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Bharti Airtel Ad - Proud to be Indian (A must watch)

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The FAQ’s of Rujjcoomarh

How many of you actually know me well? Apart from my life as a netizen, (aay athe, ithe kathayalleh..naa thaani aale ille, aay) ok enough of that come back to your opener,Rujj. Yes apart from my life as ‘netizen’, some of you are aware of who Rujj is and what does he do. Now I’m running out of words..hey fucc all that, let me get straight to the point, I would like to share something about myself to everyone and I’ve decided to write the FAQ’s of Rujjcoomarh. I hope from here everyone will be able to know me better and stop asking me stupid questions as you will be able to find the answer here.

You may reproduce this article by printing it and paste on your cubicle, your car, home or even toilet. This can be used as a manual or even a quick reference similar to Idiots Guide. So this will be my version of Rujjcoomarh For Dummies ®

1. Why Rujj don't update my blog often?
Because most of the time I’m out of ideas to write and all the time that I will have some idea is when I’m driving or when I’m shitting. So by the time I want to jot it down, I will forget.

2. Why Rujj is so f**kin forgetful?
I don't know if this is true, but most of the people that I’ve talked to told me that I don't concentrate when I talk or listen. That is not true, come on “pilip me”, I do concentrate but of course if you start to crap then I choose to switch off my concentration mode.

3. Why Rujj don't go clubbing often just like his friends?
No money lah. What else. Last time I used to so often because I had no commitments and don't care of how I spend my cash. But now, if I were to get a ‘ais-kosong’ I have to think 10times. Paying for a house worth half a million is not a joke but by the time I realize that, its abit too late. No regrets though. Adding to that, some girls prey on me ahahahahah.. there are too many kids in most of the clubs. Not only in age but in their mind as well. Imagine this a jug will cost you RM50 can pour into 4 mugs. 1 can is equal to 1 mug which means RM6.30 = 1mug. So RM6.30 x 4 mugs = RM25.20. See the how much money they are making? Plus the beer they will mix water and you know how it taste like. If liquor, one bottle will cost you about e.g. RM300. Corkage free, but if you buy outside one bottle is only RM150 or even less if you know where to get it. If you go for 3 for RM10 then it’s even cheaper. Music is too loud you can’t freaking hear what your friend is talking and you can’t even look at any girls because by time you exit the club, there will some dickhead who wanna pick up a fight with you. So for now I only go clubbing when I really have extra money or someone’s birthday or my friends open bottle. Been there done that.

4. Why Rujj don't drive more that 80km/h ?
Firstly if you speed you tend to burn more fuel and my father is not some Sheikh from Dubai to own a oil rig. I drive a Malaysian Hummer, even then sometimes I feel the pinch of pouring more petrol. Secondly, my ‘brother’ died in a road accident and even until now I can see his dead body lying on the road. So it’s not easy to erase that, each time I drive fast that day that scene appears in front of my eyes. I used to drive a 2.0 Special Editing Perdana (Charged) like a mad cow, too bad we have to sell that car. Last but not least, how fast can you drive a damn Kenari? The bloody car flies when I go more than 100km/h. Literally, the tires don’t even touch the road! What? you want to burn the gasket and end up in casket?

5. Why Rujj don't blog too much on socio-politics?
Because I hate politics and I don't have much interest in it. So I choose to refrain myself from writing anything about it but of course there are some suckers who thinks they know everything about politics and talk cock on their blog. Freedom of writing lah konon. Freedom my balls! Don't know don't talk. Plus of course I don't want my ass to end up in ISA. One day when Anwar is PM, I hope he shuts down Kamunting.

6. Why Rujj don't watch football and know nuts about football or any sport of its kind?
I feel the game football doesn't serve any purpose or benefit for human kind. We have seen and read cases where people fighting and dying or getting injured because of football. You can be diehard fan of Manchester united and willing to cut your balls for the team. I get you a ticket to Old Trafford, walk up to Alex Ferguson and see if the fler can recognize you. Watch lah but don't go to an extend of watching it while you eat, shit or even at your honeymoon. I know someone who did it long time ago. I feel damn stupid fighting for a ball with another 11 flers. Try something like Dominos or Mastermind.

