Friday, July 11, 2008


This article is written based on my own observation throughout sometime and it’s merely my own thoughts and it does not reflect any individuals. If some part of this happens to be reflecting your own personality, I do not hold any responsibility for it. Do take into consideration that this blog is owned by me and my thoughts to be shared with others. There are so many characters that I have met which some interest me. Despite being tormented and tortured they are some who just don’t care of being pushed off the limit. I really salute for their patience. They do realise that people around them always take advantage on them and take them for granted. This person seems to be so nice which really impressed me, being bullied is not an easy situation to handle. The reason I'm saying being bullied is because that is how it’s defined according to my definition. This may not be the proper way to handle this and this person actually realise that but they just enjoy being tortured. Does that mean that their dumb or numb? No, certainly not. Their heart is just too pure I would say, can I say that?

Damn it’s so difficult to sound so nice here in my blog. But what to do someone told me that I sound very angry in my blog most of the time. What to do it’s just the way I write. Just like some person. He can be so funny and jovial, cracking jokes all the time and become the person that others that would love to have him as their company, but deep down inside there is always some part of his or her heart there is anger, dissatisfaction and disputes. What will be his way to express that? Well as for me I will blog and express, others have their own way like singing, cutting them or even take drugs. Release tension?

Being egoistic and demanding is one character which I can’t tolerate till my marrow. That should not be ones character especially for someone who has less contact to the outside world. What is wrong by just being nice? Just because you have the rights and powers in your hands don’t misuse it. At time this may hurt others. If you are employer will that be so difficult to take care of your employees? I have been situation where I’m being monitored like school kids. Whatever we do wherever we move is being monitored in the name of excellence in providing service; people mislead themselves to do something which is not necessary.

There is this saying in Tamil, when someone does not have money or power in their hand they will be human, but when they have it more than its level inhumanity takes over. Even though the saying is short in Tamil but I can’t do the direct translation here. For a guy, I feel it’s inappropriate for him to act as though he is the king of the world. Have some respect to others despite the age difference. Being younger than you doesn’t mean that they are stupid or non knowledgeable, there are instances where younger child can teach a good lesson to the elders. Even Lord Muruga thought his dad a lesson. (Lord Muruga is Hindu god and this story appears in Hindu scriptures).

So never underestimate or put down anyone no matter they are young or old. At this point of this blog you may not understand what actually I’m trying to share with you here, well it’s just like the butterfly effect. To put it in a simple definition, small variation or change which being done in the initial condition of a current dynamical system will lead to large variations or changes in the long term behaviour which at the same time creates a long term change. We will discuss about butterfly effect in near future because this topic really interests me very much. Do take note here that there is thin line of difference between the butterfly effect and the chaos theory.
So whatever I post or discuss here, may create small changes in someone’s life or it could be even you.


It feels nice to be me!

Before I could start writing this, I would like to acknowledge Amutha and Kavilan Bro for inspiring me to write this. Thank you guys. This is not because I want to taruk or tiru their idea; it’s just that I thought by me writing this I can bombard some lenchiow heads, which I always wanted to.

Well I’m not like others who have to wake up early in the morning and get stuck in traffic and reach office late, all those nonsense. My work starts at 2pm that if I’m on afternoon shift. If morning shifts I start at 7am so I will have to be up by 5. Since the experience on how it will be waking up at 5 and be at work by 7 have been shared previously, I will share my experience of being someone who works on afternoon shift. Since I start work at 2pm, I will only wake up about 9.30am and snooze my alarm till 10am. Sometimes, ammu kutty would call me and wake me up. How nice it feels to hear your loved one’s voice over the phone. After konjeraning a while on the phone, grab my purple towel and head to the ‘rain-room’. Of course along the way I share the same physical activity like
kavilan, yawning, scratching etc. Finished all the business in the ‘rain-room’.

Room scene.

I don’t have to wear formal, so open my closet grab one t-shirt and my 4 years old jeans which I have only washed it twice. At my altar pray to God “dear god please help me to keep those f**ers away from me at office. I hope today will be a good day to go to work and come back home peacefully.” Shit. I didn’t comb my hair yet, dammit! Finish praying and go back into my room and look into the mirror. My hair is too short so I don’t have to be Vidal Sassoon and I stopped using hair gel. Because according to my facial aunty, she said that it may cause dandruff and eventually lead to pimples. So pour abit of MBR oil, and mess up my hair and voila im done! Then followed by my powder, cologne etc. Now have to pray again. Again in front of my altar praying the same thing.

