Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chittiram part 11

"So Arjun, I hope you have read and understood the complication from the report. " Dr. Gary started immediately. Arjun just looked at the medical report in his hands and didn't reply Dr. Gary. "Arjun, listen to me..I know its very difficult to accept this, but let me explain, and before that, I’m going to talk to you as your friend" After a long gap Dr. Gary started "Buddy, I know you for so many years man, you are very strong person. We have to accept this fact."
Arjun replied with a slow voice "I know Gary, but you tell me. If you are in my shoes, can you be normal. Man, I can't do that! There must be a way for this Gary, that is the reason I want you to handle this case. You are a great doctor Gary, please help me as a friend.Pleasssee..."

Arjun was begging Dr. Gary without stop. "Arjun stop it. You think I don't want to anything about this as well, I want you to be happy and you are my friend. I always want the best for you, man. This type of disease will occur when there is a small growth at the lower part of the brain. So far we can assume that the blood clog that happened sometime back caused this. But we should have known this earlier so that we could have done something like an operation but now. Arjun, it's too late. Gary ended his explanation to Arjun with such a heavy heart.

At this point Arjun started tearing and realized that everything is out of his hands now. He just felt like his whole world came crushing on him, now even worse. Now slowly Arjun realized why Dhanya was reacting like that to him, now he understood that every action of Dhanya and Divya, he seems to understand everything. But at the end of his heart he knows it's all too late for anything.


Weeks and months passed by. Arjun and Divya met more often and shared lots of thoughts. As for now both of them are not certain if this is leading to somewhere but Arjun knows that his heart is always looking for Dhanya.

"So Arjun, tell me how it all started with Dhanya. Well you know that I didn't expect this at all. You can share it with me of course if you don't mind." Divya slowly started to dig out stories from Arjun. Suddenly Dhanya shouted "Hey both of you.. What is this uh, meeting up without me is it?...So what’s happening uh uh uh .. " With a cynical smile. Dhanya didn't realize that they are actually talking about her.

"Well you know what, you gonna live for 100 years! I just thought of calling you for a drink and there you are..sitting with Arjun, hahahah" Arjun said " hey whats with that laugh, don't tease me okay. This is just a casual meet.” "I know I know, I didn't asked for explanation" she said. Butting in " well you know something Arjun was actually telling me some interesting stuffs about girls" Arjun took a sip of his coffee and smiled at both of them. "About girls?? What does a man with cash sign and business in his head have in mind about girls? And please don't give me that egoistic male logic about girls who are paethethic, girls who are this, girls who are that okay" Dhanya defending but at the same time showing interest on what would it be that they are discussing about.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Total Immersion Camp (TIC)

I received this email via my yahoogroup. Lets see if we can help them out..


The EWRF(Educational Welfare & Research Foundation) together with
Tamil Foundation has been running the Total Immersion Camp (TIC) for
the past 5 years for standard 6 (six)Tamil School Students.

This programme aims to create a smoother transition for Tamil School
Student entering secondary schools, so that they could gain self
confidence and are more proficient in English.

This year there are 800 students from 10 states who will be
participanting in this program for 21days in 13 centres. This program
will cost a total sum of RM560,500.00.

Funding has always been one of our major challenges, but we are more
than grateful to receive partial funding from MCEF-CCI.

With this in mind, we kindly seek your kind assistance to undertake
the part of food costing RM2,000.00. For your information, the
total food expenses will cost us RM25,200.00 per centre i.e (RM12per
day x 100 (student + Wardens+Vounters + teacheers) x 21days).

The center will be at 13 school with student participants of 800.
The school is :

I am seeking your kind support and help to run this event
successfully. The Community looks forward to your continued
assistance as your geneours contribution will go a long way in
assisting the educational development of our underprivileged children.

Thank you

With Kind regards

SUITE 7-01, LEVEL 7,
H/P : 016-3860265
TEL : 03-2693 4671 / 4672
FAX : 03-2693 4677


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Location - Psychomantra Freestylin'

This video was taken during break time. On the set of Psychomantra's new music video. Beatbox done by Shiv and freestylin by Psychomantra.

Look out for more video's coming soon!

An Arkay Productions / Eden Studioz presentation

Monday, October 13, 2008

sharing some links for Psychomantras on location photos

I bet you have seen the photos that I posted about the On Locations..

Well we have Hanusha who posted some of the photos.. in a different way hehehehe

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Psychomantra Video - On Location

Wassup people!

As I have promised before, here it is...Psychomantra's - On location photo's..
This video directed by Me (heheeh) with Eden... I will be uploading some video and few more photo's soon.. as for now enjoy the album and the password for the album is dubukku

Special thanks to Vicki for the photo's...Thanks bro!

