Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rally On Marginalisation - HINDRAF - In my neutral thoughts

Before I could start I would like to make my stand clear in this
matter. I'm not a member of any political party or politically linked
organisation nor with HINDRAF. All the write up below is solely from my own head, my own thoughts and I assume that I have the rights to say so. If you think that I'm not a good Indian or bad Malaysian, Im sorry but that is your opinion and I respect that. Please dont confuse yourself and my stand here, if you cant read on you may kindly leave. Thank you.

There have been so many articles and blogs on Hindraf rally which was held last Sunday in KL. So what was this whole commotion about? Hindraf claims that indians in Malaysia have been sidelined and marginalised to an extent where they feel that in all the sectors such as economic, job, education, business, politics etc, our rights are neglected. When I saw there is so many Indians attended that rally, I felt happy. Know why? Because all this while our own people have this perception that we fight among each other and not helping each other. Like 'nande kathey', we claim that why indians always wanna bring down another indian. Well when i attended that rally on sunday, I saw so many Indians hand in hand protesting together for the same aim (i guess). But why now? Where were all this indians all this while? Why when someone opens up the topic and fight for it, we just jump into the bandwagon. This is human mentality we call it.

You dont want to voice out what you feel like, when there is someone open ups the topic you just join in. Till when we are going to be like this? Is this because of fear or dont care attitude? I watched so many videos thanks to youtube, showing people shouting slogans and carrying banners and so on. Why the government break the temple which is 100 years, 50 years and so on. Let me ask you one question, what made you to wait for so many years of not registering the temple? Why not you register the temple? Simple, no initiative. If I were to ask the people, the point that they would give me is, those days people dont know how to do all this, they are not educated. Aren't you educated?

I had a small chat with my dad that day, well he told me a time where those days, where the illiterate indians will bring someone who can read and write to government office to fill up the form or pay the typist outside the government building RM2 to type or fill up a form. Where is that initiative to register your temple? The authorities did their job by sending the warning and notice to evacuate the land, but that was ignored. As typically, we have that feel and initiative to apply for licence, to apply for IC and patch the roof if there is rain water dripping in. Aint we?

When a new development being carried out, they will release a land notice seeking the people to evacuate, and some are given new place to stay. Everyone moves one, leaving the temple behind, and when they come to break, you break them. Do you know the case in Padang Jawa which they claimed that they broke the temple? Brother, its not only temple, the surau and also the 1000 plus houses torn down as well. Even in Kg Berembang. So how? Next time register the temple at least as a religious school or Hindu Sabha ( hindu society hall for prayers and religious classes)

When Hindraf fought for the rights of the Indians, I felt why only us? Why not we fight for the change in the system for the benefit of other race as well. That is the whole idea about right? Fight for a change in the system, because if you rally like this, its obviously can be tackled down like what has happened categorized as raising racial issue.

For those people who said so many things sending stupid smses, but on the day of the rally sat at home and watching Al Jazeera for updates, the only word which is coming to my head is Hypocrites. Saying Indians are not given proper education, know what, first reduce the crime rate, study hard, reduce elope cases and for god sake dont watch too much of drama serials. :)

Youngsters, go into politics and make the change!! Its easy to stand out and say that politics is stench and so on. If we dont get in and clean it up who else will? Yes all the youngsters despite any race, should join the politics, it can be ruling or oppositions. Join and give that fight. Be professional, be smart. Educate yourself with the constitution, that is the main reason why no one can challenge The Hindraf Trio's. Why?

Answer. Because they know the constitution by heart and not because they are lawyers. For each and every movement they can point out that articles, so have the constitution, learn politics. Get into it and fight, for the people, let the ballot box do the talking. That is the most powerful tool that we have a democratic country. If you are not satisfied vote your preference and i bet that is what is said by our politics as well. Anyone watched Ayutha Ezhuthu song - Jana Gana Mana? You see this is what I am talking about. Dont just sit back and talk, again I am not supporting any side. I'm very sad to see the way the police mishandled the participants of the rally. The Batu Caves incident made myblood to boil.