7. Why Rujj love watching so many movies?
As a director I need to watch a lot of movies, so that in future when I make one, viewers don't curse me for making stupid movies like Perarasu or movies like Villu, Poi etc

8. Why Rujj don't like to be compared with others?
You see, I am myself. Each of my actions and reactions are well planned and thought over and over again. I make sure whatever I say or whatever I do makes sense and do not trouble anyone. If others can do this and do that, that is his or her problem. I don't give a fucc about it. So don't ferkin compare me with others. I’m always open for feedback and idea’s but don't don't ever compare me with others.

9. What can you present Rujj on his birthday?
Okay this is a bonus question, hehehehe. I love gadgets like iPod Touch, Blackberry etc. So if you are planning to get anything for my birthday let me know first so at least I will tell you what I want of course within your budget.

10. What is the ultimate thing that Rujj would want to do in his life?
Become a Director. Fame and name, status and movies. Yeah that's what I really wanna do, make movie’s and become famous. So I don't have to freakin work on shift and work for someone. Be my own boss, would explain it all.

AR Rahman, ya tha man!!

Jai Ho - Pussycat Dolls ft AR Rahman

Beautiful - Akon ft AR Rahman / Kardinal Marshall

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter to Dr. Kalaignar

Bravo to Muthiah.!


Dear Dr.Kalaignar,

Sir, I ' m a Malaysia Tamilan who always want to see our people progress in life. There for I always encourage and share good thoughts with them asspecially to all my friends. Just for your info, the 2nd richest man in Malaysia is an Indian BUT majority of the ORDINARY Indians particularly Tamilan are poor and it is because of few things.

Actually I ' m very very dissapointed and that ' s why I ' m sending this e-mail to you with the hope that you can do something within your ability. The topic that I would like to share with you is regarding one of the reason why ordinary Tamilan ' s mentality cannot progress. And the topic is none other then the TAMIL TV SERIAL. Before that please forgive me for touching this topic.

Sir, nowadays Tv Serial story line already gone above the limits and spreading purely negative things which is similar or equally strong like any "virus" that killing brain cell. Almost all the Tv Serial teaching the publics CLEARLY on how to poisoning others, how to break a happy family, how to commit suicide, how to "hijack" or swindle other people ' s property, how to charm people using black magic, how a husband can deceive his wife, how a wife can deceive her husband, how to kill the baby which is in the mothers stomach, how to "stab" from behind, how to cheat and continue cheating and many other bad things. In serial, I cannot find a house without a bottle of poison.

In all the Tv Serials, the Good People will be brainless or "Vana Muna"(Maximum Idiot) while the Bad People will be Super Intelligent and in most of the situation they will be as though more powerful than Barrack Obama. I think in Chennai itself there are approximately 10 millions people living but in Serial they will make all of us like a bloody fool asthough only 100 people are living in Chennai. I ' m saying this is because everytime when the Crook is looking for someone, so easily he/she can find the people in between of that 10 million Chennai population.

Sir, American Government sending multimillion dollar spy satelite to space but still they cannot trace Osama Bin Laden but in Tv Serial a crook can know precisely whether a newly married couple are/already making love or not...sorry to say this, it ' s really humiliating and very disgusting. And the interesting part is that the crook can know everything from inside his/her house. I think instead of wasting multimillions of dollar on spy satelite, US Government should get this more high tech crook as the replacement for their "useless" spy satelite. I think within 24 hours she/he can traces where Osama Bin Laden exact location is.