Click here for more photos

More news and updates @


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Psychomantra New Video - Updates

Okay I have sucessfully completed shooting for Psychomantras new video. Glad to be back as a Director!

For now I wont write much on the updates but meantime you can check out these blogs to get some snippets on the shoot.

Gary my breakdancer for the video:

Geo's blog, he is one of the character for the couple scene:

I will be uploading some photos but still waiting for Vick to do some touchups. Meantime, yenna solla pogirai?


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vikrant - The Review

Been almost 3 weeks since the local Tamil movie was released, Vikranth. I just got the chance to watch the other day. Before I could go on writing this review, please be noted that this is merely my opinion and this shall not affect the credibility and shall not be judgmental about the movie.

The story is about Vikrant who is a super-rich businessman who’s girlfriend and family get killed. Police will investigate and found that Vikrant is the killer but later there will be a twist in the end. So I wont categorize this movie as a thriller or revenge-seeking plot. For a Malaysian movie, I should praise the producer and director of this movie for their effort.

The movie is worth the watch however it didn’t capture the crowd in the cinema. I watched at Pavillion KL and there were only 4 of us in the cinema hall. Now that’s really sad to see the lack of support from our locals especially the Indians. Forget about stereotyping that Malaysian Indian entertainment suck, people. Please support our local Indian entertainment. As a director myself, its very heartbreaking for me to see other directors and Indian entertainers does not get the support that they want for this movie. Of course I wont deny the fact that the movie got a lots of flaws and so on but lets just forget all that and watch it. I strongly feel that we should stop comparing local Tamil movies to India. In India its different, each year there is about 150 movies released in India, but here in Malaysia the number is impossible to be reached. However there are directors and artiste who try their utmost level to give us good entertainment. Our local Indians need to change their mindset towards local entertainment and start support local productions. It can be albums, songs, movie or tele-serials. Of course for the good and quality one’s.

Ok let me now get into the fine and flaws of the movie Vikrant.

The plus point of this movie would be, the commercial element used especially the opening scene for the hero. Even though this reminds me of Gajini but they have done quite well, but I feel that they should have tracked that shot. Meaning, use track for that scene where thehero will be walking from the plane. Another plus of the movie would be Sri Kumar who is already a dancer himself, gave an excellent performance in his songs. They used quite number of dancers in their song. What else..hmmm…editing was good where each cuts had a good flow to the next scene. The locations for the song are simply superb, very nicely taken. Above all that another interesting reason to watch this movie will Malaysia Vasudevan acting as Sri Kumar’s father. He also sang a song in the soundtrack.

The not-so-nice part would be the costumes. Throughout the movie there are too many black shirts, suit etc used among the actors. So this doesn’t look nice on screen, in fact there are some scenes where it’s just looked flat. Just like the actor and the background got camouflaged. They perhaps should have used a proper lighting to avoid this. Then there are unnecessary and unprofessional scenes. Example, the villain is a rich businessman but he looked like bouncer. Shabbily dressed and not shaven, so he could not carry himself as a rich businessman. He looked more like a pub owner. Adding to that there will be a scene where both the hero and villain will be showing their money power over a bottle of wine. I seriously feel that this is a bad example to show financial strength.

Of course these minute, unnoticeable scenes have affected me when I watched it. The commercial element that does not suit the movie plot, so that’s a bit disappointing. I hope that if you part of the Vikrant team and reading this, please take this positively. Dialogue delivery timing is abit out so that makes the movie a bit dull because each time they finish a dialogue there is gap without any BGM. I think Ethirkaalam had better BGM. Appearance of Shanmuganathan made me looked forward for comedy in the movie but it was a letdown as the movie goes on.

In Vikranth we have Ram & Anantha in the guest role that eventually will explain who is the actual culprit in this movie and why is that character is taking revenge. The climax of this movie is well taken with so many twist and turns that can take you on a roller coaster ride.

Last but not least my grading for this movie would be 2.5 out of 5, but that doesn’t mean this is a bad movie and worthless to watch. Please watch it in theatres and support them. Give them positive feedback and tell them what you think of the movie. This will help directors like us to improve in future. And for the artiste and to those who is already in the industry, please expand your mind and be innovative when making a movie. Lets bring Malaysian Indian Entertainment to another level.

Producer: HS Dharan
Director: P. Ramesh
Story/screenplay/script/dialogue: Sri Kumar Harichandran
Cast: Sri Kumar Harichandran, Malaysia Vasuthevan, Shantini, RS Vishnu, YB Dato Mohan, Sivarajah AMN, Mansher Singh, Ram & Anantha, Amos
Music: Jay Raggaveindra