Wednesday, August 27, 2008

UPM Natyanjali 2008

Firstly I would like to thank all my dancers from K17 UPM for their co-operation, tolerance and support that they have given me as the choreographer and showed so very high level of respect and gratitude towards the art. Thank you, guys!

Last week 23rd August 2008, (happy birthday, Rujj) UPM had their yearly event. The Natyanjali. It’s actually a dance competition organized every year by UPM’s Putra Kalashetra. Who are they and when they started, I don’t know, but thanks to them for organizing such event.

This is the 3rd year I am choreographing for the students there. My first one was Koli Veda Koli then followed by numerous performances. Each year K17 participates in Natyanjali, they will not win. Yes, they will not win and I wont blame anyone for that.

This year I choreographed 2 groups. One if the senior group and the other were juniors. First we chose Saroja Saman Nikalo for the juniors, and then we changed to Etta katti from 12B, then Sikki Mukki Nerupe from Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. Then finally we decided to dance for Machakari from Sillendru oru Kadhal. This is because the organizers had some issue on the lyrics and other issues as well. Not only us, even the semi classical group had some issues with selecting their song, in fact theirs was much more BIGGER problem compared to ours. You can read all about it
here (by the way, this is another version of how the event went on)

Back to our story. We started practicing everyday with the juniors, spent so much of time. Of course they don’t have prior experience in dancing for such a big crowd or competition. But its okay, there is always a start for everything. I named them the Machakari group which consist of Predith, Eric, Sangeetha, Natasha, Stephanie, Jayanthi, Kokilavani, 2 chinese girls (I’m so sorry that I cant remember your names. I told you rite that I have difficulties in remembering names. Sorry okay)

So we had mixed crowd, in fact when I started choreographing in UPM, it’s my first experience in teaching for a mixed crowd. We had all the races Malay, Chinese, Indians, Sabahan, Sarawakian. Damn, salute you people. Diversity at its excellence!

That’s for the junior groups. Now for the senior groups we decided to dance for Samba Samba from Love Birds. Why this song? Well this year I really wanted to explore their talents since they are bit more experienced dancers already. So I thought of exploring their talents and taking them to another level. Thank god it worked! I knew by taking one song which is new and famous for now would not create that impact, so Hanusha and me started breaking our heads on what song to choose. Back to back, our thoughts just kept pointing to one music director. AR Rahman. So we told ourselves, why not we choose a song that combines AR Rahman and Prabhu Deva (a.k.a Benny Lava on the internet). *Poof* there came that songs.
SAMBA SAMBA from Love Birds J you can click on the link to watch the original video.

Now what? Decided on the song, what will be the theme? What else. Almost most of the dance groups and dancers will definitely done this concept at least once in their lifetime. Even as for me we did this concept for Theepidika once for Astro. Yenna concept, bro? THRILLER lar what else. How can one forget the original Thriller by Michael Jackson. So I started imagining the whole group dancing for Samba Samba for Thriller. Mmmm now that’s interesting. Immediately I called up Sham and told her that I want to meet the senior group dancers. When I told them the song and the concept they said ok, without thinking so much. Thank you guys for having so much trust and faith in me.

Appreciate it!

So we started practicing. Almost everyday from 7.30pm till about 10pm. The last 3 weeks before the competition I started choreographing for Samba Samba. This time I gave different kind of steps and formations. This time the piece had more drama and concentrated on their acting and facial expressions. Finally came the competition day.

Of course the Machakari done a good job for first timers. Then the senior groups went on stage. Then the music started and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. The way they make up and the amount of props. And their performance was mind blowing. Their effort was so obvious on stage. That point of time I knew this year we are the champions. I recorded all their performances, classical, semi classical and also their contemporary. Will upload soon once I have finished editing.As for now maybe I can post some pictures and dance videos during their practice sessions.

Then the time that we were all waiting for came. Announcement of winners.

Natyanjali 2008 – K17 winning list:

Classical - 2nd placing
Semi Classical - Champion and
Best Costume
Contemporary - Champion

Overall they won Best Theme, Best Make and Props,Best Costume, Overall Champions Natyanjali 2008

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was so happy and proud that we sapu habis all the categories. They deserve it I would say. Hanusha and me didn’t expect that they will win this much, sorry for underestimating guys. To our surprise this is the first time Astro was there to cover the event. Once the prize giving ceremony completed, Astro came to interview us for the program 360 Degrees that will be aired every Sunday 2pm on Vanavil. My god.. Im so thankful to you! Thank you Lord. I felt so proud and happy talking in front of the camera even though this is not my first time, but yeah I was ferkin happy!! I will update when they will air this coverage.

