Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What will happen to Kugan’s case?

As how we are all aware of A.Kugan’s death in police custody caused a major stir in Malaysian Administration. At the same we also aware that this is not the first time it happened.

So what happened? Kugan was in police custody under remand and helped to solve a big car theft syndicate. After that he was found dead and they informed that due to liquid in lungs. We saw the videos and disturbing photos of Kugan’s dead body. We are all disturbed. I’m disturbed.

Not just because he is another Indian who died while in police custody, but he is just another human. Of course he maybe in the wrong group doing the wrong things at the right time, but everyone knows there is some foul play involve. I realized this is the time where all the politicians jump into the picture to help and try to work out something for Kugan’s family. I am not pointing my fingers to ruling coalition alone but oppositions as well. They are making use of this situation to cause another problem and in the name of changes there goes another issue involving Malaysian Indians. *Sigh* not enough of what we are going through now because someone did something on Nov 25th. It would be the best course of action if all the politicians who’s trying to make this situation in favor to them to create a good name, I think it’s the time now for you to stop your dirty politics.

Ok leave that aside, coming back to Kugan’s story. So after this his body was sent for a second post mortem to prove that Kugan died due to liquid in lungs. Well you want to know what will happen after that? There will be 2 situations. The first one would be the post mortem will show that Kugan died due to liquid in lungs and his body will be sent to his family to conduct the normal funeral rituals. Then the family gets enraged over this matter and file a case against PDRM in high court, low court, center court, Supreme Court and all the courts sewaktu dengannya. All the case will be going on and on again forever that even his family members will forget that he is dead. Eventually the case will be closed and no action will be taken. Typical. On the other hand, scenario 2 , the post mortem report will show that he was indeed killed while in custody. This time DAP,PKR, some fromBN, NGO this and NGO that will join hand to demonstrate and carry banners. News will flash up-right-left-down, someone will give speech on how bad our country’s administration, and another person despite his busyness re-branding will jump into the propaganda “Down Down Police Brutality”.

Kugan was killed. Checked. Get ready for demonstration. Checked. Politicians.Checked. HINDRAF.Checked. Create racial sparks. Checked. Provoke all possible anger, racial issue etc. Checked.

It will go on and on and on until one fine day everyone will give up and start moving on with their life. That’s it. I have seen too many of this. From Canny Ong to Kugan now. Even though there is not much resemblance on the case but there is one connection. Human values and life.

So whats next?


Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Sorry, I didnt't Mean It..

I know I have not been fair to anyone lately,
I know its my fault which I'm repeating
I know I'm not suppose repeat it and I know
That I'm doing it…
I know some are just frustrated with me
Some just hate, some just stopped..
I know its my error for not expressing myself
And I do know no one can else can change me except me
I know you are waiting for me open up
And I know that you are waiting for me to revive
Now I know that I will but I just don’t know when
I'm sorry if I didn't meet your expectations
Nor be at your satisfaction, I'm sorry
I have to say this
we are not here to meet each others expectations..
I know being a responsible for what I do
I'm not suppose to neglect, but I did
And now I regret..
At this moment I promise that I will never let you down
Because I know after this..
I will update my blog frequently.


p/s: This is poem is specially made for my readers, sorry that I didn’t update my blog for some time and I know some of you keep visiting and getting disappointed. I'm sorry, I promise I will update my blog frequently.