Friday, May 15, 2009

Awesome Dance, Extremely Touching

One video which almost made me to tear. Very very touching and a slap to everyone!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aanava Aattam – The Review

It’s been a while since I wrote a review about our local Indian movies. It’s just that these days I don't have any idea to write about anything. Now you know the reason why my blog is not updated for such a long time. I bet some of my readers would have stopped visiting my blog.

Okay today I would like to write a review about Aanava Attam. Our own ‘mannin mainthargal’ product. Before I proceed, allow me to tell you briefly on who is drawn in for this movie. Its directed by K.K Khanna, I bet most of you know Khanna as a good cinematographer and a very good singer indeed. Try listening to Paarvai Unnei from Uruvam. Then we have Vassan – one of the famous dancer in Malaysia, some say he is Malaysia’s Prabhu Deva but I don't think that is fair to label him like that. Though he may have several style of dancing which is comparable to Prabhu Deva, naming him as Malaysian Prabhu Deva.. nah not my cup of tea. But I do have to agree that he is a good dancer. Following that we have C.Kumaresan as Inspector Badrinath then we have Amos Raja, Rudemack, Ramesh, Najib, Wisva, Nishan, Maney, Lovin, MC Va, Suria (oh gosh), Manivannan – good to see him on screen after so long, and many more. Music is handled by Lawrence, story by Vassan himself. Nagen became the DOP. Produced by Theinmozhi & Sungra (SKTS).

Even the story does not have a specific goal or message to deliver, the lines actually touched each other on a meek tone. As usual the movie has Indian youth problem, gangsters and love. I felt like they tried to feed the audience with our mouth full. The story evolves about Eiswar and his friends, the college seniors who have finished studying but still loitering around in the college. Five of them are very good friends but from the beginning, there is no positive side made known about them. So indirectly they were like useless youth who creates problem. I’m still not sure why they actually brought up the topic that their parents neglected them etc. Here they put me on a blur mode. Next we have Geetha who falls in love with Eiswar from the persuasion of her friends, Sri and Latha. One day Geetha will go to Eiswars house to confess her love to him, but he will rape her and later he will sell her to some so-called black guys for a drug deal. (these fellas are Indians…believe me :P)

I don't want to elaborate too much on the storyline but it's a good watch though. The camera works are impressive as we have Khanna who have been in this industry for a long time, so with that we can see his experience talks here. Vassan was very natural and he played his role well. In fact he performed well and manage to carry his task to the fullest. Our heroine Lovin need a lot a lot alotss of practice. Then followed by C.Kumaresan who plays the cop role alongside with him Soman, nice style but I think some part was abit over exaggerated . Plus why Kumaresan have to be a policeman in every single movie?

On a positive note, the movie is very different from other movies which is currently in the industry. I am saying different because of its added advantages such as the BGM, camera works, locations NOT the storyline. It's the same old story with new faces. Oh yes how can I forget that, I have applaud the director and his team for casting all new faces for this movie. Most of them are rappers and singers example The Villanz, Mc Va and so on. So it’s good that they actually gave them opportunity to act. Adding to that I was very surprised to see no Tamil cinema song was played in the movie even as its background music. Every song in the scenes are from local albums. Good Good, hats off for that. I really like the background music for Kumaresan, very groovy and smooth.
Keep up the good work to Khanna and his team, you can do better!

Hang on, we are not done yet. Let’s see what is the setback for this movie, but before I start I would like to tell that this is merely my observation and that doesn't mean I am demeaning or finding fault. So please don’t get angry or upset with me, then come and give me reasons. I bet there will be some morons who will say things like “oh when people do movie, you don't support but then talk cock” or “ think you great is it?? Why not you try to act?” I am a director myself and I know how much effort and time a team need to spend to create and shoot a scene. The reason I’m giving the negative side of this whole thing so that in future everyone can learn and improve including me.


Firstly our actors need practice. Yes it can be senior artiste to newcomers, they don't practice their scenes and dialogue. Most of them, I’m not categorizing everyone but most of them. When the actors are given the script, the production team have to conduct workshops and rehearsal sessions as much as they can. This will break the ice between actors and vast improvement can be seen in their flow of dialogue. That is why sometimes when you watch some local movie, you tend to get bored. Because the dialogue delivery timing is dreadful. That can only be improved with huge amount of practice. For instance, in Aanava Attam, there will be scene with Geetha and Mani talking. It’s supposed to be a casual conversation but they made it look so tensed because of their dialogue delivery and its timing was really bad. Every single directors and actors should take that into count. Sorry Lovin but you got long way to go and Ramesh, stop being stiff in front of camera, it looks like you are covering macho, brother.

Secondly, the point that they are trying to make in this movie is still unclear or it’s just that the message was not delivered well. Is this movie about youth problem, or struggling rap artist or kids neglected by their parents or gangster-police movie? It looks like they wanted to cover everything but failed to do so. Usually in a movie, for the first half an hour of the movie, all the introduction of actors and the message will be delivered. They will actually make you understand that what is the whole movie about. We are not like India and we don't have to be like them as well. Why? Because if they have dumb movies like Kuruvi, Villu, Perarasu, Poi etc, on the other end there is good movies to cover that up such as Subramaniyapuram, Paruthi Veeran, Vaaranam Ayiram, Sivaji the Boss, Poo, Ayan, Yavarum Nalam and the list goes on. In Malaysia we cannot afford to do that, we have to deliver good quality movies because we have limited amount of directors in the cine field.

Let’s take our music industry for an example. There was a time where it was going down the drain because no one would want to listen to local song. Thanks to those who made that happen, until the moment where artiste like Dhilip Varman, Saran, SaranZ, Psychomantra, Jay, Lawrence, BoyRadge, Sharmila Sivaguru, Anbarasan, Yogi-B, Charumathi, Bob Nathan, Kashmir Stone and so many of them, whom actually manage to saved our music industry. So just like India, if we have some useless songs like ( fill this space yourself ), we still have someone else who can save it. But for video, we still have a very big gap and long way to improve.

I know we can do this and we will do it together. But first we need to produce a good quality movie, music video, short films to gain viewers confidence before we can actually proceed to make masala movie. Every single individuals who watches local tamil movies, should actually cross out the mentality of comparing Malaysian movie with India movie. In India, they make about 350-500 movies per year, so it’s totally unfair to make such comparison. Bring a budget like Sivaji and give it to the local directors, I bet you, they can make better than that.

All they need is support and feedback. Not only that, the mentality have to be changed. Am I running out of topic now?

So I think the plus point for Aanava Attam would be BGM and Music, Stunt sequence and camera works. The buss for the movie would be the actors, acting and storyline. My rating would be 5/10 but worth the watch.
Please buy original!!



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Local Movie Review

I will be writing a review on a local tamil movie which recently came into my attention. Wanna know which movie?

Watch the trailer first.