Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Smokin' Respect

A young man with t-shirt, was smoking and looking at his phone while waiting for someone. An elderly man approached him.

Elderly man: why do you smoke young man? You youngsters don't know how to take care of your health.

Young man: sorry uncle if I've offended you. That is why I'm standing far away and smoking. It's just that habit.

Elderly man: how do you want to be successful like this? You know there are so many millionaires out there don't smoke. Don't drink. People like you youngsters are totally irresponsible.

Young man: Do you smoke, uncle?

Elderly man: No.

Young man: So I assume your Benz or Bentley is parked at home and you are going to sign a million dollar contract tomorrow?

Elderly man: No

Young man: No? Because that's what I'm here for, waiting for my car to be sent to the airport so that I can meet my business partners to sign the deal. So don't underestimate.

Smoking is bad, no doubt about it. Underestimating someone is equally bad.

Respect others.

Friday, September 25, 2015

I dont quite get it why people hate Ilayathalapthy Vijay

Wait I don't quite get it. Ilayathalapthy Vijay acted in 59 movies in the span of 23 years of acting. Within these years, he has won 25 awards out of nomination of 33, all being for favourite actor (chosen by public) and best actor. This including 3 state awards, which means in average 90% of his movies are either nominated or won.

Additionally he has won best male playback singer. But people still hate him.
Most of his movies were blockbuster hit, biggest opening, 100 days movies, biggest sales etc such as Thullatha Manamum Thullum, Nilave Va, Friends, Gilli, Pokkiri, Katthi, Thuppaki to name a few. But people still hate him.

Apart from acting, singing for 30 songs in his career span, dancing, great humor sense, down to earth, Vijay has his own charity organization called Vijay Makkal Iyakam which silently have been donating and performing various philanthropic activities. But people still hate him.

During downfall period, of course he did some ridiculously disastrous movies such as Thirupachi, Sura, Villu, Azhagiya Tamizh Magan, Kuruvi etc. He rose back from ashes with Vettaikaran which became box office hit and highest grosser of 2009 with 70crores collection. Producer happy, director happy. But people still hate him.

After many dissatisfaction and complains, he tried and still trying different genres such as Kavalan, Nanban and recently being Puli (a fantasy film), but people still hate him.

I don't quite it, literally.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Apa yang terpaksa dilalui rakyat
Disebabkan perbuatan tidak bertanggungjawab …
Disebabkan perlakuan yang kurang beradab..
Walaupun Negara menuju kemakmuran dan keutuhan berbilang kaum
Malang ada yang masih membangkitkan unsur perkauman dan rasis
Apakah tidak kita merenungi, kepahitan, keperitan dan keseksaan pejuang kita
Yang bertungkus lumus untuk kemerdekaan, supaya rakyat boleh hidup tenteram
Apakah tidak kita bertanggungjawab untuk meletakkan Malaysia di mata dunia
Sepertimana semangat perpaudan kita disanjungi, disegani dan dicontohi oleh Negara asing..
Apa yang boleh kita capai dengan kerjasama antara kaum..
Tiada kemelesetan, tiada perbalahan, tiada kemerosotan
Adakah mustahil untuk menjejakkan kaki di puncak dunia atau di luar angkasa, tidak sama sekali
Mereka yang berkerumun untuk melaung penghinaan bangsa yang lain,
Menegakkan sepanduk rasis bukan sepanduk hormat…
Bah kata pepatah, nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga..
Terima kasih kepada rakan-rakan saya yang lain bangsa dari zaman persekolahan sehingga dewasa, yang tidak kurang adab dan kehormatan, masih berbudi pekerti.. sekilan teringat saya bila kami mengagihkan makanan dan makan bersama, menjemput ke-rumah di hari perayaan, menghormati kepercayaan dan agama.
Syukurlah kebanyakan mereka masih sama, tiada perbalahan kaum, persindiran agama dan mengecilkan perasaan. Terima kasih kerana masih utuh dan akrab persahabatan kita.
Hari Malaysia bukan untuk sehari malah untuk selamanya.
Terima Kasih & Salam ‪#‎1Malaysia‬.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Kids at eateries

Earlier I saw one of my posted on his Facebook saying some complain when kids are given the privilege of using an smartphone or tab at restaurants and at the same time complain if the kids are running around or noisy. Coincidentally I was actually having a real conversation with my good friend on this. He was sharing his experience that he had over the weekend, whereby he took his girl for a nice dinner at a very nice restaurant, ended up with kids running around, noisy, breaking plates and their parents being totally ignorant.

This actually made me to think of how my 4 year old acts when we take him out for dinner or sometimes lunch at any given restaurant. I am sharing with you some tips or rather say what I do to ensure my son doesn’t end up running around and my wife and I being cursed for not raising my son with discipline. Knowing my son, who is extremely hyperactive and always restless, I came out with some ideas which can keep him in one place.