They were treated like animals, letting them into the temple and lock the gate and shoot the tear canisters and water cannon, end of the day denies all the fact that nothing was done towards the people. Are you joking or what!? Is this the way it should be? You know it reminds me of those communist era, even though I was not around at that time, my imagination is quite good though. Locking up everyone in crampped cage and shoot them. Brutally. As the matter of fact, I assume that have provoked the outburst and breaking of the gate at Batu Caves. After being in so much pain, the anger of an Indian shoots up easily which guided to that violent event. At this point of time, made us wonder where is the leaders of our community? Lets put ourselves in their shoe's, what you would argue about if you are in the leaders shoes for this incident. We are all aware of the freedom of the media here. End of the day, its the support and unity that we have. All this that I have stated above maybe provoking or in what ever sense that you want to classify it, its just my thoughts. I silently support Hindraf demands and the governments ruling but I think that we should do something as an individual, an Indian and as a Malaysian.

What have you done?

Lets stand united!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Better Dayz

Past weekend marked and historical event. The clashes between democracy and the people, the clash between the system and the civillians, the people who fought for their rights...their status of being maginalised.

I came across large number of online articles and blogs talking about how the police dispersed the large crowd, how the ministers worked hand in hand with the people to fight for the rights, the rally which showed how it has caused chaos in the city and how our ethnic leaders reacted towards the situation.

Well honestly speaking I have given up totally and dont have a single cent interest to blog about 25th Eleven. So I dedicate this song to everyone out there who attended the rally, to those who talked co*k but didnt attended the rally, and to those who is having gala time while our friends getting mobbed. Malaysiaku Gemilang..


Shit, tired of gettin shot at
Tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested
Niggaz need a spot where WE can kick it
A spot where WE belong, that's just for us
Niggaz ain't gotta get all dressed up and be Hollywood
Y'knahmean? Where do niggaz go when we die?
Ain't no heaven for a thug nigga
That's why we go to thug mansion
That's the only place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a
... at thug mansion

[Verse One]
A place to spend my quiet nights, time to unwind
So much pressure in this life of mine, I cry at times
I once contemplated suicide, and woulda tried
But when I held that 9, all I could see was my momma's eyes
No one knows my struggle, they only see the trouble
Not knowin it's hard to carry on when no one loves you
Picture me inside the misery of poverty
No man alive has ever witnessed struggles I survived
Prayin hard for better days, promise to hold on
Me and my dawgs ain't have a choice but to roll on
We found a family spot to kick it
Where we can drink liquor and no one bickers over trick shit
A spot where we can smoke in peace, and even though we G's
We still visualize places, that we can roll in peace
And in my mind's eye I see this place, the players go in fast
I got a spot for us all, so we can ball, at thug's mansion

[Chorus: Anthony Hamilton]
Ain't no place I'd rather be
Chillin' with homies and family
Sky high, iced out paradise
In the skyyyyyyyyyy..
Ain't no place I'd rather be
Only place that's right for me
Chromed out mansion in paradise
In the skyyyyyyyyyy..

[Verse Two]
Will I survive all the fights and the darkness?
Trouble sparks, they tell me home is where the heart is, dear
I shed tattooed tears and couldn't sleep good
for multiple years, witness peers catch gunshots
Nobody cares, seen the politicians ban us
They'd rather see us locked in chains, please explain
why they can't stand us, is there a way for me to change?
Or am I just a victim of things I did to maintain?
I need a place to rest my head
with the little bit of homeboys that remains, cause all the rest
Is there a spot for us to roll, if you find it
I'll be right behind ya, show me and I'll go
How can I be peaceful? I'm comin from the bottom
Watch my daddy scream peace while the other man shot him
I need a house that's full of love when I need to escape
the deadly places slingin drugs, in thug's mansion

[Chorus w/ minor ad lib variations]