Of course some people were stunned and shocked to see our victory, well accept it behbay. This is rule of the game!

After that we went back to the university campus, and thank you people for giving me not so surprised party ahahahah Im just kiddin. So thoughtful of you people to get me a cake and cut that nite. Lastly we had a post mortem session to clear things off and celebrate our glory.

So that’s all for now, I will keep updating on the videos and photos.

In Rujj own words to all tha mofukaz out there, WE WON, BITCH!!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nokia E71

as promised here..

As how the saying goes, first love is always the memorable one’s. My love for Sony Ericsson is still with me. I still feel that SE have one of the best camera and music player.

Anyway coming to todays posting, 2 months ago I was having this thought of changing my phone. Something more hi-tec, something more business classy. Took my XDA Flame (here) asking for pricing, sad to say they offered toooooo low. Way toooo low.

So wanted to try luck, I posted in, of course after had some issue due to the systems stupidity I decided not to use lelong… anymore. E-bay is much better. OK that’s another story another day. I was going around asking for good trade in price hoping to get something better. My hit list was – Sony Ericsson's P1, Nokia E90, HTC Touch Diamond, Samsung Omnia and of course iPhone.

I have no idea what struck my mind, suddenly I saw Nokia E71. Even though in photo’s it looked ugly but the specs and description captured my heart. So I went through online forums, discussions, blog and youtube just to find out everything about Nokia E71. End of the day its quite captivating, the functions and the design

One fine day, went to Sunway Pyramid to check out the phone. Fast forward. I paid for my new E71 and of course traded my SE k800i. The price for E71 was RM1800 with 2GB mini SD card and screen protector. Comes with a leather pouch and other accessories as well. It was worth the buy due its functionality. It looks sleek and classy and of course suitable for businessperson. More or less like Blackberry but sleeker version of it. Silver and black, wow what a combination, I would say!

At first it was a bit difficult for me to type messages coz its very small but got used to it. Oh yeah did I mentioned that its QWERTY keyboard.

To read more on its specs go to: or any other phone websites such as GSMArena or Mobille88.
Let you read the review of this phone for now, while I go have fun with my E71!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Arkay Productions Featured at


Thanks to for featuring Arkay Productions at their website. For more details on Arkay Productions and their article click here.. WooooHHoooooooo

Thanks to on behalf of

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kaadhalae Nee – You’re My Love

After such a long time, I fell in love with a song. Of course my all time favorite is Snegithane. I will just fly into another world when I hear Snegithane from Alaypayuthey.
But after Snegithane, I think this song is just so mesmerizing and soothing.. in short captured my heart. I don’t know why but I just cant stop myself from listening to is everyday for almost 20times..too in love with this song, I guess. Of course the actor look like one banglaa but the music is just superb!

And Vijay Yesudass just sound exactly like his dad !@@!

Gotta listen to that violin part and also the lyrics. Very deep and meaningful expressing the guy’s feelings of what he is going through because of his girlfriend’s stubbornness. Of course if you watch the movie you will know why.

Movie: Nenjathai Killathe
Music: Premji Amaren
Cast: Vikranth

I have translated the song to English of course it will sound a bit like rubbish because of its direct translation, but what tha heck!


Kaadhaley nee ennoadu koabam kollaadhey
My love don’t you get angry with me
kaalamellaam unnai naan theada seiyaathey
Don’t let me search for your all my life
naan oru seavagam kaadhalin kaadhalan
I am a servant for love, love’s lover
yaaridam naan unai theaduvean kaadhaley (Kaadhaley)
where else I can find someone like you, my love

Thoongum poadhum yoasipean
I will think about you even when im sleeping
thoogaadhu unai naan neasippean
I will love you when you’re not sleeping
unnum poadhu unaiyea unnavey naan yaasippean
Even when I’m eating I will pray that you’re eating
poagum idamelaam undhan kaigalai
pidiththabadiyea naan nadakkirean
Everywhere that I go I imagined holding your hands and walking together

enna koabamoa kannaik kattinee unnai theadavey solgirai
I don’t know why you blindfolded me and asked me to search for you
kaadhaley naan oru kaadhalin thoodhuvan
Girl, im the love messenger
nee enai kaadhali kaadhaley vaazhuvaai
My love will live forever if you love me..