Sir, I ' m not sure whether you have any free time but if you have, please do me a big favour. PLEASE watch one of the MOST HUMILIATING (Maha Kevalamana) Tamil Tv Serial. The name of the serial is Vasantham around 1.00pm . The other one is Kasthuri 7.00pm , Therimathi Selvam 1.30pm and many more. The other Tv Serial that can make us vommit blood are, Anantham 7.30pm , Kolangal 9.00pm . These 2 serials been going on for 5 years and now already entering into the 6th year and I think it will be going on for many more years.

The other thing which I really cannot accept in Tamil Tv Serial is on how they mislead and exploit the God and the temple... In certain serial the crook will be discussing and planning all her/his dirty plan and execute it in/from the temple as though they ' re more powerful than the God or as though the God is NOTHING or NOT EXIST.. Sir, as a Hindu, honestly speaking I cannot tolerate this. I leave in a multiracial counrty with other races and partly this is why sometime other religion don ' t respect us eventhough Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world.

There is another area where the Tamil Serial mislead and fooling the society. If you have notice, almost in every serial they (director/producer) have mislead the ordinary people with the NERAM, KALAM, JATHAGAM,SUNIAM, JOSIAM and KELI JOSIAM. They will create a scene where it will indirectly or directly forcing ordinary people to believe it and never ever go against it BUT behind the scene the crooks will be the one using the function of these NERAM, KALAM, KELI JOSIAM, JATHAGAM, SUNIAM and JOSIAM and exploit it in favour of him/her and fooled the good people. Sir, tell me honestly, can you accept this??? Can accept a Parrot to decide your life???

Sir, to be frank to you, personally I don ' t believe in all the things mentioned above. As a Hindu, I believe in GOD and I believe everybody must work hard to achieve anything in their life whether it ' s regarding education, profession, wealth, good health and so on. Today, 99.99% serials mislead and spread the "virus" that not going to help the people particularly ordinary people whom already struggle in their daily life. It ' s not helping him to THINK POSITIVE and TO PROGRESS in their life.

Sir, as I ' ve mentioned earlier, our Hindu Religion is the oldest religion in the world and our Tamil Language already existing for >< 10,000 years BUT we Tamilan don ' t get the respect that we suppost to get further more lot of our "brothers and sisters" are suffering terrribly around the world. I ' m sure you know what I mean by that. To get the respect that we should get, I strongly believe every single Tamilan should be succesful positively in their life asspecially in EDUCATION and PROFESSION then automatically the respect will come to us. UNFORTUNATELY the tv serials are indirectly go against it by mislead the society with all the negative elements which will never make our brain progress. Honestly speaking only our Blood Pressure will go up while watching the tv serials.

At this point I know,anybody will be thinking to tell me off, that "IF DON ' T LIKE THEN DON ' T WATCH, JUST SWITCH OFF THE TV". Sir, as I ' ve mentioned earlier, as a person who want our society to progress positively, I just simply can ' t do that. As for the Tv Serial Producers, Director, Actor, Actress, Technicians and others, they don ' t care about the negative impact that the Tv Serial will give to the public because as for them, more longer they can drag the serial, more money they will get. For some actor and actress they are more happy because they can act in few serials at a time which means they ' re collecting 2 or 3 salaries. So even how stupid the story line is, how unlogical the story line is, how bad impact it give to the society, they just simply don ' t care.

Serial ' s impact is more or less like the Drug. As a responsible person, if I cannot allow drug into my society I also need to react the same towards the Stupid Serials which is spoiling the society in its own way.

Sir, something has to be done other wise the Tv Serials are going to give a very very negative impact to our entire society in the long run. If I ' m not mistaken from Monday till Friday, SunTv has reserved 8 hours to broadcast Mega Serials. So from Minimum 0.5 hours to Maximum 8 hours of our Tamilan ' s life been spent to watch Tv Serial. I ' m not sure about other tv channels.

I ' m aware that we cannot stop this Tv Serial just like that because it ' s involving >< 50,000 people ' s rice bowl from all the categories but at the same time, we also cannot tolerate with the damages such as blood pressure, mental torture and bad influent created by these serials.

