Tuesday, July 31, 2007





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Friday, July 27, 2007

Child Minded Adults

Have you ever wondered? Why at time a person can be such a kiddo. Yeah literally like a small kid. And we are talking bout adults u know.. ppl can be jus to immatured till its like cannot be accepted at all. There will be time where this 2 frens will be so close and cant leave without each other. Then all of sudden if that person A closer to someone else person B becomes jealous and start avoiding. And start blaming others for not being close. ISssues that arises must be talked and settled unlike some ppl jus ignore and by being a pussy dun wanna talk bout problems .. " man i cant help it"

the best way to solve problems is by talkin sense not nonsense. Avoiding people like they jus killed your aunty. Cmon babes why are u such a jerks!! There some miniature minded souls have no bloody respect for others just dont know how to talk to people and will have that mentality that i know how to talk to people. Listen.. when ppl talk to you listen.. understand what they are tryin to tell you. dont jus simply put up an act and say i know everything and you are useless. Dude, when u point ur fingers to others remaining four will be pointin at you! change your attitude.. its up to the person if he or she want to hang out with you talk to you or anything. Respect that! Dun create some bullshit making others to think that we are the most useless person on earth and you're an angel. YOu are NOT an ANGEL!

Please share whats in ur mind with others. There is onli one Einstein and one Gandhi. Me cant be you .. you cant be me.. but we respect each other so much till we just dont bother asking bout personal things. That is why for gods sake its called personal else it will be named public . Got that. By now readin this some wud have been cursing me and thinking oh you are being childish and put up stories on blog so that the whole virtual world will know our story. NO. Thats not the story here. He tried talkling but it din work.. i tried talkin and it din work as well. U built that brick wall with no doors in front of you and how do you expect others to come forward to talk to you.

Open up your mind and feel free. Dun try to get too personal.. ur nt married to me. We are friends and not best friends. Remember there is always difference with friends, best friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, team members, office colleagues and blood brothers. Make that clear before you point anywhere.

Peace Love!

chittiram...part 6

"..Currently we have 16 million ringgit turnover for the past one year which made us the fastest growing organisation in Malaysia. We have proved out stakes are the most trustworthy to be purchased. We would like to seek collaboration with your organisation as we are in the midst of extending the global partnership for Arkay International.Thank you very much for being here today.. before i finish i would like to say this.. confidence is the core of success and we have it alots.." Arjun ended his speech with a big smile. He just finished his meeting with his Australian counterparts. He really hopes that this will work out and if it does that will be a big step for his company to expand globally. After having lunch, Arjun left the building and walked down the street. "Hey thats Arjun".. Arjun...ARJUN!!.. "hey Dhanya its you.. what are you doing here.."Arjun asked. Dhanya replied" Well i was down at the bookstore and i saw you walking by. Whats up with that suit. You look really nice in it.." Arjun said" Thanks. Just finished my meeting now heading back to the hotel. Its down the road so thought of taking a slow walk and enjoy the Aussie streets." Hey Arjun if you not rushing why dont we go for a coffee maybe. Arjun replied " well .. how can i resist an offer from the hot chick..ahahahhahah" Dhanya said" ok just gimme a sec i will go grab that book and come okay.. just hang on there.." Dhanya went inside the boookstore and paid for the book and both started walking towards the cafe. Its by the river looking across Sydney opera house. Its a very nice view and both were talking non stop bout so many things. Arjun was tellin Dhanya what is his business about and so on. And Dhanya was telling bout her life in Aussie with her Masters. "So Arjun when you heading back home" Arjun said " Well if you give me a chance i would stay back here but i have to go back. My flight is this Friday morning" Dhanya " Ah so fast? Why so short trip. You just got here like what.. last week or something." Arjun replied " No i have to go .. i came just for the meeting. Once im back there will be tonnes of things that i need to settle like preparing for the MoU's and so on" Dhanya asked anxiouly "What the hell is MoU?" Arjun laughed and said " MoU is Memorandum of Understanding. Meaning when to organisation work together for a same product like partners they will sign MoU. Its like contract lar.. u know perjanjian..sumtin like dat" Dhanya " oooo ok ok. i reli dont know all this business terms.."