Monday, June 30, 2008

I dont know what to write

I don’t know what to write actually. I have been thinking to write something on my blog because my last pasting was on the fuel hike, which is like weeks ago. After that I just became so blank I just cant think of what to write.

Even last Sunday after my haircut, while I was driving back I was wondering if I should write about Dasavathaaram. Then I told myself, no. Lets watch that movie for 4th time or 5th time then we write or review about it thoroughly. I mean don’t you think so. The movie is so good till I think I don’t have the stand to review about it. Have you come across some people who think that movie sucks? Helow you ok arr? What to do lar, nowdays people prefer to watch Vijay flying like a dickhead or Vijayakanth trying to be Billa part 3. When it comes to English movie, no matter how stupid the movie can be people will still watch. This is why I don’t want to write anything, which originally I don’t know what to write.

Been sick for the past one-week and that actually interrupted my gym schedule and hell no I don’t like it at all. So I decided I don’t give a damn, I am going to gym today. Started running for 20mins and that’s it, I felt like choking to death. Came back to my place, had Subway sandwich called my friend Viji. And guess what? The word that all bachelors aint wanna hear. MARRIAGE!! The moment he told me that he is getting married I was shocked, “macha, for real arrr? Whats wrong with you man, you are younger that me you know? Cannot tahan ready is it?”

Viji was cursing me ahahhaha then we did conference call to Denes. Yeah lar you b**tches the attam 100 vagai one I bet you young idiotic girls will be having orgasm hearing his name. Aint it? Know why I call you girls like that? Look at friendster! “CuteAngel, Mistique, cock shit, lan*** all that shit. Keep adding people for no reason. You see dammit diverting my topic.

Anyway we had our orgy over the phone, and cursing each other for not keeping in touch. Well that happens right. I bet you guys have been through this, you and your kaki’s will always eat, shit together. Then will come one day where one will go to college to study, one will become celebrity, one will become police, one will go to jail or start one new gang etc. Then one day the educated fella will coincidently meet the gangster friend and they will just ignore. Not all the time this may happen, but mostly this is how it is. Even me, I had like so many friends till I can run my own country. Left school went to college met new friends and forgot about school friends. Came to work forgot all those fellars and met new friends. Once in a while meet someone who you always keep in touch. As for me friends like Denes, Vj, Boy, Sarath aka Austin Powers aka Sexpower, Stephen aka mamps, Suraenan Raj, Prakash, Joe, im still keeping in touch with them. Shit I think I forgot some of the fellars and if they happen to read this they gonna kill me.

I even had some friends who is now having lifetime holiday in Sungai Buloh Prison. I think one of the fella, if im not mistaken his name is Sutu Nondi (that’s his nick) have been buang negeri so don’t where the fella is now. And then there is another fella David Tata Pula, yeah that’s what we call him. Tata Pula (grandfathers dick) because his dick looks like an old mans dick. Who else… let me see… oh yeah Daniel. Don’t get cheated thinking he is a white boy or something. He is the darkest Indian and he can actually produce oil as much as the oil refinery in Dubai, from his face. We call him “belt-te” because he have this kurap around his waist and we use to tease him saying one day your kurap will get connected around your waist and your body going to putus. Hahahahah

I have to tell you guys this, he actually have hole in his pockets, just to scratch his kurap when it’s itchy. Eeewww dammit. He is now married and his wife is a chindian! Can you beat that!! To tell you the truth I had my fun when I was in school rather than in college.
My college life was ok since I had some friends like Mogan, Suba, Thanni, Shanker, Sotte Shanker, Prathap too many of them to mention here. Did I tell you guys that my girlfriend was once my enemy in college?

Yes, I’m not kidding. Her gang and my gang really cannot ngam. They all think that I’m one bantha case (berlagak – egoistic) and we used to think the same thing. Me and her really hated each other and always kutuking each time we bumped. Now you see, we going to end up together in life hahahah ..can you beat that? Hahahahaha again….

Lets not get deeper into that for now ok. As I said earlier, I don’t know what to write so you maybe reading some gibberish from the beginning. Have I told that VJ is getting married? Wait lemme scroll up and check…. oh yeah I told ready.