Sir, to be honest to you. I ever sent my opinion to e-mail addresses given by ONLY FEW serial producers UNFORTUNATELY there ' s NO REPLY at all. I also ever wrote to some mailing address provided by some of the serial producers but the out come is still the same NO RESPONCE from them. I also ever go to their company website and try to send my e-mail from there but still NO REPLY.

Sir, I have a suggestion that I believe can put a full stop for all these nonsenses. We should set a limit for every single serial. The limit should be ONLY 300 Episodes For Every Serial/Title. I think 300 episodes is more than enough and it can cover for more than a year. All the nonsenses started just because there is no limit and because of that, the director can prolong their stupid story until SEVERAL YEARS like how is happening in Anantham and Kolangal.

I strongly believe ONLY by setting the limit to approximately 300 EPISODES per Title the serial will be an ENTERTAINMENT otherwise if the number of the episode is unlimited it will be the DISASTER for our society. Sir, please do your level best and do it before it ' s too late, before ULSER BECOME CANCER. "PREVENT IS BETTER THEN CURE".

As a responsible Tamilam, I think I ' m doing my part. That ' s all for now. I hope to hear some good news from you soon. Nandri, Vanakam _/\_.

Muthaiah.... ......... ......... ........2. 53am..... ......... ......... ......... . 28/01/09


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Scholarship information for students.

Please share this. I got this via email, do spread the words around.

MARA Scholarship Programs <

Yayasan Proton Scholarship <http://www.malaysia-scholarship.com/yproton.html>

PTPTN Education Loan <http://ptptn.gov.my/%C2%A0>

The Star Education Fund <http://thestar.com.my/edufund>

Astro Scholarship Award <http://www.astro.com.my/v5/astrolife/scholarship/>

PETRONAS Education Scholarship Programs <http://esu-spmtrial.petronas.com.my/>

2007 MNRB Scholarship Fund <http://www.mnrb.com.my/%C2%A0>

OCBC Bank Scholarship <http://www.ocbc.com.my/global/aboutOCBC/Gco_Abt_Community.shtm>

Bank Negara Scholarship <http://www.bnm.gov.my/>

ABM 50th Merdeka Scholarship <http://www.abm.org.my/>

Curtin Sarawak Scholarship <http://www.curtin.edu.my/>

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus High Achievers Scholarships <http://www.nottingham.edu.my/students/MISC/High%20Achievers%20Scholarship%202006-July06.pdf>

HELP University College <http://www.help.edu.my/scholarships/index.php%C2%A0>

Adelaide Achiever Scholarships International (AASI) <http://www.international.adelaide.edu.au/future/scholarships/ug/>

Curtin University of Technology Scholarship <http://www.emaac.org/>

Charles Darwin University Scholarship

Kolej Disted-Stamford Degree Scholarships <http://www.disted.edu.my/>

Leeds University Scholarships <http://scholarships.leeds.ac.uk/>

Loughborough University Human Science Scholarships <http://www.lboro.ac.uk/>

MAAC Scholarship - La Trobe University 2006 <http://www.latrobe.edu.au/international/courses/ug.html>

NUS / Asean Undergraduate Scholarship <http://www.nus.edu.sg/admissions/undergrad/scholarship/nus_asean.htm>

UCL Pathfinder Scholarships <http://www.ucl.ac.uk/>

University of Sheffield Scholarship <http://www.shef.ac.uk/malaysia/entry.html>

UTAR Scholarships <http://www.utar.edu.my/%C2%A0>

Nanyang Technological University Scholarship <http://www.ntu.edu.sg/oad/scholarships/nanyang.htm>

Tasmanian International Scholarships <http://www.international.utas.edu.au/documents/internationalApplication.pdf>

University of Malaya Fellowship Scheme <http://ips.um.edu.my/>

Universiti Malaysia Sara wak Scholarship <http://www.unimas.my/>

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST Discovery Scholarship) <http://apply.embark.com/kaust/discovery/>

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Scholarship <http://www.ums.edu.my/pasca>