Monday, June 29, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

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I think that year was 1988-1989, when I was still warming up benches in my school there was a man who warmed up my heart by infusing the essence of dancing in me. The man was Michael Jackson. How I was introduced to Michael Jackson? Through Weird Al Yankovic, yeah the same guy who mocked Bad video. I was having the idea that he was Michael Jackson, but I got it all wrong. I asked my uncle who is a music lover, who is this guy? He told me that this guy is a jackass who makes fun of others. This video that he is dancing now is actually done by Michael Jackson. I continued asking him, “Who is Michael Jackson?” Immediately my uncle took me to his room and showed all the videos and played all of MJ’s songs.

I was stunned. Wow, can a human actually dance like this? How he did that? How he moved backwards? So many questions started running across my little mind, clueless on who is this guy and how can someone actually dance like this. At that time, I remember watching MC Hammer dancing, but it didn’t stay in my mind like how the moonwalk did. Every day I will finish up my homework’s just to watch Thriller video, Bad, Beat it repetitively without fail. Thriller was released in 1982, when I was a baby. I do have goose bumps when I listened to Vincent Price’s voice in Thriller until I reach my 20’s. Since then I started listening to all of Michaels previous albums and songs, and his videos without fail. Then slowly my dancing interest fueled up and I started dancing.

Life in fast forward, Michael Jackson may be someone that don’t know me personally, but my heart always have the highest regards for him. He is one man of determination, despite the numerous allegations and legal battles between him and some seed-brains, he kept on fighting and entertaining the world. You may not know god, but you will know who is Michael Jackson. Everyone from every part of the world recognizes him, in fact there were even a news where one part of rural Africa don’t know who Michael Jackson is, how he looks like, never heard of his songs in their life but they know what moonwalk is. Even though moonwalk was started off in late 1960’s ( yes, MJ is not the first one who’ve done it) but it was improvised and popularized by Michael Jackson. Growing up from a African American heritage, Michael Jackson became one of the first black American’s song to hit off the chart in billboard, videos being played in MTV, 500 million copies of record sales, 50 over millions copies of the album Thriller sold worldwide and many other. You can Google all about him.

Let’s forget about all the plastic surgeries that he did for himself, his child molestation case ( which was not true) It was blatant lie! The kid confessed recently over the news saying that MJ didn’t do anything to him, the boys dad asked him to lie about MJ just to make money, and the world believed him. Michael Jackson may not be here with us anymore, but everyone in this world actually cried for him including me. The last time I actually had tears was when my brother Mogan passed away and now for Michael Jackson. When I came into office the other day I heard the news and I was shocked. How can Michael Jackson die? He is immortal; he cannot die. He is Michael Jackson. I was watching live news from CNN all the way and while driving back. The whole day was so gloomy and there were no sun at all. I never felt so sad for someone like this before, I switched on the radio and they played Wanna be startin something. That was one of my favorites since I was small. My heart was so heavy and my eyes starting tearing. Though I didn’t cried out loud, but I did teared for Michael Jackson. Why? I do not know. I just think that he shouldn’t have died in the first place.

The next thing I did was to call Sarath, and he couldn’t talk, he was so sad. Sarath is my best friend and he can actually dances like Michael Jackson when we were young. Sarath and me used to analyze how does the moonwalk work, and try to imitate that. We learned exactly how MJ would have done it. Yea, tell who don’t know the moonwalk or the thriller steps or even the beat it moves. The thriller moves are so famous that sometimes they will even play in the clubs where everyone will start dancing the exact same way like in the video.