[Verse Three]
Dear momma don't cry, your baby boy's doin good
Tell the homies I'm in heaven and they ain't got hoods
Seen a show with Marvin Gaye last night, it had me shook
Drippin peppermint Schnapps, with Jackie Wilson, and Sam
Then some lady named Billie Holiday
Sang sittin there kickin it with Malcolm, 'til the day came
Little LaTasha sho' grown
Tell the lady in the liquorstore that she's forgiven, so come
Maybe in time you'll understand only God can save us
When Miles Davis cuttin lose with the band
Just think of all the people that you knew in the past
that passed on, they in heaven, found peace at last
Picture a place that they exist, together
There has to be a place better than this, in heaven
So right before I sleep, dear God, what I'm askin
Remember this face, save me a place, in thug's mansion


Thursday, November 22, 2007

HINDRAF - Guidelines to the Rally on 25/11/2007 - British High Commission

As we are all aware about the Hindraf Rally this Sunday 25th November 2007 to submit the memorandum to the British High Commission, there have been postings on guidelines on what you can and cannot do for the rally if you are planning to join.

Remember, we are not going there to riot or fight or start a war, we are marching hand in hand with other Malaysian Indians to submit a memorandum peacefully. Dont potray yourself like gangsters or 'firestaters', we are professionals being led by professionals. Once the submission is done, leave the place peacefully. There are LRT services which I would advice you to take to reach the embassy. It starts at 10am so be there early, we are not going for shopping spree in KLCC so dont take it for granted. The map to the location can be found here.

The guidelines for the rally as per below:
(Special thanks to Mahen - click here)


Number #1 rule : Never react when provoked. Infact, never react at all. You are just a guest at the rally.If anyone in the group keeps shouting, just ignore him and get away from that group, because the chance are most probably it’s the Police’s agent provocateur . So always keep high discipline, don’t think when you’re in a group of ten you are the King of the world. The police will always look for reasons, how small and piety it may be, to arrest you.

Number #2 rule : If you are a University students, or Civil servants, DO NOT, I repeat NEVER ever bring your matrix card or work pass along. If caught, that will be the end of you. DO NOT bring anything else than your IC and Driving license/passport. If you are caught, do not say you’re a student, say you’re some despatch rider, Mamak-shop cleaner or working somewhere.

Number #3 rule : ‘You are not there to attend the rally’. Anyone ask just say its your first time to KL and your looking at the KLCC area. Its just nearby. Give a big smile and as it is said, BUAT BODOH.

Number #4 rule : Never walk alone. Stay in big crowds. Listen and follow any instructions given, do not break away from the big group, if you do it will be easier to be caught! Hold hands to show solidarity and remain united.

Remember, you are there to witness the hand over of the memorandum to British embassy, nothing else. Its not a demonstration and its certainly not a place for you to show your the King of the world. Never shout at other, chants of slogans are fine. Smile at the passer-bys. Thank the security team, be it Police or anyone, for providing a safe journey! They are humans too. And please never ever provoke the Police force. You have been warned my dear!

Oh yes, if just in case police starts using the Water Canon. Bring small portion of salt and drinking water. The chemical in it will cause you to dehydrade, so take abit of salt and wash of face. Better to have some wet cloth with you.

More guidelines and details can be found here

In My own words:

* Dont f***in be a hero try to provoke the police or FRU or Rela. They will f*** ur a$$

* You are coming there to participate, dont disturb chicks or try to get numbers from them

* Dont crack stupid jokes and laugh to yourself. Maintain your silence and talk if necessary

* Dont bring any weapons such as knife, parang, bennet, pen knife, acid egg, molotov etc. We are not terrorist.

* If someone is talking, listen. Dont freakin shout and make havoc.

* Girls, wear approriately. You are not going for clubbing or fashion show, we are there to support not site adikiranings.

* Dont fight among yourself like how it happens during Thaipusam.

