Friday, April 10, 2009

Arkay Productions - Updates

Firstly on behalf of Arkay Productions family would like to apologise for not updating our blog and been away for a very long time. We are actually in the midst of revamping and our physical office. Allow me to briefly tell you guys what is happening behind the scene.

- We are moving from our current location to another location which has much more easier access for everyone
- We are planning to launch official website SOON!
- We are preparing for few music videos which is currently in hand - finalizing
- We need more talents for our short movie which will be shot around August (hopefully)
- We are in the midst of expanding Arkay family by roping in some editors and technicians.

There are many more coming your way soon. We regret we have not been completely active all this while and we realised that mistake. Thank you for your support all this while and we hope that you keep on rawkin with us!!

For you information, if you are unable to contact us at +6 03 7770 7707, please call my mobile @ +6 016 670 5007 or email: or

However our fax is currently active: +6 03 8062 0657. Our old fax number (+6 03 7770 7706) have been deactivated.


Rajkumar C. Kopalan
Arkay Productions