Head downstairs and “kakak, sudah buat milo kah?” Kakak replies “belum”. Me “apalah kakak, lu tak tau kah saya mau pergi kerja” So this time I have to make my own Milo. Sit on my sofa open my laptop connects to Internet start surfing. My grandmother will be there watching all the serials in Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Hindi, Sindhi sometimes Chinese.

Its 12pm. Drive to work, no need to worry about traffic jam. The road is so clear that I can reach Cyberjaya in 20mins; pick up Ammu kutty and head for lunch. Finished all this, now cut the scene into my office. Its 1.45pm on my watch and its just nice to login. Open all the application and this is where it gets interesting.

I cant surf or login to my messengers. Why? Simple. Because my superiors got nothing better to do in life. So what they will do is they actually peep into your machine and see what you actually doing. The moment the see you open IE immediately they will come to your place and “What you doing?” Of course I have to lie saying I’m doing work. I’m not Mahatma. He asks you “ Then open that window” pointing at your IE. So this time you are caught lar. Have to tell him that you are checking your emails. This is where the song titled you-shudnt-do-this-while-you-are-working starts. After a while with pallavi and charanam, the song completes. How nice it feels to invade other people’s privacy, right?

If you don’t want us to surf, block the damn access lar! Simple common sense. Even now I can point out how many people surfing the net without others knowledge. The logic is simple, if surfing or blogging is causing the productivity to drop, then it makes sense to refrain people from surfing but its different here. It essentially has improved. We all have been in that situation, why do you need to do all this? One thing for sure, not everyone’s boss will be like Ammu Kutty’s boss. Damn she is like God sent! Her concept is simple, you do what you want to do but work, make sure you finish. Don’t misuse the freedom. Well in this case, I cant even use it in the first place then how the fu** am I suppose to misuse? Got it? Being a manager or GM is not easy, apart from paper-knowledge one need understanding on how to administer people. If Mr,Dick is GM’s friend and he does something which we all not suppose to do, GM closes his eye’s. Underhandedly tell MrDick not do it. But when it comes to people like me who they presume we are all kuli-batak, in front of people they will reprimand. Murid-murid sekalian..

There starts another f**ked up day at work. Loosen up a bit, only then everyone will have the enthusiasm and strength of mind to work together. Visualize this. They put all the food on the plate and prevent you from touching it. Fu**ed up right? Oh there are times you can’t listen to songs. Can you actually believe it? For real! No kidding. Lunch have to be exactly one hour. In the name of transitioning and providing satisfaction to customers, some can really make a mockery. Mau block kalau block lar. Of course they wont coz they themselves have to surf what!! ahahhaah

Ok enough of frustration and irritation. Time reaching 11pm. Pham! Logoff, say bye to everyone but in my heart SO LONG SUCKERS!!

After work, called up some kaki’s meet up go for a drink. Lepak till about 1-2am and then go back and sleep. End of the day. The next day starts again tomorrow….

By reading this if you feel that you are being mentioned here, don’t take it into your heart okay, but even if you do, mmm I don’t care. This is my blog!

Now I wish I could be like Rabbit of Psycho.Unit, write one song just cursing everyone and rap it!

Suck and Sucked!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

SRJK (T) Bangsar – Voluntary Work

Attention everyone. This is a public service announcement to those who always have that thirst for charity. Remember you won’t be paid for this and that is the reason it’s called public service or voluntary work.

Well cut things short, we are seeking for volunteers to teach English, Science and Maths for student in SRJK (T) Bangsar. This is to cater for all those students who cant afford to pay private tuition fee. So we need people to come over to the school on every Saturday for only 2 hours. Maybe from 11am till 1pm (time yet to be confirmed)

The classes will be conducted for students from Standard 1 and Standard 2 primary. If you have the heart and you think that you would want to extend your help to us, do email me your contact and I will call you up. You may provide contact via email with the subject line “SRJKT Bangsar – Voluntary Work”

My email will be running on filters so you wouldn’t want your emails to go into my junk folder, right? J

This will be our first project and we hope to expand this activity to several schools.
Do take note that we are not politically involved with any parties or even NGO’s or society. We are on our own. Just bunch of people who are willing to help.

Thank you and hoping for a good response.

Valgha Tamizh, Valarga Samuthaayam