Kaadhaley un vaasalil mozhigal yaavum mounamum
Girl, in front of you all the words are meaningless
peasugindra vaarththaiyoa naanathaaley vilagumey
Even the paragraph will shy away hearing your voice
yaarumillaiyea endra poadhilum varambu meeriyadhillaiyea
We never crossed limits even when we are by ourselves
kaadhalaaginoam kasindhum uruginoam karangal theendiyadhillaiyea
Even when we are deep in love, we didn’t touched each other
aayiram kaalamaai vaazhgiraai kaadhaley
For thousand years, I will live
yaarumey ennaip poala kaadhalan illaiyea
As no other lover who can be like me…

Listen to the song, watch the video and enjoy while I prepare myself for my next post...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


There is saying goes, everything that is taken in limits always provide long lasting satisfaction. I don’t know who said this but it makes sense. :-D

Lately since the release of Dasavatharam, the DJ’s of THR Raaga have been imitating KamalHassan’s one of the 10 characters, Balram Naidu. In the beginning it was funny, cute etc to hear them imitating but its getting abit annoying and out of hand. Its f****ng irritating to hear Anantha, Uthaya, Maran, Geetha, Ram doing this mimicry performances everyday all the time. For instance when I’m driving to work, they do that when someone calls in or reading SMS.
Why not you people leave that mimicry to the person who can do it. As I have mentioned, its funny and exciting in the beginning but please for heaven sake stop that shit. It’s IRRITATING!! Especially early morning!

The man took so long to practice and change his voice modulation to come up with such a wonderful performance on screen and you people are making mockery out of it, just like how The Villanz did on their remix songs [
here]. Sometimes some people just keep doing things repetitively which eventually leads to irritation from the opposite party. I have always feeling ferked up with Raaga DJ’s because they are freaking irritating. The only show which I would want to listen is Kalakkal Kalai, reason being for traffic report, Ithu Epidi Iruku prank show, Enna Satham Ithe and some jokes by both the DJ’s and another would be on Sunday’s Malaysia Top Ten, in support of our local artist. The last DJ’s that I would want to listen to is Geetha, Maran and Revathy. You can take this article as bitching of Raaga DJ’s but that’s the fact.

Lets take Minnal.Fm for instance; they have improved so much compared to last time. More songs are being aired, local songs and new releases and one of the main point they don’t crack stupid jokes and laugh unnecessarily like Maran. If you are one of the Astro staff or Raaga employee or even worse one of the DJ reading this, I bet you must be cursing by now well guess what Rujjs Fuccadillicz dun give a shit bout dat. Period!

There are so many forums and topic discussing the nonsense that all these DJs are doing everyday on air. I can imagine the DJ asking me this question “F**er, you talk so much. U thinks easy ah being a DJ. You come and do lar our work then you know one. Easy to talk what”
Well this would be my reply to you “That is your job so do it! I will do mine. Prove me wrong and f*** off”

Advertisements. I don’t know if some of us realize that radio stations like Raaga survives on commercials and that is the reason why they will say 40 minutes of non-stop songs, BUT out of a sudden there will 10-15 minutes of commercials. Err, I’m not so sure which part we don’t understand here, 40minutes of music – non stop?? Are you sure? The other day, I was stuck in traffic jam, ignoring the traffic report by Raaga, so I decided why not I time the commercials duration in between songs. The choice is yours to believe, it took about 13-15 minutes for all the commercials to finish completely. Damn, that’s not my cup of tea. Eagerly waiting they will air some songs or some beneficial information will be shared, not so surprised, Ram and Revathy start their nonsense? Talking and talking all the way, before they one miserable song.

In this circle of life there are so many characters that we meet everyday. I have talked about characteristics before [
here] so I don’t want to get deeper on that. Some we just cant tolerate, that can be anyone for the matter of fact. Your dad, mum, wife, friend, boss, supervisor, neighbor, stall owner, staff at counters etc. Just anyone. But how many of us are able to tell them in a nice way that their attitude or reaction towards you it’s a bit annoying and they should stop it. Of course some do that but in a very harsh way. We are lucky if someone who is listening have the positive mentality to accept the feedback from you and please don’t be rude and challenge others. How many of us can actually voice us what we feel like, being honest or straight forward can be dangerous at times. Why, I wont be surprised if its actually threatens the strength of a friendship or relationship. Relationship here means, any type of relationship, love, boss-staff, buyer-seller etc. Few months back we saw citizens gathered to voice out their opinion (Nov 25), and even yesterday I saw in the news, students of UiTM gathered (I’m not sure about them getting the permission to gather in such a big crowd part) protested in ‘peace’ objecting the statement of MB of Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim that 10% allocation for Non-Muslim students in UiTM. You see everyone have the right to say what he or she feels like.