The main reason for kids being naughty, noisy or restless at restaurants is their parents. We can’t compare how kids are raised those days; I’m sure you know it takes lots of guts to be naughty and be always prepared to face the consequences of our actions.  Before I start, keep these 2 mantras in mind.

1. Kids are extremely creative and alert. They can make friend with any other kid, they create imaginary characters, and they recall their favorite hero’s actions or be one. They even can a sword out of chopsticks. Mine makes a drumstick.

2. Remember you are the parent; take control of the situation calmly.

Assuming we are at a western restaurant, how my wife and I do this?

1. Bring some toys which don’t make too much noise, bumps or jumps around, shooters and bubbles. Take along stuffs like mini Lego blocks, PlayDoh, few plastic cooking utensils toys

2. Play along with them, ask them to cook an egg for you, use the place mat on the table for them to create PlayDoh figurines.

3. Walk them to wash their hands and make them to use the soap and towels. Tell them why you need to throw them in rubbish.

Start with the food.

4. If they dislike mash potatoes (like my 4 year old) get some cut fruits, Fries. My son loves vegetables, so we give him the broccoli, grilled tomatoes, blanched carrots etc.

5. Give them separate plate, place small amount of food on their plate. Don’t let them play with the food. Tell them some stories, some even play videos on their smartphone or tab. If that helps then why not.

Food finished and you're not done

6. I will tell him “I’m gonna do a magic you want to see?” He gets excited. I do some silly so-called magic tricks which make think I’m Houdini. I just grab a coin and tell him that I will make it disappear. I clench my fist and swing around, open my palm shows him, and voila the coin vanishes. He gets excited. (of course I dropped it between my lap or on the floor without him knowing)

7. Even then go on YouTube check some videos on how to do simple party tricks for kids, how to make origami out of serviettes

8. Carry him or walk him around the restaurant. Show him the bar, show him how the bar tender mixes the drinks, how does he makes a juice. Make him talk to the waiter or say hello to them. Make him order plain water or some juice himself.

9. Get a piece of paper of pen and make him draw circles; tell him you will make it to types of faces. Show him something like a fork or spook, a sauce bottle and make him draw that.

10. If all fails, then you’re left with no choice. Give them the smartphones or tab. Remember at least you are taking an effort to keep them quiet without disturbing other patrons of the restaurant.

I’m not saying this will work all the time, but it worked for us mostly. Of course they are some bad days and we had to deal with it. Every actions and attitude of a kid starts from home. 

If he doesn’t sit on a baby chair, that’s because you didn’t train him to do so. If he plays with his food and mess up the table or sometimes the floor, that’s because you did not tell him it’s wrong to play with his food. Get a baby chair from IKEA; make them sit on it during dinner back home. Believe me they will sit quietly at the restaurant.

Thank you and happy parenting.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Copied or Inspired

Everything is inspired from something else. From automobile to complex design, softwares to operating systems and movies are not spared as well.

Recently there were many videos released saying that Kaththi was copied from this movie, that fight scene was from another movie, the song was copied, this was ripped & that was taken. I may agree with that partially, but I do have a question.

If the some scene's in Kaththi (that includes the teaser as well) claimed to be copied, then the same would agree if I say Velu Naicker was 'copied' from Vito Corleone and that inclusive of the hairdo up to the jawbone. The same would also agree if I were to say Jigarthanda was inspired Dirty Carnival with a tweaked second half, of course some scenes from movies like Hitchcock (Siddarth standing outside the theatre hall and counts). Also I dont know if some realise before Life of Pi, there was Duma. The difference was Duma was South Africa with journey on a land whereas Pi was travelling with a tiger on a boat. Both for the same reason.

The list goes on.

So no matter what, some way some how movies will have impacts from current happenings, from another life experience and some times stories. Its end of the day the story telling that matters. That is why, the disclaimer will always be there (though most of us dont actually read it) which says "This is a work of fiction. Events, characters and firms depicted in this movie etc etc..."

Despite all that, I am very sure some will still go on hating not only Vijai but also other movies, finding faults and failed to get entertained. To Vijai haters especially, thank you for your concerns and feedback, now I will go on being his fan and keep watching his blockbusters.

Valgha Valamudan.

Ilayathalapathy Fan.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Memories Throwback

I just thought. I want to share something from my past, from my schooling days. I shall put it in as top five list.
Top 10 songs on my playlist..
1. Show me the meaning of being lonely - BSB
2. Because of you - 98 Degrees
3. Hit Em Up - Tupac Shakur
4. Miss you like crazy - Moffatts
5. California Love - Tupac Shakur
6. Bring Da Ruckus - Wu Thang Clan
7. Get Up Stand Up - Bob Marley
8. Stranger in Moscow - Michael Jackson
9. Just the two of us - Will Smith
10. Ready or not - The Fugees
Top 5 hangout spot in KL
1. Central Market (CM)
2. Bangsar Sports Complex (swimming)
3. Reserve Forest behind my school (Jalan Travers)
4. Kota Raya
5. Sungei Wang
Top 5 apparels/outfit/men's wear
1. Pagoda
2. Penguin
3. Cantona 7
4. Alien Workshop.
5. SiangMalam
Top 5 subjects
1. Add Maths
2. Modern Maths
3. Moral
4. POL
5. PJK
Top 5 famous words (this may vary upon location and school)
1. Bohsia/Bohjan
3. Tutup Mata
4. Stelek
5. Keling
Top 3 names I hated the most
1. Anas
2. Karuthu
3. David Tata Pula
Top 5 best friends from my childhood.. until today. Some may not know each other.
1. Vignesh Nowuram
2. Austin Powerz
3. Stephen Devraj Martell
4. Lingam
5. Viji
These are some that I can recall now, maybe another day another time I would love to share more.
Thank you for your patience.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Garuda Puranam

