. With happiness, Joy and sadness.. all together at one go.. Dhanya maintained silence forwhile.. not knowing what to do.. she was all buckled up.. preparing for that heart pounding moment of the flight taking off..

Without any hesitation.. Arjun broke the silence.."Hey Dhanya if you dont mind me asking.. who is this gal Dhivya? and a how do u know her? "

"oh, She is my good old friend.. best friend i would say with a grin on her a face" and Without caring any less Arjun directly said "Well.. i think she is kinda snobbish.. and arrogant..nothing great by the way.."

"Hey Arjun.. what's with you on Dhivya.. sounds like something unlikely happened.. What is that? "

"Hmmm yes indeed.. Well.. i met her at the bar the day before this.. and passed her car ticket thinking it was her's, but she just walked away rudely thinking i was dropping a line at her...was so pathetic..surely not a good start thought..."

" Aha.. so you were the one..she told me what happened as well... Honestly Arjun she is an extremly nice gal.. Well you know .. sometimes.. when the day is just blue.. things turn sour.. but in real person.. she is very sweeet.. nothing of what sort you think about her is real.. trust me... "

And they were talking..catchin up with all the memories ..college.. social life.. how Arjun got into business.. family..ex

chittiram...part 3

It started as a busy sunday morning as everyone at home was getting ready to send Dhanya off at the airport...Dhanya was in her room checking to see if she missed out anthing, and just in time Divya showed up.. " Oh. come on gal.. lets get movin.. your gonna be late..." with Dhanya replying "Coming.. coming..". Everyone at home got into the car to the airport..

Another 20min left, before the flight was gonna take off.. Dhanya's parents was giving her their last lecture of do's and dont's... and as usual she was nodding her head.. agreeing to all.. with a wide smile on her face. The anxiouness to take that flight was written on her face..

It was then time to board.. and as she was queing up .. someone familiar was at her left.. she sensed it and quickly made a turn.. to her suprise.. it was Arjun.. "Hey Arjun.. what your doing here?"..." "Dhanya? what a pleasent suprise.. how are doing.." "Iam doing great Arjun.. going to australia to complete my Master's.. what about you" ..." Well.. im on a business trip.. my company just got affiliated with a tech company from Australia. So goin there for a meeting. Dhanya says " WOW thats great... business man uh..cool cool" Arjun replied" Nah.. u know me... i jus love business" Both laughed..

Anyway Arjun.. come.. let me introduce you to my family.. this is mom.. dad.. Dhivya.. and all.. Diyva was shocked to see that Dhanya knows Arjun.. the guy she bumped into at the bar the other day.. someone she had a bad impression on.. but actually.. her liking's are sort of changing.. who is this guys.. not bad he's kinda good looking..but.. i still wont forget the pick up line her used that day..arrr.. well whatever..

After that quick introduction..Dhanya's Family shed tears of joy as they were very proud to see their baby gal moving on daringly to a unknown country to mature her education... Dhanya and Arjun left the boading station.. on their way to australia.. not returning back for the next coming months..

As the family left behind at the airport was walking back towards their car.. Divya started to feel uncomfortable.. at the corner of her heart some sort of unspoken feelings started to appear.. hmmm am i jeolous.. nah.. it can't be..