Last but not least, as the saying goes "Veedu rendu pattal, koothadike kondattam", so please maintain your dicipline and dignity as an Indian.

Stay United and Lets Hope for the Best.

Friday, November 16, 2007

101 East - Al Jazeera in response with Bersih Rally

Any one of you watched the 101 East show which interviewed Malik Imtiaz Sarwar a leading Malaysian human rights lawyer, Dato’ Seri Nazri and Khairy Jamaluddin on Al Jazeera English on Thursday 10.30pm. Well the questions were well structured and as usual, we had our ministers getting emotional and asking the host to listen.. HahaHaha.. and Malik, I saw that smile on your face. Well the main questions asked in that program was

  • do we need an institution change?
  • Does opposition stand any say in this country?
  • Oppositions are there to voice their concerns, are they allowed to do so?
  • The rally was endorsed by NGO's and professionals. How can it be by oppositions?
  • How far the media can go in Malaysia?

They said that the media is free to say and publish anything. Media freedom you are talking about here??? Well Malik didnt agree to that and so are we.. just like Malik said, the media is controlled by government. Ok as a Malaysian which of course im proud of being one, but freedom of speech and freedom of media are being controlled? Cmon guys, whats happening? Oh yeah in relate to that, another interview about Blogging in Malaysia here

KJ and Nazri said government being chose by us. The people. And when they gather they are being accused for wrongdoings. Well this has been a situation here, which makes people like me confused. Who is making the right statement here. Me or you? The variation of comments and answers quite deceiving though. I choose to restrain my further comments else this can end me up in trouble. Freedom of speech remember?

And there were many more argumentative issues were discuss in that matter. Just in case you didn't watch the video's, there is always a wonderful tool call YoUTUBe.

Al-Jazeera - 101 East Interview with Malik Imtiaz, Khairy Jamaluddin and Nazri Aziz (here)

A small preview:

mixEd Up

Been so long since I wrote a poem.. but i wouldnt define this as a poem...its just an imagination of a man's mixed up feelings ...

So many things so many hopes
so many times so many nights..
i wish i can do.. will my wish come true..
i wanna walk away..
heading straight into white pathway..
filled with beautiful flowers and breeze..
filled with cloud of love..

why do no one ask me whats wrong?
am i that invisible..or wat..
i wanna see the beautiful sunshine everyday..
i wanna touch the sky each day..
every day and every night belongs to me..
dark clouds been passing by.. frequent nightmares..
how can i do it? how can i do this?
each day my mind filled with so many questions..
why is this like that and why is that like this..
cant it be more free..
can it be more happy..?
when i cry i turn off the lights..
so shameful to cry in bright..
when i smile i still turn off the lights..
so mixed up ..with the fear of screwing up..

the world will be here..
the feelings wont be the same..
from the day we are born.. we fight for one..
someone will come and some will go..
i dont worry about it..
when you walk even in the night, even the shadow will let you go..
thats when you will understand..
its you and you alone in this world..


ir·re·spon·si·ble said as [ir-i-spon-suh-buhl]


1. said, done, or characterized by a lack of a sense of responsibility: His refusal to work shows him to be completely irresponsible.
2. not capable of or qualified for responsibility, as due to age, circumstances, or a mental deficiency.
3. not responsible, answerable, or accountable to higher authority: irresponsible as a monarch.

4. an irresponsible person.

So what does that word irresponble means to you? As defined above its just lack of responsibility. Well last week Saturday I was driving by Old Klang Road and saw this lorry with full load of scrap metals and it was not tied properly. What else?? Take picture lar.. apa lagi.. immediately my K800i came into action, silap haribulan the driver saw us taking the picture, so he just tried to speed away.

We overtook him and tried to get the license plate picture from the front since the back one couldnt be seen. He just made a sudden turn to another lane and went on to road connecting to Cheras. DAMN!!

Dont you care for other road users, bro? How if suddenly the steel bar just fall of and hit another car next to you? We can see clearly that our scrap man here very very concerned about the environment.. so called Environmental Friendly lar.. but then dammit you just ignore the safety of others.