Garuda Purana is one of the great puranas of India. This scripture contains details of the various punishments given to a person after death for the sins committed in life. These include Khumbipakam (burned in oil) and Kirimibhojanam (given as prey to leeches). The scripture describes about 24 types of death. Some western scholars see this script as analogous to the judgement day of Christianity

Those who murder pious people and those who cheat divine ones will be sent here. This place is a well filled with dangerous animals, insects, birds & snakes. These creatures will endlessly torture the sinners till their sentence is over.

Those who eat food without offering to God will take the form of worms and other worms at this place will bite them

Those who flirt will be poked with spiked weapons

The drunkards will be sent here. They will be given boiling iron liquid to drink

Those rulers/kings who sentence others unjustly and those who torture the weak old people will be sent here. This place looks like a pig's face. Here the keepers of hell will break the sinner's arms and legs. Their bodies will be squeezed in between rollers like sugar cane. At such moment, the sinners will faint without realizing it.

Those who have illegal affairs will be forced to hug burning rods while being whipped.

Those who steal other's wife, property or children will be terribly beaten up by the keepers of hell. The continuous torture will make them semi-conscious, overcome by greater fear and tremendous pain.

Those who deceive their life partners by not offering them food, will be tortured here till they look like a lifeless tree. They are made blind for their sins.

Those who take away other's property by their cunning speech and those who destroy other families for their own happiness will die as pauper. In hell, those affected by him will take a cruel form then a poisonous snake to punish him. Such sinners will be held in Maha Rauravam till their sentence ends.

Those who do cruelty to birds and animals and those who eat their meat will be pushed into a pot of boiling oil. They will be in it for countless years.

Those who chase their parents away will be brought here. This is a place of fire and tremendous heat. Sinners will suffer internally and externally. They will not be given food or water. At such stage, they will be walking, standing and rolling on the floor with great pain.

Those who convert to other religions without a good reason will be brought into this forest with sharp knife like leaves. They will be beaten with sharp edge belts. Those running away from them will suffer more cuts from such leaves and stones. Moreover, they will be cut into pieces continuously till their sentence ends.

Those who burned down houses or poison others, those who do mass murders and politicians who destroy countries will be held here. They will be fed on dog meat and in return more than 700 dogs will bite them before they are freed.

top of high place or hill to be pushed down. The hard surface/ground will shatter their bodies into pieces. The hell keepers will gather the bodies together to repeat such punishment again.

Those who disregard other qualified ones or holy ones and those who boasts about themselves while insulting other capable people will brought here. They will be hanged up side down, beaten and tortured by the keepers.

Those who do human or animal sacrifices in Yagna and those who eat their meat will be brought here. Those killers will be turned to animals and those animals or others killed by them will take human forms. They will tear them apart and eat up their flesh and drink their blood.

Those who cheat the innocents who trusted them and those who commit suicide by hanging or piercing the trident into their body will be brought here. Tridents and birds with sharp beaks, will pierce them as punishment.

This place is infested by poisonous and scary five or seven headed creatures. Those who are brought here will be eaten by them.

Those who torture animals or other creatures staying in caves, valleys and webs will be sent here. They will be placed in smoky pits, fire pits and punished by poison.

Those who murmur to themselves by cursing their superiors while having their meals will be sent here. Crows and eagles will poke such sinner's eyes till their eyeball drop off.

Those who become arrogant about their wealth, those who show hatred to the poor, those who bury or protect their wealth with 'genies' guarding it and those who refuse to return the money borrowed from others will be brought here. Such sinners will be tied with ropes and their bodies will be cut into pieces.

Those who take away others' things by force will be sent to this chimney like place to be barbecued continuously.

Those who offend the 'shastraas' will be pushed into the river filled with blood, pus, flesh, fats, hairs, bones, urine and bowels. They will be bitten till they bleed by the creatures dwelling in it. The sinners will struggle helplessly unable to reach the shore.

Those who neglect their culture, those who have illicit affairs with low Status women, those who misbehave without self-discipline and those who neglect the right way of living so as to live like free birds or animals will be brought here to eat bowels and to drink blood, urine and pus.

Those who rear dogs and donkeys and use them for hunting will become targets for arrows shot by the keepers.

The keepers will whip those who sacrifice cows for the sake of pride.

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