Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This part of my life is called recession and depression..

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Got High

*This is inspired by Afroman's I got High but this is the shitty version of mine*

In the journey to success, I ditched so many people
I know its wrong but I do know why,
Bcoz I got high..Bcoz I got high..
As I see some ladies sleeping around..
I bet they know why..
Tired of sleeping they try weeping..
That I know why but I dun give a dip
Bcoz I got high ...Bcoz I got high
People using facebook to express their love
I use facebook for some reason i dont know
Then I laughed so hard coz I know why
Bcoz I got High ...Bcoz I got high
I see some fat asses posing for camera,
I dont wanna get high..
They think they are hot chick.. shit
I dont know wanna get high..
Coz I rather download torrent of mumbai models
Bcoz now I wanna get high...I wanna get high
Thanks to Mumbai.. I got high..
Got so many friends ..
some are good some are bad
Cheez, most just spit crap..
I just walk pass them by
Bcoz I got high..Bcoz I got high..
I havent hang the photos in my house
Been 3months since I moved into my new house
I just dont know..
Maybe im just high
I got high I got high..Bcoz I got high..
While you are reading this you want me to stop this and say byebyebye
I wont do that coz I got high.. I got high
I have no reason to write this ..
Why im writing this, I dont know why
I dont wanna know why
Bcoz I got high I got high..
Its just shows that I got no life
And I cant write lyrics
But I dont give a damn of what ya say
Bcoz I got high I got high...
Ok stop that shit you blardy rajkumar..
Its time to give all a break coz this aint no lullaby
OKk im done this is my last liner
After this im gonna get high..
Bcoz I wanna get high..I got high..
Tararampam pampam..