Well know what, Welcome to Malaysia and this is how we drive. You like it can share the 'wonderful' experience else "Lu tak suka, Lu keluar lar"
sounds familiar? ehem ehem :P

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Protest My A$$

Lets all sit back and enjoy the ridiculed expressions of menteri..who failed to answer the question..

Answer her question first dont quote other countries. So what you are telling is what is shot in that video are all set up? Well good . we din know we had that much of a budget to shoot such 'movie'


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Deepavali

Hey folks .. i know its abit too late to wish to you guys but anyway.. Happy Deepavali to all of you. Hope you really enjoyed your holidays..

Anyway i got a lot of stories to share with you.. in the midst of compiling.. looks like i gotta catch up with all my updates for the week.. hang on there for while.. i will be back soon with those updates kay.. stay cool..and towards world peace!


Monday, November 5, 2007

Boycott Tha damn Open House!

Recent source informed that MIC leader Dato Sri S.Samy Vellu informed that we should all ban and boycott the national Deepavali open house organised by government or any adjoining parties. Click here

WoW ..Not bad Uncle Samy, you actually did that uh? Ok looks like sumtin is happening..

BUT unfortunately the decision have been withdrawn after 2 hours by Dato Sri himself after discussion with Uncle Lah. .. What lah???!!!

Act Smart or Act Hard? Boycott Open House

We are all aware of the latest incident on the temple breaking which have caused a big stir among the indians in Malaysia. This have made us ponder on the question of where is Malaysia heading to? This is not the Malaysia that we all use to know. How can the authority just come and break the temple, even if notices have been given earlier? Perhaps they could have at least waited for the followers to move the deities and complete their prayers. Lets put the law and order aside and have some humanity. Are we turning into some other nation which actually prohibits the freedom of religion within oneself?

Based on our constitution, Article 11.3(b)every citizen have the rights to establish and maintain institutions for religious or charitable purposes. So being ignorant and being racist is the base of all the problem, Agreed? Okay Samy claimed that he asked the MB Selangor and he refused to listen to him. Does that mean Samy's words are not respected as he is the Ministy of Works and he works closely with PM. Now that makes us to wonder too..

Have you received sms'es or forwarded emails to boycott all the open house organised by the government in Malaysia for this year. I read this writeup reply in one of the yahoogroups, and guess what I strongly agree with his points. Why we should not go for the open house and show our dissatisfaction there? We shouldnt we all attend the open house, and ask the ministers and MP's there on why this issues came up. Why are we being discriminated here? Due to all respects we understand that Islam is the country's main religion but does that mean we have lost our freedom of religion as per the constitution? All the Indians in Malaysia should attend the open house BUT wear a T-Shirt saying Why there are so many temples being torn down!!?? Why Indians are being discriminated And then we keep that big SmiLe on our face shaking hands with the Menteri's. Please do not create any commotions or arguments there, as this will impact all the Indians. Be polite as we are all know for politeness and humbleness. Support another Indian organising this events as the countries ruling community have given another person to handle this event.
Damn sometimes its so difficult to blog without cursing.

F@#$%@#$ A$$..Pu**** L***...GGgrrrrrr .

We are all aware that Indians are always the smartest, so lets act smart rather than promoting violence. But there is this saying that goes, It Takes 2 to Tango. So we need the support from all Indians on this matter, not only from the people of Kampung Jawa, we need everyone, NGO's, Individuals, even Artist. I guess the bloggers have been doing their part, THANKS BLOGGERS!!...

This may be still going on despite the the so called law which is threathening bloggers to close down blogs on issues related to "comments against the government" or any of its act. Agreed! But how bout them going against the constitution.

So now you choose.. To act smart or Hard?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Unity Band website HACKED!!!

Email sent by Unity Band Friends..Please help to spread the news.

Ayoo Kawan........

Major crisis la!