He is getting married this November, macha best of luck dey have fun and I know you will be very happy because you got nothing better to do. Hahahah I was joking.

I can write this coz I know the jackass wont read my blog. He will be busy watching porn or whanking on his screen.

Ok ok enough of me writing, its time for me to get back home and sleep. See you people, I will try to think something constructively to write ok. Till then, chiow.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Magic Fuel

by rujjcoomarh.

Bet you are still traumatized about the fuel price?? Yes we are all on the same boat. I do realize it’s a bit too late for me to blog about this but for these kinda things, its never too late.

As soon as gomen announced on the price hike, an ordinary petrol/diesel turns out to be something else, which I would address as “THE MAGIC FUEL”. Curious why am I calling it the magic fuel? Well that is what this article is all about.

That day I was running out of fuel but at the same time I was late to work. So just drove to office without refueling thinking I can do it later. But around 5pm something the news were flying around that, “they have” announced the new price of fuel to be RM 2.70 per liter. Sebuah lagi projeck sumbangan Barisan Nasional. Damn lan*** pu*****, so f*****high arr… How am I going to survive from this? So the whole vulgar dictionary was in my mind. Left office around 11pm, and guess what? Cyberjaya which had never been on traffic jam, was so crowded and all for one reason. To fill up before midnight! Stupid or what!?

So as I was watching everyone fighting with each other to fill up their tank before midnight, this is where Rujjz mind started thinking how some Malaysians can be so stupid at times. For them this is what we call Magic Fuel. When you fill up before the night of the price hike, the fuel will stay forever in your tank. Ok let me put it my style

“Lan***, you think if you fill up today it will stay in your fu**** tank forever is it. Stupid f*** eat shit lar you all!! Eventually the damn petrol wil finish lar and you still have to fill up with RM 2.70 per liter, so why the hell is that rush for??”

Yes. Do you actually think that the fuel will last forever? NO dammit, it will not. So why the hell are you rushing to the petrol station to fill it up. It will last for what maybe 3 or 4 days or even 5 days?? After that, you still have to live with that 2.70 till august because there will be another raise then. Not only that, due to the idiots rushing to fill magic fuel, its actually causing massive traffic jam on the road and entrance to the petrol station and eventually you are already wasting more fuel by going bumper to bumper. Did you realize that!! Waste fuel then filling it up thinking you are saving it. Oh gosh !

Then after, before I reached home, my sister called me and asked me to buy bread. So as I was reaching Kinrara Shell (was then Projet), I just couldn’t drive into the station. Seeing all the bahlul’s trying to compete for the magic fuel, I drove around and entered the “No Entry” into Shell. Just to enjoy the show, my Breitling showed 11.45pm, and to my shock I actually saw one fella running to pay before fuelling up. RUNNING!! Apek u ok ah? So I just waited and watched the whole show on how people can be so stupid at times. There was another fella, Waja, fighting with one of the Bangla because he said “Minyak Habis”

The Waja-man shouting” Mana ada minyak habis, lu jagan tipu. Saye tau punye, cakap bilakan punya keleta lar, tarak minyak”

So the Bangla called his boss (I think). One Indian man walked to the Waja and asked
Indian Man: “Apa itu?”
Waja Man:“ Lu punya Bangla cakap tarak minyak, saya mau kasi full tank, besok minyak mahal mah..”
Indian Man: “Boss minyak habis lar apa saya mau bikin?”
Waja Man: “Lu olang tipu punya, lan***. Lu olang ah mau bikin luih punya pasai lu olang cakap tarak minyak. Heiye.”
Indian Man: “ Wey pu***k ci** lan***, lu ingat lu bapa punya tempat kah. Saya cakap tarak minyak, tarak minyak lar. Lu mau saya korek bontot kasi kah. Lu balik!!”

The Waja man just sped off without saying anything. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH, man! That was one wonderful ‘performance’ ahahahahah and even now I can’t stop laughing. Which back to our point, look at what the magic fuel can actually do to people. MMMmm

The fuel is so magical where it can stay in your tank forever, cause massive traffic jam, increase the sales of fuel and at the same time create fights and arguments. End of the day, someone who is supposed to be responsible for all this is enjoying their life with our taxes. Yes. They don’t have to use their money to fuel, cause its all taken from our pocket each month. Now don’t you just wish you can do something about this? Don’t you just feel that you want to change something with out waiting for another 4 years down the road suffering. Fuel Price…Up, Cooking oil.. Up, Food items…UP, Salary…SAME!!

