Thursday, November 13, 2008

Farkin Challenging & Data

Since the outsourcing, we have moved out from the main building to another extra(fuckin)ordinary building. The new seating is so perfect where it meets the World Organisation of Fuct-The-Staffs (WOFTS) standard. This new place is actually a meeting which was specially redesign to accomodate about 50 employees at one time and there is only 45 seats. The pictures below is taken during the first few weeks we moved in, so there is not much stuffs and rubbish on the tables and it looks more neat.

They are also planning to move the locker cabinets to the same area. Everyday we feel so fuccin delighted to come to work and sit at our desk to start the day. The place so well designed that no matter how far or how fast you walk, you will not get lost and everyone is within your fuccin reach!

We dont use the internal messenger anymore, because we are sitting so close that we just have to shout to the person and he or she can reply within seconds. So this can avoid situations where some btches wont reply your messages. The walls are filled with artisticly designed plain white paint where you can imagine any images and it will immediately reflected on the wall. As part of meeting the Health, Safety and Environment guidelines we have been provided with a short chairs with ergo(NO)mical chairs which doesnt fit people like me especially. Not forgetting our workdesk which is so fuccin 'BIG' that we cant rest our hands comfortably. A big fuccin thanks to contributors!

The rooms have been filled with aromatherapy methods such as body odour, chowkit parfums, Fart Pte Ltd etc.
We are all so fuccin happy and joyfull with this new place even recently we voiced that we are so fuckin'happy'!

Concerns and thoughts have been squeezed and put together but of course to meet the WOFTS requirements, our proposals have been inserted through right ear and ejected through the ass.

Here are some of the testimonials from 'fuccin-happy' friends who share my joy of our new office:

happyme says: the place is like cybercafe lighting designed for test lab as the doors say.. its SLA n personal agenda over the staff

Bunny says: i find the place totally suck..there;s not much space for us to stretch our legs hence making our leg cramp..theres no privacy as well since the office looks more like a computer lab to me..n knowing that the place used to be a store room just makes it even worst. sigh!

Chebek says: we know lar the fukin talkin to someone on the phone, fukin dont inform the whole world!

Black says: Pantat! Chibai! Come and batin lah puki, chowhai!

Bro says: Bro, the blady smell... ohhh shitt like drainage man.. bitches bought the perfurm frm petaling street i think..

Merah Jambu says:
1. Im very unhappy with the new office. The main problem I face is the tables are too short. As the LCD monitors take up bulk of the space, there little left for the keyboard and mouse. With this limited balance space we are to place our hands and palms to work. Over hours of work this will cause alot of stress to the palms and wrist causing R.S.I. This is considered a violation of HSSE

2. The chairs cushion are all worn out and some are broken. Ive changed chairs 3 x since coming here and yet canot find a suitable one where the height can be adjusted to the tall new setup of the stupid cyber cafe setup

3. The fler talks too loud and is a major distraction. He purposely puts the phone on speaker when dialing as thou to let ppl know hez actually working...and for heavens sake, can he stop sigh-ing ! everytime he finishes talking to someone he will sigh as if one big masalah negara has been taken care of now

4. teklees are doing free OT by walking around and monitoring if analyst are surfing Net or chatting...dont remember *** or *** doing that during their days..

p/s: All the names have been edited due to privacy and security reasons. Certain data's have been changed to suit this blog.

Last but not least, here are some photos of how our place looks like.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Siru siru uravukal pirivithe ...yen ninaivukul
Vare vare kasakethe ...yen ilamaiyum
Ninaithe nadanthathe mudinthathe ..yen kanavukul
Yenna acho theriyeliye...