You know that stupid issue between Malaysia and Indon over the Rasa Sayang song, with the indons claiming it belongs to them.

The Indons decided to teach us Malaysians a lesson! Our hosting company, one of the largest in the country is also the host for tourism ministry's RASA website. Some Indon hackers on sunday nite brought down 43 sites including us :( hosted by our service provider. They got through to individual domains, backups, etc and have posted a note saying until the malaysians apologise they will keep attacking!

As if we don't have enough headaches :( More fun and games by the looks of it.

Can you PLEASE spread the news that the site has been changed to . Please get people to contact us at for anything.

Thanks for the support Soldier ! :)


Welcome To Malay(sia) - Video coverage

Nothing was mentioned in the news at Vaanavil Bernama, TV2, TV3 buletin Utama, and Nightline. Nothing too in Star Online, NST, The Sun etc.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Welcome To Malay(sia)

So what happened on Oct 30th is something which cant be accepted by our community. Well I guess this applies to other races as well. Looks like Malaysian authority turning to be hooligans. So ****** happy to demolish a temple, why cant you give at least 1 day for the to at least move the deities. ****! don't give silly reasons saying the "we have sent letters to the developer, so its his ****** responsibility and we are not concerned. ****!.." This indirectly have provoked racial issues in the country, can you smell the burn? Its burning, mark my words, its burning.

Kampung Rimba Jawa in Padang Jawa, near Shah Alam, 45 years old Hindu temple: Sri Maha Mariaman. Demolished! Ridiculously reasons were given pointing fingers to others. Lets have some courtesy at least, why cant you do it in more manageable manner. You have FRU,Police so you are strong. I can still smell the burn.. So this authorities came and demolished the whole temple. People, civilians or in another words VOTERS.. ********.. VOTERS. Well CoNGraTulaTions governing body, you just lost your votes which includes mine as well. Best of wishes in running the show. Okay coming back to the story.. So they cam they demolished and they beat up the people around there. Women and men were hurt, bloodshed, and I'm still clueless on where the unity and togetherness..

And then came lah our Hero.. Dato Sri. But then buta got chased away by the people there. Buat malulah kawan.. now you know the reality. Launching book does not make the people happy adding to that temple demolished and you come at 5pm. HAhahahahH pADAn MUKA!!

yeS.. Dato Sri Samy came, asking people to calm down and so on. But got chased away, why this happened? Very simple, because the Indian people feel that you have not done enough. Talking aloud and saying that you are strong and making fun of other leaders does not make us happy. Do something which can make us happy. You lost our trust and even that happens inside your party itself which made 2000 members moving to another party.. HAHHAHAHAHAH padaN MuKAAAA !!! ******

Statistics shows that 8 people were hospitalized, many were hurt and 4 lawyers were handcuffed and under custody. HINDRAF. There were even statistics showing that there is plenty of gangsters and 'mandais' in Klang, Port Klang, Kampung Jawa and Pandamaran. Where tha **** you all been?? ********, maybe? Come and show your power here not to innocent people. Lets make assumption that you better not classify yourself as gangsters.. ******. Miow..Miow.. ******! ******* fight them back lar.. they are freakin breaking your temple and you are no where seen??!

******* KAU, ******.. Don't ever come in front of us!! We will EAT YOU ALIVE!!!

Ahh bagus..*******...bagus..ungge ellareko ahlive kaalam vanthe vittethe..

****** lu lah.. You ****** lost your people, lost your votes and the trust we had!

Anyway 50 years of Merdeka, this is the reality. Welcome to Malaysia !! ******** !!

Tiger Volunteers!

Source: WWF Malaysia site
Don't miss this chance to get involved in tiger conservation...
What: Race Against Time, MYCAT campaign event to reduce local trade and consumption of tigers and tigers' prey
When: 16 December 2007, Sunday
Where: Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur

Want to volunteer for this special event and be directly involved in tiger conservation in Malaysia?

See the flyer below about this exciting volunteer opportunity!