Wanted to write this long ago but just couldn’t find time. By the way there is more to write, but I need to squeeze my brain, which I choose not to do for time being. Still on holiday mood!

By the way, I poured fuel the next day for RM87.00 for my Kenari which usually it will cost me RM 56.00 (kering), Which means I am spending another 31.00 for a week if at all my full tank works for a week in which most cases is more.

So let say I am spending extra 31.00 * 4 = 124 per month, in which it actually almost makes up to my extra 2 weeks of fuel (124 /2 = 62 ~ 56.00) .

Which means for 1 month I am spending an extra worth of 2 weeks fuel.

Which means in 2 months I am spending extra of 1 month of fuel in total, which means in 3 months I am spending extra fuel for 6 weeks.

Which means when I come to the 6th month of my 2.40 worth of fuel, I am actually spending extra (124.00 x 6 mth = 744.00). Which comes to my 3 months ( 744 / 24 weeks or 6 mth = 31.00 ) worth of fuel,

which means by spending 2.40 for 12 months I am losing cash worth (48 weeks or 12 mth x 31.00 = 1,488), in which is (1488/ 24 weeks or 6 mths = 62.00), in which it comes to my 6 months worth of FUEL… God dammit!!

Which means each month I need to fork out extra 124 to fuel up my car which means my salary is not enough to do so, which means I can bury my idea of changing to Civic, which means I need to change my job soon, which mean I got one word to say ***k!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why some just hate the world?

Sometimes when you put on the hatred hat, the very first thing that you would want to do is try find someone else mistake or a scapegoat. Just want that one person whom you can point finger and tell that "you are the cause of all this"

Not always that every one of us get that chance unless there is someone to be blamed for. So the best a human will do is to blame God. Why did God put me in this situation and all I did was follow what he said. How can we listen and make the right decision based on what God said. Are we that superhuman?

Some people just hate this world for simple reasons. Example, if their Astro gives no transmission during rainy days, they just hate the world.
If one is having problem or issues at their office or it’s just her boss shouts at her, she hates the world.
If a student fails a subject he hates the world. Even worse some just hates the world just because his/her parents scolded them. Sigh. Come on, is that what is this world all about?

Just by uttering the words, I hate this world, that does not going to make any changes your life. It’s what we choose to do. Each and every actions of a human being is being decided by himself, of course at times some just don’t think about the consequences of their decisions and actions that follow after that. By all means, we have the power in our hand to let loose our self at any point of time in this life. What I meant by let loose, is like you can choose to be free from problem and commitments in this life. But are we able to sacrifice everything and everyone around us just by making this decision.

Recently I came across a situation, not to mention names, the parents of him got divorced after 35 years of marriage. Why, I asked. He simply said that he found his love somewhere else. Does that mean that he hates the world? Or can my friend hate this world? This is where we tend to realize that thin line between, letting loose and making the decision. As typically as a good friend, I was consoling him and so on. But his reaction towards this whole situation actually touched my heart. He coolly said that his dad found his love of his live and he has decided to move on with it. This means letting loose. So how do we categorize this? Letting loose? Neglecting or plain nonsense? You make it right.

So coming back to Why some hate's the world? Well it’s kinda hard though to explain why is this question arise in the first place but we are all humans and we hate everything around us when it does not complies to our expectations. Humans are never satisfied. For some who reads Tamil books or articles, there is one saying which I cam across sometime back which says that No Man is satisfied, No woman can be satisfied, until the soil breaks them apart. I think it goes something like that, my bad; my memory power is not as good as my brain power :) You can of course make that statement sound serious, arrogant or humorous. Choice is yours!

I’m writing this article not because I hate the world, I just hate how it’s being taken care of. Before I could complete this, there is one line that I would like to share with everyone,

Remember, we are not here to meet others expectations neither do they are here to meet our expectations. So live life to the fullest!