Like the line goes, another day has gone, I’m still lone alone, how could this be, you are not here with me, I never say goodbye, someone tell me why, did you have to go, and leave my world so cold. MJ is no more with us anymore but he is always in one corner of our heart. Before this, even though we don’t talk or discuss about MJ, I still know that he was alive at one corner of the world breathing but now when you mention his name, he is history.
This was the exact thing what Kelvin told, another good friend of mine who couldn’t move his day forward on 26th June. In august this same date 29th would be Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday. I remember what Flava Flav said “God needed angels so one day he came and took Michael away to work for him” . In my life, I have met so many people who actually made fun of Michael Jackson, but I don’t care about what they say, because as far as I know MJ is one man who rocked the world. Even some of the artist now, followed the footsteps of MJ for instance like Usher, JT and many more. He initiated that sales of album through terrific music videos, brought together every human from every part of the world together. One of my favorites would be They don’t really care about us video, Billie Jean, You are not alone and many more.

So he we are, the world without Michael Jackson. I had a dream to meet him one day, but it didn’t come true. I know he is not dead yet, he will always stay alive in all his fans heart, his dance and his music for the world. Thank you Michael for being my dance guru, my inspiration. It is sad to think about how unlucky the next generation will be for not knowing you or your contribution. For the kids in future, you will remain history and but for all of us you will remain as how you are, Michael Jackson The King of Pop.

If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change. I’m starting with the man in the mirror – Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009


Friday, June 26, 2009

Take a break!

Im in the midst of preparing a tribute post for Michael Jackson, so meantime have a break and read this post. A conversation between small kids. sorry it will be in tamil.

Kid 1: macha, na rumba upsetta irukenda.

Kid 2: yenda? Veetla ethum problema?

Kid 1: illa da. Nethu toys vaanga midvalley-ke ponen. anga oru semma figure-da sumara 4 vayasu irukkum. Avenga amma madila paduthu vaila virala vachutu siricha paaru, aiyo! aiyo! Enn manase en kitte illeda...

Kid 2: appuram enna aachu?

Kid 1: Nanum ballon ellam vechu semma scene potten. Ava kandukka maattenutada. Rendu naala naan horlicks koode kudikale teriyuma...ava enn anjalai macha...

Kid 2: vidu maci...innikku avala thotthiloda thookuvom....haah


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Magnificent India – Day 2

It was so bright and the time was only 6.00am. I thought I got up late but when I looked at my watch the time was 6, damn. In summer, the days are longer and nights are shorter. Something different, especially in an Asian country. So there came 2nd day of my trip.

I realize that the people in the village will have a bedcoffee before they even brush their teeth. Ladies will be walking around with kudam to fetch water from public pipes. There is no more the hand pump type like those days, its tap now. They call it the nallathanni meaning good water or clean water. This is the water they use to drink and cook. Its free provided by the government. Oh not only that, in India, the education is free if you are studying in public schools or university, water is free, electricity is also free in some places. Today we just stayed in the village since there was a festival going on. A typical village temple festival, just like the on in the Paruthi Veeran movie. Huge chariots, approximately 50000 people with only 4 policemen. Yes I aint kidding, there was only 4 policemen to cover that 50000 people. I was thinking about thaipusam here in KL. They will bring down all the policemen in the country, then they will have FRU, thousands of RELA flers, not forgetting CID singarams who thinks they are James Bond and many more.

I made friend with a Sub Inspector, his name was SI Anbalagan. He actually reminded us of ACP Anbuchelvan, same style of talking and walking, stiff and strict, well educated and passion towards the job. I asked him does he get any problems from the politicians like how we watch in the movies, he said yes. But he is not bothered, for his 10 years experience they have transferred him to almost 28 police stations. I was stunned. We were stunned. He was so cool and said, what else they can do apart from transferring. Adding to that, none of the police there was actually smiling and giggling, there were all serious and tough. Tamilnadu police na kokka!
I met the panchayat head who is a retired civil engineer and yes he have 18 villages under his control. He proudly told me that in those villages there is no police station and sarayam shop (toddy shop). Even if a police would want to capture anyone they need to get this leaders permission to enter the village. Fuh, powerrr.. The it was evening and we were chit chatting with everyone there waiting for the chariot to move back to the temple.