But the only difference with 25th Nov protest and UiTM protest is; the second one didn’t get the chance to experience the ‘wonderful’ time being shot by water cannon, the ‘sensation’ of tear gas or even the ‘pleasure’ of getting beaten up by FRU personnel’s. Too bad! We are all Malaysian’s aren’t we? Malaysia is the only country, which practices freedom of speech up to their core. To proof that, bloggers and socialist are being arrested instead of the real criminals.

Okay, I don’t want to end up in the headlines so I refrain myself from commenting further on that issue.

So that’s all for now, I wanted to write about the Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory but it will take sometime, gathering information.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Remix - Trend or disaster?

Before I could start, I would like to share the meaning of remix:
-Verb (used with object)
1. To mix again.
2. To mix and re-record the elements of (a musical recording) in a different way.

So now we know the meaning of remix. How many of you actually listen to these remix songs? There are so many examples to be mentioned, some nice to hear some not at all. In Malaysia we have this new remix storm hitting us especially on the Malaysia Indian Artiste. Yesterday I was listening to THR raga, and they played this song. At first I couldn't get the song, but after a while, I realized that is actually one of the old Tamil 80's song, which was quite famous at that time.

I just f**king hate it when they do that. Remix and remix and remix. I just hate remix! Don't you have any idea to compose or write a song, well that is why you're a musician right, in the first place? The mentality of remixing needs to be changed. Once in a while the remixed song will sound nice, but after a while it gets really boring . For me it's the same like eating the same thosai in different plates. The content is the same, the tune is the same, they just add in some beats increase the tempo and voila they you go, album of the year. For real?

Specifically for Malaysian's Indian artiste, they seem to be so fascinated with remix and they tend to over-do it. I am someone who supports local entertainment but at times i just cant stand this whole remix shit. Just to mention here, some of the remixes are Machane - The Villanz, Yen Jodi - vassan (maya kalaignargal), Yetho mogam - CS, Yennadi Meenachi - Hyperkinetix and there is one more from OG Nanba but I cant recall the title of the song and there are many more of them out there. Please for heaven sake, compose your own songs. How can an artiste expect listeners to buy their albums if the their songs are all ciplak from somewhere and remix here and there, and then just call it an album and charge so high. I rather buy the original song.

Me personally would not want to do that. I rather listen to the original song. Of course we cant deny the fact that musicians like Ar Rahman, Vidyasagar, Yuvan etc also doing the same, but the amount of songs that they compose, outnumbered the remix. So we as listeners have plenty of option on which song to listen and to not. I hate remix so I skip those songs, but for us here locally, how many albums or songs have they released? Just for an example, we take The Villanz. 2 albums -Ashtivaram and Sagavaram. How many songs you have? 15? 16? And there is 2-3 remix in one album.
How do you want me to listen to this nonsense, you just go on killing that song? By the way I have The Villanz both albums, original. I’m not saying that one cannot copy or remix songs, but there a method to do so which will help listeners to enjoy and buy the album. For instance, YBN - Madai Thiranthe, Asaiyai Kaathuleh - Zurazamharam, Bus Stop - Psychomantra and few more. You may take one or two lines from the song or even the tune but don't kill the originality of the song.

Well, now days releasing an album are much more easier then it was. First you spend about 5-6k to compose and record one single track. Send it to THR or Minnal, they play it and you become famous with one song. Then you start performing. This is a good tactic to gain market. Then goes the second part, remix few songs, spend money (a lot of them), some get cheated at times, come out with an album. 10 songs, 4 original track, 2 bonus track like beat boxing, talking, laughing, cracking stupid jokes, 3 remix, 1 track for gratitude/intro/outro. Looks like a tough one? But why did I say easy? Well it become naturally if you are an Indian and you wear your bling bling plus, rap few lines of Tupac's Hit em Up or Snoop Doggs What’s my name, or even Cypress Hill, you are a rapper! Start rapping or singing. Who said you need sangeetham as basics? We will talk bout this later

Again, I am someone who works closely with artiste from Malaysia and Singapore, and trying very hard to bring our local Indian entertainment industry to the next level. I appreciate if you are not judgmental about me and my support towards our local entertainment industry, just by reading this article. This is an outcome of frustration on depreciation of quality of Local Indian Entertainment. By all means I am pointing this to the minority of the group which still stereotyping and reluctant to improve.

So now we have completed one album and the song goes super duper hit. Now what? Music Video. "Video clip.. no lah I’m not interested". Why??

Visual presentation always captures the viewer's attention. The importance that our artiste shows in making an album is not the same in making a music video.
(We will discuss this in another topic)