That night there were concerts and pattimandram, exactly like Leoni’s one. The speakers were outstanding, they can sing, crack jokes, be serious, give message, you name it they can do it. It’s nice to see so many talented people there, unlike some horsedicks who thinks they are experts in what they do. But when you give them one dialogue to act, they will look at the script as though its written in French. Ok that’s another story for another time. I had my dose of valaka bajji, chili bajji and barota’s through out that day. Awesome food it was.

Did I tell you that I was riding bike while I was in India. Its Bajaj Pulsar and Yamaha. Pulsar is the same one that Dhanush rode in Pollathavan. Didn’t get the chance to meet any Dhivya or Ramya there.L

Monday, June 22, 2009

Magnificient India - Day 1 - Part 2

Upon arrival, the first ever temple we went to was Srirangam Renganathar temple. If you are wondering which temple, its the exact one which appears in the opening scene of Dasavatharam and the perumal a.k.a Renganathar is in a sleeping position in this temple. The temple was so huge that you can go around the temple and the rajagopuram can be seen from Nasa satellite. When you enter the temple you will be able to see some photographs taken from NASA which shows the gopuram appears to be perfectly alligned and at its exact propotion. Seeing is believing! Of course they had 3 different entrance to pray, free entrance, Rs25 and Rs50. You are actually paying to cut-q. Yes, absolutely you are paying to skip the crowd and queue to stand in front of perumal and pray, inside the shrine. Im not kiddin. For those who have been to India, knows what Im talking about.
People tend to make money in any way that they could. There are some temples where if you pay more like Rs500, you can even hug the god and pray. Heheheh. From Srirangam moved to Samayapuram. The temple is named as Samayapuram Mariamman Temple. Its predicted that this temple was built around 18th century, but I am not really sure of this.

Final destination before we head to the village was my ultimate favourite, Uchipillayar Temple. You will be able to see this temple from your flight if you are landing in Trichy. Its at the tip of a rock hill which is around few billions years old. Its the rock mountain is that old, not the temple. :) Its in the Rockfort town, very near to the airport actually. At the top, you will be able to see the whole of Thrichy city and Renganathar temples rajagopuram. I dont want to eloborate too much, being there is the ultimate feel.

We left Rockfort around 7pm reached the village about 9pm.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Magnificent India - Day 1

Reached Thiruchirapalli International airport. It’s a new building which was opened few weeks ago as their expansion project. We had to go through Influenza scanning as India and Malaysia have been identified as infected country. The moment I walked out of the airport, I felt so excited and happy. It’s some sort of mixed feeling just like in the movies and with that heat and smell of sand. Got into our Tata Sumo and drove off. The first thing I heard was the sound of the honking drivers. Its madness, they keep honking and honking nonstop. The reason they do that is to inform another driver that he is either at the back of him, going to overtake, taking a turn, going to stop.

Since no one follows traffic rules in India, honking is the only method of communication in between the drivers and other road users. I was looking outside the car window and saw small huts called as “kudusai” in Tamil, surprisingly equipped with satellite dish and tv. Who said India is poor, no they are not. They have all the resource and money, sadly sometimes they failed to either appreciate it or don’t know how to utilize it.

It took us 2 hours to reach the village called as Silathur. To make it simple, India > Thiruchirapalli > Pudhukottai > Arathangi > Silathur. Or in other words its like Malaysia > KL > Klang Valley > Bangsar > Taman Bukit Pantai. I was under the impression that the village will be that typical ones just like in the movies and I was abit freaked out on how am I going to shit. You know in village they shit in open field and bathe either at the river or motor-pump.

Guess what? I was absolutely wrong! The village is so beautiful and modern. Houses here looked like bungalows, double storey, triple storey, fully aircond, toilet inside the house, cable tv and everything that a modern home will have. I asked our host how come this place doesn’t look like a village, he said that everyone who lives there are all working in overseas. For instance the neighbor of our host is a chemical engineer in US. Most of them are working in USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. No doubt they could build such a huge house.

And no there were no kids running at the back of our car when we arrived. We were received well by everyone and was so happy that I came. We ate talked and time to sleep. For the note, we are 2.5 hours ahead of India timing.

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